Get a New Look for Summer

The summer season has a similar effects to New Year; people suddenly realise they want to lose a few pounds, organise their personal lives, have laser eye surgery and arrange an enviable summer wardrobe. It’s unsurprising really, with more flesh being bared, lighter nights for meeting up with friends and things generally feeling less morbid than the cold and gloomy winter. Here are some current trend ideas that you may want to take inspiration from. 


For men, the options are pretty much either the quiff or the comb over. Whatever colour and length, these styles can be adapted for most ages, face shapes and styles. If you’re feeling brave, wear it long and messy on top, or for the more conservative male, maybe introduce a parting and test run the comb over. If you get a clever cut, you can even wear your hair both ways, depending on the occasion.

For the ladies, it’s all about the waves, whatever the length. Beachy, tousled locks look laid back and sexy, whatever the colour. Plus, next to no styling is needed, which is a huge bonus. To dress up the waves, wear them in a high ponytail or with a pretty French plait at the front.


Au naturalle is the order of the day for nailing daytime summer makeup. A slick of clear lipgloss, brush of bronzer, swipe of mascara and you’re good to go! What with this and the messy bed hair trend, you can afford to set your alarm a few minutes later! For those evening events, the rules are to have one statement aspect, so bright red lips, with a neutral foundation, or a bright eye shadow with toned down lips and cheeks is perfect. Go to town and experiment with colour, clashing bright and bold shades where possible.


For the men, nautical is making a comeback, which is a very simple look to pull together. Blue and white striped tees with shorts and some pumps will soon have you ready for the summer – it really is as simple as that.

Monochrome with a splash of neon will be everywhere this summer, so stock up on those florescent pink and yellow accessories. A variety of shades of blue are also splashed all over the magazines for the summer. Try and wear a top and trousers that are different shades, and a bag that offsets these colours. Don’t go feeling blue, just wear it!


This doesn’t have to mean spending tons of cash on joining a gym. Going for a run occasionally, cutting down on the wine and chocolate and taking the stairs rather than the lift, will all make a big difference. If you do fancy sweating it out at the gym, then shop around for a good deal and ensure it provides what you’re looking for. If they run arranged classes or have a pool, even better, as these are statistically proven to keep people more motivated for longer than users that are self-reliant.


A positive mental attitude is undervalued, but is proven to make a huge difference on how you are perceived. Overhaul your thinking and set yourself some ambitious but achievable goals. If there is anything making you unhappy, try and make a strategy to banish it from your life. A new look means a new outlook and unhappiness breeds unhappiness, so get rid of any negativity.

Matt Rawlings is a UK-based lifestyle writer.

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