iPhone 5 Power Jacket Case Review

One of the most salable iPhone 5 accessories is the external power pack. Most users invest in getting their own external batteries to make their phones more useful than ever. As we all know, the batteries of the iPhone units are not highly reliable. The battery life for each unit does not really last long. Because of this, it is recommended to get your very own external power pack and say to your iPhone's battery life, "Not Today." Enjoy the full features of your phone without having to worry about the battery level.

Power Jacket Case 2000mAh for iPhone 5 - Black

Did you know that many iPhone users love this product from Mobile Fun? They admire the item because of the benefits they can get from it. Now, users can get the right protection for their iPhones and at the same time, enjoy extra battery life. The Power Jacket Case ensures that the iPhone 5 is prevented from having scratches and damages.

Unlike other power cases, this item is easy to bring. In fact, it is lightweight which makes it convenient for any user to bring it anywhere. This external power pack case from MobileFun is not bulky at all. You can see in the photo above the comparison (size) between the of Power Jacket Case and my old Black Silicon iPhone 5 case.

I love this product because of its function and color. The case makes my iPhone look better. Did you know that with this item, it becomes easy for me to take photos, record videos, access my blogs and share updates on my social media accounts? There is no need to worry about running out of battery now. Another feature of this item is its integrated kickstand which allows me to enjoy viewing media on my device.

This product is only compatible for the iPhone 5. Get your iPhone 5 cases or Power Jacket Case 2000mAh for iPhone 5 from Mobile Fun.


  1. very nice! my friends own one of this in Pink she said she has it for like 2 months now and so far she really liking it

  2. Too bad it's only available for iPhone 5. I'd love to have that for my iPhone 4 :(

  3. Definitely a must have for those who have iPhones!

  4. My husband loves all this kind of gadgets. I guess I am a low tech since I don't research all this kind of stuffs.

  5. Not only did your iPhone look better, it also became more safe and secure. A useful and not-so-cheap product deserves such protection! :)

  6. i will be switching cell phone soon, hope that my next cp will have something like this too. but you're right, i often find myself having a need to charge my cell with iPhone, nevertheless, I love it since it is super user friendly.

  7. Perfect for iPhone 5 owners. Wish, my son can get one soon. Nice product review nga pala Algene.

  8. Every smartphone nowadays really needs a mobile bank charger or (for this case)an external power pack. I for one would love to have a mobile bank charger, because my smartphone will bot be utilized to its full advantage because of the battery limitations.

  9. Nice, its helps iphone users to have a worry free day.

  10. Nice Review of the Power Jacket iphone 5 case given. There are now different types of iphone cases are available now with special design and features. Many shops provide such iphone cases online also but among all
    i found that Rokform provide some very good quality iphone cases

    customizable iphone cases


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