Despicable Me 2: Cutest Movie Ever

To welcome a brand new week right, my friends and I decided to go on a movie date and watch the latest film that everyone is talking about - Despicable Me 2. We cancelled all our study plans, headed to Cinema 3 of Abreeza Mall and allowed the movie to take all our worries away. It seemed like we made a great decision because Gru, the girls and the minions didn't only make us laugh. They actually made us feel really good. It was felt heavenly to just sit in a comfortable chair and think of nothing else but the movie right in front of us.


If you have seen the first part of Despicable Me, you are pretty much aware that Gru is a well-known villain. He simply enjoys doing bad things. You can only see him smile when he does something unpleasant. No wonder he's despicable. His minions help him accomplish all his evil plans. When the girls (Agnes, Margo and Edith) came, everything has changed. Gru turned its back to his villain life and decided to become a legitimate businessman by manufacturing jellies and candies! One day, Gru was chosen to undertake a special mission which leads him to meeting agent Lucy. That is how the adventure begins. Who would have thought than an ex-villain could become the hero?

So what happened to the minions? Enjoy this trailer! 

Let me just say (again) that Despicable Me 2 is the cutest movie ever! Do you think there will be a third installment after the great success of the first two films? I don't think people will get tired of seeing and enjoying the cuteness of the little yellow creatures we call as minions.

Rating:  ★★★★
I highly recommend this movie for all ages!

Despicable Me 2 Quotes

"You usually don't see it with bunnies."

"I'm a father now and a legitimate business man."

"What celebrity do you look like?"
"Bruce Willis?"
"How about Humpy Dumpy?"

"Are you really gonna save the world?"

"That's right, baby! Gru's back in the game with cool cars, gadgets and weapons!"

"I don't think I should do this... I don't have even a mom."

"Why don't you pretend like you have a mom?"
"Oh that's what I've been doing my entire life."

"You love her. You love her. You really do love her."

"This wig will transform you from ugly to irresistible."

"Look they're in love!"

"Young love is beautiful."

"As far as dates go, I think I'm good for just the one."

"This is just between you and me... You look better when you're bald."

"Thank you for everything and by everything, I mean nothing."

"Remember when you said I like Lucy? Well, it turned out that you're right. But she's moving away."

"Is there anything that I can do? Or you can do?"

"Men like you, men like me should be ruling. We should rule the world."

"We could have ruled the world together, Gru. But now, you can die:"

"If I asked you out on a date, what would you have said?"
"Are you kidding me? Yes!"

"147 dates later."

"We love you mothers everywhere. My new mom Lucy is beyond compare."


  1. they should make a movie solely about minions.

  2. I agree, Despicable Me 2 is the cutest movie ever and currently holding the biggest opening weekend release for an animated movie of all time with over Php120M box office sales and dominated the market on over 190 screens nationwide!

  3. I haven't watched this movie yet and I think my children will like this as they love the first one. Hope we could already watch this weekend.

  4. I find it interesting to seeing this movie on the way you relate some of the stories in the movie. I want to see this movie along with my 4 grandchildren or better buy a dvd of this movie.

  5. I haven't watch this, will be watching it hopefully this weekend :)

  6. omg -_- i tried to watch this with my friends but the tickets are all sold out. kainis.

  7. This movie is so much hyped across the online community! I can't wait to watch this movie! =)

  8. Gee we were supposed to watch this with the kiddos last Sunday but the hubby and I were not feeling well...thanks for the awesome idea! We just got to catch this at the movie house tomorrow!!


  9. We are planning to watch it in the theater.

  10. My family has yet to see this movie. I hope we'll have the chance soon.

  11. The minions are it again. I had promised my apo that we will watch this film. Seems a 'kenkoy' film.

  12. I have yet to watch this movie. But I will probably just wait for it to be posted in Netflix...6 months tops.

  13. We have yet to see the movie. Meanwhile, we are having a blast playing Minion Rush. :)

  14. I am going to watch this movie and its first part to have bonding moments with family. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  15. Sounds like a great movie, Algene. I will definitely include this one in my must-watch list. I've watched 2 movies this week alone, LOL!

    Always my favorite in your movie reviews are the quotable quotes :-)

  16. My kids and I are planning to watch Despicable 2 in the theater today. We watched the preview in the theater too :-) It is a very cute movie indeed and perfect for the family to watch :-)

  17. OMG! I have never watched the movie yet so I didn't spoil myself. hehe

  18. Definitely definitely definitely our favorite. My son kept on playing the first movie that I've memorized almost all the lines. And now this! I love that he kept on giggling and laughing when we're watching the movie. :)

  19. I still haven't watched the movie but the minions are really so cute and they have made the movie so popular.

  20. Yes! Yes! I totally agree that this is the cutest movie... EVER! And the minions singing i swear at the wedding... totes adorable! :)

  21. I loved the first Despicable Me movie, but Despicable Me 2 has one scene of violence being perpetrated on a woman whose only offense is being obnoxious and mean, in a way that is truly distressing to watch. It is supposed to be comical but it bizarre, disrespectful, and in real life likely would have resulted in the woman's death. I am seriously not letting my kids watch the movie because of that one scene.


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