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What's Inside BDJ Elite Box?

The first time I heard about BDJ was when they contacted me last year. According to one of their members, they will be sending a Belle de Jour Power Planner for the year 2013. Since I love collecting planners, I accepted their offer. At first, I had no plan of using it especially when I'm a loyal user of my favorite coffee shop's planner. However, things have changed and I fell in love with BDJ Power Planner 2013 so I'm currently using it.

I decided to subscribe for BDJ's newsletters. Through the emails I receive, I found out about BDJ Box. It took me a long time to order because I wanted to read more about the subscription boxes before I get one for myself. Due to my hectic schedule for the previous months, I only got time to gather the information I needed during the summer season. Some of my girl friends already shared about how sulit the BDJ box is. They also informed me about the great products that are included in the monthly boxes. 

This summer, BDJ launched their first-ever BDJ Elite Box. Without hesitations, I ordered my first BDJ box by emailing them. In less than an hour, I paid P1,950 via Paypal for the elite box edition. The regular box only costs P580.

Summer Indulgence

You've got in your hands our first-ever limited edition of BDJ Box Elite. It's about time to treat yourself to some well-deserved ME time.

Neutrogena Ultra-Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 50

When I went to a short vacation with my parents in Cebu and Bohol, this is the item I brought with me. With a high sun screen protection, I felt protected from the scorching heat of the sun. The nice thing about this skin care product is that it is waterproof. Neutrogena promises that this "sunblock has a light fresh scent and is gentle even for sensitive skin."
In the box: 88ML full size (Php 509.25)

ISkin New York Daily Sunshield SPF25

Okay, I have to be honest. This item is still in my BDJ Elite Box. For almost a month now, this product is still left untouched and unused. Some of my friends already told me that iSkin is a premium item. By simply looking at its packaging, I can tell that it is a luxurious product. Oh, I can't wait to use it! 
Verdict: N/A unused product
In the box: 57ML full size (Php 2,900)

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick

If there is one person who goes gaga over lipsticks, it's probably me. Well, I know I'm not the only one. Most ladies have a thing for different shades of lipsticks. My favorite shade has always been red. There are two things I love about Revlon ColorStay. First is its color and the second one is the fact that it's long-lasting. This is my most favorite item from the BDJ Elite Box.
In the box: Php 575

Davines Nounou Shampoo and Conditioner

I'm considering buying a full size of Davines Nounou Conditioner. It's amazing how the product makes my hair look well-taken care of. One of my dilemmas is experiencing bad hair days and thanks to Davines conditioner, problem gets solved every time I use it. However, Davines shampoo is just okay. I don't see it as a great product.
Verdict: Conditioner: Shampoo:
In the box: Conditioner 75ml (Php 390) Shampoo 75ml (Php 390) 
Full size: Conditioner 250ml (Php 1,085) Shampoo 250ml  (1,020)

Viva La Juicy La Fleur

This is one of the awesome items inside the BDJ elite box. The sample size sent was only 5ML and I wish BDJ team added some additional ml on this product. Oh, dream in couture. This is for the girl who appreciates and celebrates the couture in everyday - from her handbag to her shoes to her fragrance. Since I am fond of collecting perfume, I barely use Viva La Juicy La Fleur but I always bring it with me! 
Verdict: Conditioner:  
In the box: Miniature bottle size 5ml (Php 450)
Full Size: 150ml (Php 5,600)

Ahava Essential Day Moisturizer

I don't enjoy using a facial moisturizer. So, again, this product is still left unused. I will start to use it someday. I just want to try the item and see if it's something I should use on a regular basis. What does this item promises? It effectively replenishes, re-hydrates, and recharges the skin. It's a sensation that says "My skin is reborn." 
Verdict: N/A unused product
In the box: 15ml (Php 448.50)
Full size: 50ml (Php 1,495)

Celeteque Dermoscience Advanced Anti-Aging Anti-Wrinkle Ultra-Hydrating Cleansing Oil

Derma-grade ingrediends for beautiful, healthy skin. Almost everyday, I put makeup on. It has become a daily ritual. With this, I feel the need to use a safe makeup remover and cleansing oil. It's great that the Celeteque item is included in the BDJ box. Now, I can go to sleep confidently knowing that I'm using a great cleansing product. I swear I'm going to purchase this item when the bottle from BDJ runs low.
Verdict: Conditioner:  
In the box: 100ml (Php 599)
Full Size: 100ml (Php 599)

Also inside the BDJ elite box is a SureSlim Wellness Centre gift voucher worth Php1,500. Since I'm not going to use it, I might just give it to a good friend who lives in the metro. 

The limited-edition BDJ Elite Box is a great steal. For a price of P1,950, I received all these amazing products. Yes, items that are perfect for the summer season


  1. so love the scent of viva la juicy la fleur.. i have the miniture as well :)

  2. i won this celeteque hydrating cleansing oil from a promo but i havent used it too because im afraid it would just cause breakouts (i have sensitive skin). I havent been using makeup that much so i would probably just save this when go back to my full makeup routine once i go back to work. :)

  3. Great box! Wish I ordered too. :D

  4. Such great products, I want to try them all. Pick me! :)

  5. wow its true to its name "elite". great and fab products in one box! :D

  6. I like the elite box with a good variety of quality products to try.

  7. awesome... i'd love to try them all! :)

  8. wow... thats a lot... let me try those!

  9. I love them all! perfect box for this summer season :)

  10. I'd let my girlfriend try this :))

  11. wow what a steal! I've heard about BDJ just last week I think. I wonder what the regular box contains though.

  12. Yay! That's a great box, contains everything we women need for our skin. :) Congrats BDJ and more power to you The Coffee Chic! :)

  13. Yay! That's a great box, containing everything we women need to pamper our skin. :) Congrats to BDJ and more power to you Miss Coffee Chic! :)

  14. I love secret boxes, it's exciting when you get them, because you don't know what is in them, this one looks awesome.

  15. For less than 2,000 pesos, what you got there is I say a good deal. I hope, they have it here.

  16. Because of my chronic skin condition, I can hardly use any skin product more than my maintenance. I think, these items are great finds, anyways.

  17. wow, those are a lot of great items for the price, I use neutrogena sunblock whenever we go snorkeling and surfing coz it is waterproof and I find it really helpful compared to my sunblock moisturizer and make-up which also have high spf

  18. That's a great deal for a every women. We need to pamper ourself once in a while.

  19. Wowowoweee what a great beauty haul for you <Ms. Ganda!

  20. Those are lovely gifts inside the box Sis. It makes me envy :-) Beauty products are always the best to receive. I like the lipstick and the color too :-)

  21. That box is loaded and will definitely brings smile sa nagmamay-ari nyan.

  22. I'm drooling over these goodies. I especially love Celeteque cleansing oil. I've been eyeing on that one... too bad, still too expensive for me! :)

  23. wow, that's a lot...I bet its a great deal! I wish they have boxes like that here in Bkk, or maybe they have, I just don't know! enjoy each one.

  24. That's a helluva lot of variety of cool stuffs, Algene! I love them all! That's indeed a great deal! Best value for your money! :-)

  25. i wasn't able to get one and this is already such a steal. i think (estimate) 6k worth of products for the price of less than 2k.. can't wait for my elite girls nyt out to arrive :)


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