Getting In Touch with Messaging and Calling Apps

Constant communication is one of the secrets of a happy relationship. This is the reason why I prioritize getting in touch with those dear to me. Even if we are miles apart, I make it a point that they can still feel my presence. With the advanced technology these days, communicating with my family and friends has become easy. As long as I have an internet connection, I can already send them messages or make calls worldwide. Of course, seeing them in person is much better but since distance have kept us physically apart, the best thing to do is to use the apps available.

These are the four messaging and calling applications I use to communicate with my loved ones all over the world. These applications offer their services for FREE. Yes, you read it right. I can make FREE calls and FREE messages and even video messaging.

1. Facebook Messenger 

It's an undisputed fact that Facebook is the number one social media networking site, not only in the Philippines, but worldwide. There are many features that this app provides to its users. People who use FB can get instant updates from their friends simply by checking on the News Feed or on their individual profiles. For me, one of its best features is the Facebook Messaging which is why I have downloaded its separate application. 

One of my groups in Facebook can be accessed 
using the Facebook Messenger App.

This great messaging app does not only keeps me connected and enables me to conveniently send photos to my classmates in law school. There is no need to turn my laptop on before I can exchange photos and messages with them. 

At the same time, Facebook Messenger does not give me a hard time to chat in groups. In fact, I have over fifteen active groups in my inbox! One of those is the "More Positive Peeps" where my close blogger friends and I talk about the latest happenings in our lives and our community. So, even if we are not in events, we can still get in touch and hang out.

2. WeChat

Screenshot of my conversation with a friend.
This is the newest messaging app that everyone is talking about. I have been using this for almost three months now. The amazing feature of WeChat is voice messaging which is not common in other applications. There are times when I don't feel like texting so instead of using the key board, I just send voice messages to my contacts. This feature enables me to save more time. I can also get an update from my friends by simply visiting the "Moments" section. 

WeChat also allows its users to get in touch with people in their cities. One shake is all at takes! Video calling is also available with this application.


Whenever I can hear from a good friend that she is feeling a little depressed and sad, I simply send her a "feel-good" sticker via LINE app to cheer her up. There are many beautiful and powerful stickers available at this application which is why I do not want to delete it. However, I am not fond of using LINE regularly because only three of my friends use the application.

4. Skype

As a person engaged in online work, Skype is a must-have. It is indispensable. I have to use Skype to facilitate easier communication with my boss who is in the United States. Unlike all other messaging applications, Skype is designed to allow a more formal conversation between the users. I like to call it as a "professional" messaging app.  

For sure, I'm not the only one who enjoy using these applications. Most Filipinos are now adapting to the new ways of communicating with their loved ones. The messaging or calling apps available in our smartphones will give us opportunities to save more time and maintain great relationships. With these applications, we can already make international calls free of charge. We can also share stories to our friends, partners or family members by sending photos. We cannowexpress how much we miss them by taking advantage of the video calling features. 

I am thankful to Globe for making all these things happen. My pocket WiFi uses a Globe simcard and is currently enrolled in the UnliData service for one month. So, wherever I go, I am connected  to the internet. I can enjoy the features of the messaging apps anytime and anywhere! 
Right now I am usingPowerSurf 499, a consumable mobile internet plan that gives you bulk megabytes so you can control the way you surf. For only Php 499, I can already enjoy 1GB Data Allocation which is valid for 30 days. That means non-stop communication with my family and friends. As long as I am online, I can receive push notifications whenever they make a call or send a message. With this promo, I can also check my emails regularly, play online games, watch free movies online and browse the internet. I have been using Globe internet connection for two years and I can guarantee that this network will not disappoint you. It is fast and reliable.

Indeed, PowerSurf is what everyone needs! 

How can you avail this promo?
Text POWERSURF 499 to 8888

For more information, you can also send POWERSURF INFO to 8888.
This promo is valid only until December 31, 2013.

If you value your relationship with the people close to your heart, make sure to show some efforts to get connected with them. 


  1. Getting in touch with my family and friends, i'm using now WeChat for free sending of texts and you can call also. It easier and will not pay expensive like in postpaid.

  2. I also use all this apps even if they have sometimes the same function. At least it saves on SMS charges.

  3. Advances in technology has really made it a lot easier to bridge the distance between people.

  4. For me, FB app is the easiest way to maintain communication with love ones far from us. Viper, bago lang but once-in-a- while nag-Skype din me.

  5. whenever my husband is out of the country, we rely on skype for our communication

  6. Nicee! We have the same apps that we're using :) I have them on ipod and phone but I'm just prepaid since I don't get to use my phone that much.

  7. This app help us to communicate in a modern way nakakamiss ung dati

  8. FB Messenger is enough for me. I don't need Viber, WeChat or LINE though their smileys/stickers are the cutest :)

  9. I have all the apps listed except line! I am interested with line 'cause I've heard good things about it. I might download it. :)

  10. I love ooVoo too you can video group chat for free compare with skype only one video call is allowed for the free app..

  11. Only facebook messenger and skype are being used by me. There are a lot of things made easy for the advaned technoloy.

  12. I'm also a globe user before but I'm not satisfied with the internet connection. Super slow sa area namin.

  13. I used to have facebook messenger for blackberry but the app is having problems now so I just uninstalled it. Sigh, it's really a great app though. I also have skype but I can't make calls since blackberry isn't integrated with calls yet and viber is still on beta with OS6. Now I feel like my phone is useless at all. :) I also have a wechat, it's useful since my hubby and I can exchange voice messages and pictures instantly.

  14. yeah I think that's the sad part when only few of your friends using the app. It became boring and couldn't hold my interest anymore.

  15. i got the same apps for communication except line... i enjoy using wechat, lalo na sa group messaging.. and yes skype is for work.. well for me .. :) just dropping by..

  16. I like LINE and WeChat :) The sticker addition is a pretty nifty way for people to communicate, especially as visual trends seem to be the way to go.

  17. I'm a Line and Skype user. Viber? will try this out soon! =)


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