It's Raining Baths and Dogs

Have you heard about the smart dog named Toffee? If you are a constant visitor of this blog, then you have probably read a short post about this Jack Russell Terrier. For those who doesn't know who Toffee is, you can check my old blog entry Toffee: A New Friend. In the same link, you will find the first webisode created by Alpo starring the adorable Toffee.

Make sure to watch the first part of this webisode series before checking the second one. Enjoy the episode two entitled It's raining baths and dogs.

"Hi! My name is Toffee. My friends say I live a good life because mama gives me yummy food. But now, I'm confused. Anyway, confused because mama always give me shower when she thinks I'm stinky. I really think that's never. I don't like showers."

Check the video embedded in this post to know why Toffee hates showers. You'll also discover what he looks forward to every bath!

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