How to Throw the Perfect Movie Night

A movie night can be a brilliant way of winding down after a long working week. Gather up a handful of your closest friends to escape from the daily grind together with a movie you’ll all enjoy. Here are a few tips to make sure everything goes smoothly:

Deciding the date
Fridays are the perfect time to organise this kind of soiree; it’s a more relaxing way to end the last day of work than, say, clubbing and the movie night can continue into Saturday if your guests want to stay over.

Choose the movie
If possible, decide beforehand on what movie to watch. Otherwise, decide on a genre or favourite actor/actress and provide a selection of relevant movies so everyone can vote on what to watch on the night.

Preparing the venue: 
For the ultimate home-cinema experience, dim or totally turn off the lights. Then, for function and ambience, scatter some table lights or candles around the room. Wrap fairy lights around curtains and doors for that extra touch. Provide ample seating for your guests with throw pillows, floor cushions, large beanbags and blankets, or you could even get sofas on buy now pay later if you're in the mood for revamping your living room. Don’t forget to provide side tables for easy access to snacks.

Comfort food and healthy snacks
Salty and sweet snacks served together are movie-night classics. Make cones for the popcorn with waxed or wrapping paper for easy clean up. Serve both sweet and salty popcorn to cater for all guests.

Other simple dishes include chips or veggie sticks with dips, toasted pita and hummus, and a cracker platter. Small bowls of ice-cream and dark chocolate-dipped berries are great desserts.
In terms of drinks, try to tie in to the movie theme if possible by making at least one special beverage or cocktail. Pre-freeze your glassware for ten minutes in the freezer to make the drinks stay cold longer.

Getting ready
Prepare the food and drinks, and arrange the cinema space at least an hour before the guests arrive to avoid a last-minute rush. When getting yourself ready, remember thatyou can still look stylish when you stay in with the G-Star Raw range of denim jeans for that casual-chic look. 

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