Amazing Things Only Mothers Do

One of the special persons in my life is my mom. She is the only woman in this world who is willing to give up everything just to see me happy. She always makes sure that my needs are satisfied first before hers. My mother is perfectly amazing! For me, she is a super woman. I bet you, too, consider your mother as a hero in your life.

There are many things that only mothers can do. They have this ability to do things in their own ways. They offer unconditional love to their families. They provide support, show care and share love without ifs and buts. Mothers can carry the worlds of their children without complaining. They are absolutely the best. With all their efforts and sacrifices, I believe that they deserve the best things in this world. We must make them happy every single day, not only during their birthdays or other special occasions. However, this doesn't mean that we will not do anything for Mother's Day 2013. It's time to prepare something great that can make our moms happy. We don't need to give them the most expensive and luxurious items. All we need to do is to make them smile.

Below is an infographic that tells the real story about every mother in this world. 

Amazing things only mothers do [Infographic]

Feel free to share this in your site. Just grab the code above!

To all the mothers out there, I just want to let you know that you're the best! Your children are proud of you. Have fun on the upcoming Mother's Day. May your lives be filled with love and happiness.


  1. Very timely post, malapit na pala Mothers' Day. Yes, I agree, mothers are Super Women. One thing I've learned from my mother... NEVER tell a lie.

  2. Motherhood is the best thing there is!

  3. Thanks Algene for sharing this and the greeting (feeling nako directed sa ako hehehe)! Happy Birthday to your mom too!

  4. Mothers give so much to their families without expecting much in return except for love and respect. This is something we can all afford to give to our own mothers.

  5. A great day for your mom and to all moms around the world!!!

  6. Kelan kaya ako magiging mother? Despite the hard times, still I know how precious and rewarding to become one.

  7. mothers can do everything for their child...i am lucky to have mum who's been there with me through ups and downs. :) motherhood is the best thing I experience, i am not perfect but its always great to hear from my kids that i am one amazing mum. always makes my heart melt, yay! :) thanks for sharing info-graphic, i might grab the code sometime.

  8. Mothers enjoy this special day, relax and forget your cares for awhile =)

  9. This is superb =) recaps the wholeness of us mommies. Thanks for posting =) will repost this soon in my blog.

    by the way, I love your blog =) cutesy and informative!


  10. I super like this and just want to ask permission to repost this. Many thanks =)


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