Top 10 Law School Memes

Saturday, June 29

Top 10 Law School Memes

They say that law school is a jealous mistress. It requires so much of your time and demands for your attention every single day. You have to do many readings to save yourself from your professors and of course, to learn something which will help you in taking the bar examinations. Some people also say that law school is not a simple walk in the park. They say "It's a jungle out there." 

I wasn't able to prove any of these things until I decided to study law. While it may be true that the College of Law is not easy, it doesn't mean that it has nothing great to offer. Since day 1 in law school up to this very moment, I can say that I'm truly happy with what I'm doing. I may not get to party every night like I used to do nor sleep for more than eight hours everyday, but I know that deep down in my heart, I am happy. There are times when my efforts are not appreciated but it doesn't matter because I know that I'm capable of striving harder. There are also days when I feel completely down and stressed due to the bulk of readings to do and exams to complete. With all these imperfections in law school, I still find myself contented and happy. 

To keep me same, I watch law-related TV series like Suits and visit my favorite Law School Memes page on Facebook. In this post, I will share the top 10 memes I like from the page.

1. What do law students say to sleep? Not today.

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Sunday, June 23

Start Here: BlackBerry Bold 9900

One of the reasons why I love BlackBerry is its amazing BlackBerry Messenger. Most of my friends are on BBM so with a BB phone, communicating with them becomes more convenient. There is no need to connect with a Wi-fi hotspot or turn my 3G connection before I can access the BBM. I can easily send random photos whenever I find something interesting, invite them for a quick hangout during my free time and most of all, annoy them with my messages. 

All BlackBerry phones have this great feature, even the BlackBerry Bold 9900 which I was able to review for a period of two weeks.


Monday, June 17

Congratulations to the Birthday Bash Winners

My May 2013 Birthday Bash was a huge success. Thank you to all my lovely readers who entered the giveaway. There were 24,156 entries in the Rafflecopter code. Again, thank you so much. You can check the link to the giveaway here.

Friday, June 14

Excited for Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2013

"Tomorrow we begin another food journey with the 2013 Davao Food Appreciation Tour (DFAT) Team. DFAT is the longest-running and most anticipated travel and food blogging event in the country." - Ria Jose of Kusina Maria


Monday, June 10

Who Let the Dog Out?

Toffee is back with a brand new webisode! Everyone will surely love this new video of our famous little Jack Russell Terrier. Before you watch the latest finale of the lovely Toffee series, please check the other two webisodes:

Toffee certainly lives a good life!

Here is the third and final webisode:

Toffee doesn't know how to read time but he certainly knows the perfect time to bug his mama. In the final episode, little Toffee wants to go on a park but his mama is so busy with the computer. How can Toffee enjoy a day at the park when no one can take him there?

So, who let the dog out?
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Saturday, June 8

One Miracle: All I Ever Needed

Maybe if I did great in my first year in Ateneo Law School, I would spend my summer 2013 without worrying whether or not I will stay in the same school for the incoming academic year. Since what happened is the contrary, I ended up suffering every waking moment. My negative thoughts almost killed me . Thinking of leaving Ateneo was hard to bear. If I were selfish, I can simply walk away and never look back. I do believe that there are still greater things other than law school (though my dad believes otherwise). The case is I have loving parents who expect me to bring home the bacon. I love them so much that I don't want to break their hearts. I don't want them to see me as a failure.

Friday, June 7

iPhone 5 Power Jacket Case Review

One of the most salable iPhone 5 accessories is the external power pack. Most users invest in getting their own external batteries to make their phones more useful than ever. As we all know, the batteries of the iPhone units are not highly reliable. The battery life for each unit does not really last long. Because of this, it is recommended to get your very own external power pack and say to your iPhone's battery life, "Not Today." Enjoy the full features of your phone without having to worry about the battery level.

Power Jacket Case 2000mAh for iPhone 5 - Black


Wednesday, June 5

Apple Digital AV Adapter Review

MobileFun specializes in selling high end gadget accessories at affordable prices. There are numerous items available for different kinds of users. Those who own Apple gadgets will find iPad smart cases, armband for iPhone, iPhone premium pack and many more. Samsung users can also shop for Galaxy Tab cases, phone screen protectors, etc. Accessories for the BlackBerry, HTC, Lenovo and other brands are also in stock.

One thing to love about this online store is the convenience it offers to its shoppers. All items are grouped according to the specific gadgets where they can be used for. For example, iPad users can find all iPad accessories in one page. There are separate pages for the accessories for iPad 1 & 2, iPad 3, iPad 4 and iPad mini. Two days ago, I got the 30-pin Digital AV Adapter from MobileFun. It is one of the items I've always wanted to own since last year!

Apple Digital AV Adapter Review

What is to love about this item? It serves its purpose well!


Monday, June 3

Loving Fast and Furious 6 with Movie Quotes

All roads lead to this. Fast & Furious 6 is one of the most-awaited films of the year. Many fans look forward to seeing the 6th installment of the famous movie series. The fans are excited to see what Dominic Toretto, played by Vin Diesel, and his team have to offer. In the previous installment of Fast & Furious, the team decided to change the course of their lives by resigning from all their illegal activities.  Brian, Dom and Mia moved to Brazil to start anew. Upon seeing the last scene, I thought that it's the end of the series. Well, I thought wrong.

Fast & Furious 6 is truly interesting. The whole team was reunited again to complete a mission. They didn't really care about the money that Agent Hobbs offered them. What made them accept the mission was Dom's code. He always believe in the value of family. He treats his team as a family and always believes that "You don't turn your back to your family, even if they do" When he saw that Letty, his girlfriend whom he thought was already dead, in the team of the opponent, he felt the urge to get her back. That's how the mission started. I'll stop here so you will be interested in seeing the movie. Believe me, it's absolutely a must watch!

Home Entertainment that You’ll Love

Home Entertainment that You’ll Love

What do you do do when a plan gets canceled at the last minute? Perhaps you try making new plans, or perhaps you just stay at home wondering why things went bad. We often associate weekend entertainment with going out with friends or partying. But what if we tell you that staying at home can be as entertaining too? Here are some things you can do to feel like nothing is lost even when you are stuck indoors on a weekend:
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