Jane by Design: It Was Fun While It Lasted

It's never to late to express my disappointment about ABC's cancellation of the wonderful TV series Jane by Design.

Did you know that I only learned about this show two weeks ago? I was bored and dead-tired from completing all my readings one afternoon so I turned the TV on and saw Jane Quimby for the very first time. She welcomes all the viewers, in every episode, with the line "That's me. Jane Quimby. My life is a little complicated right now. I live my fashion dream job working for her, Gray Chandler Murray. The problem? They think I'm an adult. So, I'm juggling two secret lives. One at high school and one on high fashion."

There are just so many things to love about this TV show and up to this very moment, I wonder why ABC cancelled it. They broke the hearts of JbD fans by not coming up with a new season. They left everyone hanging with the last episode of Season 1. Now, no one knows what happened to the story of Jane, her bestfriend Billy, brother Ben, guidance counselor Rita, boss Gray, antagonist India and many more. But... I'm still hoping that ABC might reconsider their decision about Jane by Design. They have no idea how this show inspired millions of people around the world.

This TV series is not just about fashion and style. The characters of the show, especially Jane, teach its viewers about the importance of being true to themselves and doing what they love. The cancellation was made maybe because of the low ratings  of JbD. But, why don't they give it another try?

The final episode of Season 1 was aired last July 2012. Who knows? A miracle could happen by the end of this year or the start of next year for all Jane by Designs fan.

Have you watched this TV series already? Check Watch Jane by Design Season 1 for free. Trust me, you'll love everything about it.

I would really be happy if ABC decides to air a Season 2 of Jane by Design. If not, then I guess I have no choice but to move on and remember how Jane touched my life. She is such an inspiration! I will never forget the really-good-and-heart-warming 18 episodes of the first series. 

Indeed, it was fun while it lasted. Meanwhile, I'm also excited for the airing of the first episode of Suits' Season 3. I'm going to say "Hello" to Harvey and Mike soon!

"Make no mistake about it. I expect perfection." - Gray

"High school isn't a party like for everyone Ben." - Jane

"But I do know that eventually, you're gonna take sides. Make sure you pick the right one." - India

"I'm done being your dirty little secret." - Ben

"No matter how lost you are, the trick is to keep searching 'cause you'll never know what you'll find." - Jane

"Image is everything. What we wear tells people who we are, what we want to be. Some people work hard to project a certain image. Well, for others, image seems effortless. But no matter how hard you try, you can't always control how others see you. But the end of the day, who you are is completely up to you." - Jane

"For the record, I like weird." - Nick

"You are you and that's perfect." - Jane

"Don't grow up too fast Jane." - Piper

"What are the things we better left behind?" - Jane

"There's no use looking back because sometimes getting caught is the thing that sets us free." - Jane

"A personal life is a leisure in this business, Jane."

 "I let my dream go and I have never regretted not even for a minute. You wouldn't have to give up on yours. This is definitely your dream." -Ben

"People make assumptions. It's really up to you what you're gonna do with that." - Ben

"I guess it's easier to push someone away first before they can push you away." - Ben

"Sometimes getting what you want doesn't feel good as you thought it would." - India

"Unfortunately, there is a price for out of control super sick parties." - Billy


  1. sometimes when you are captured by a certain show and then it will be disappeared immediately, frustration will happen after that.

  2. This show looks interesting, I hope ABC will renew the contract for this TV Show

  3. I like Jane's quote: "you'll never know what you'll find." I do agree with her that life is a quest, lifetime quest. TV network has the know why Jane by Design was sacked.

  4. you are you and that's perfect - my favorite quote. too bad that this is also my first time to learn about the show it seems a show i would like to watch

  5. If show doesn't return good ratings, they usually axe the show prematurely, and this case happen to JDB. Anyway, never knew of this series until I bump on your article. My wife will surely glad to watch about this series :)

  6. cheer up lady there are still other great show I know you'll like too

  7. I haven't heard about this show but it seems so awesome.. I wish etc channel 9 would air it soon locally... :)

  8. Perhaps, ABC bigwigs have reasons in axing the show. Cheer up, who knows ibalik uli nila.

  9. i am not really familiar with this program though i've been hooked with some other programs as well with the same thing like this and I know how you feel!

  10. That's an interesting show and now is the first time I have heard of that program. It's just bad that televiewers following that show won't be able to know what's going to happen next.

  11. I don't hear this TV series, I'll check this one. Actually I really don't have time to watch TV, I just watch in Netflix were all the TV series is online.

  12. am not into TV but here's wishing you that the show will be back on air soon. Indeed, we never know what we'll find, life is more joyful with these pleasant surprises that come our way.

  13. I was never aware of the show but maybe because I seldom watch TV these days. I do love watching Project Runway.

  14. What's the latest did ABC had a change of heart. Seems a nice one to follow nga.

  15. I saw this show in Netflix, but I never bother to watch. I guess, I will now after reading your review.

  16. I am not familiar with this shows and never watch it Sis :-) I am glad that you like to watch. Sounds like an interesting show to watch.

  17. Just heard this from you. I can have a look at Netflix.

  18. currently watching Jane By Design Season 1 for the nth time around. Always frustrates me finishing the last episode of it.


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