6 Things to Remember from The Tao of Pooh

"I didn't know you like Pooh." This was the question asked by my friend when she saw me holding a thin book entitled "The Tao of Pooh." My response was a simple smile together with a short explanation about the book. I told her that the book in my lap is written by Benjamin Hoff wherein he discusses the principles of Taoism and the secrets to a happy life. The character of Pooh Bear is so powerful because in every chapter, he presents new lessons about life and other things he sees in his surroundings. The innocent and naive Pooh bear reveals the teachings of Taoism. 

I finished reading the book last week and it felt great to close the book with a joyful heart. These are some of the lessons I learned from "The Tao of Pooh."

1. We are different. We must not try to be someone we're not or expect things to work out the way we want them to be.

Oftentimes, we end up having a broken heart because we failed into something we gave all our efforts to. Have we taken a moment to stop and think of the real reason why we failed? If we examine the whole situation, the reason why we didn't reach our goal was because we were busy trying to be the person whom we are not. We always expect things to happen the way we want them to be but that is not how life works.

Each of us is different from one another. Some people are capable of doing the things we cannot do. On the other hand, there are also many things that we can do but others cannot. We must value these differences and work together to achieve a common purpose. 

Remember, "A fly can't bird, but a bird can fly."

2. We have limitations.

These limitations do not indicate weaknesses. However, the moment we deny that we have have limitations is the moment that we lose ourselves. We must recognize our limitations so we can do something about it. When this happens, we can have happier lives. Instead of focusing all our energies to overcoming our limitations, we must accept them and learn to live with them.

Accepting one's limitations can make a great difference. "A fish can't whistle and neither can I... I have certain limitations and I know what they are." 

3. The important thing is that we really don't know.

It is liberating not to know what lies ahead of us. Sure, we cannot predict what will happen in the future but it's one of the thrills of living life. At the same time, we do not need to have reasons for everything that is happening in our lives. As the famous Poet Lu Yu said, 

"The clouds above us join and separate.
The breeze in the courtyard leaves and returns.
Life is like that, so why not relax?
Who can stop us from celebrating?"

Keep this in mind: "Clear reality that Things Are As They Are."

4. Everyday is a nice day.

Waking up every morning is one of the joys in life. It feels great to know that we have another day to spend with our family, friends, pets and other special things that we value. We must not spoil every single day by thinking of negative thoughts and doing negative actions. Whatever we do and say will always backfire to us. If we do nice things, then better things will come our way. If we think of happy thoughts, then we will attract happy times.

Think that everyday is a nice day and you will achieve it. It's all in the mind.

"In order to take control of our lives and accomplish something of lasting value, sooner or later we need to learn to Believe."

5. Take a moment to enjoy life.

Have you ever noticed that 24 hours a day is never enough? What if I tell you that it is? We are so busy trying to save time without us noticing that by doing such, we are actually wasting time.

I'm not saying that we must procrastinate but it wouldn't hurt to know that "There is no hurry. We shall get there someday."

"Why should we live with such hurry and waste of life? We are determined to be starved before we are hungry. Men say that a stitch in time saves nine, and so they take a thousand stitched to-day to save nine tomorrow." - Henry David Thoreau

6. The Pooh Way: Just let things happen. Don't try too hard.

I guess we all know what not trying too hard means. Sometimes, if we take a step back to relax and think of the right things to do, we end up succeeding. There may be times in our lives when we experience heart-breaking failures despite trying too hard but we must never give up. All we have to do is to just let things happen.
Excepts from Benjamin Hoff's The Tao of Pooh.

"A thousand-mile journey with one step."

"Life itself when understood and utilized for what it is, is sweet. That is the message of the Vinegar Tasters."

"Why does a chicken, I don't know why."

"So quite often, the easiest way to get rid of a Minus is to change it into a Plus."

"I survived because I don't struggle against the water's superior power. That's all."

"And when you try too hard, it doesn't work."

"It's really great fun to go someplace where there are no time-saving devices because when you do, you find that you have lots of time."

"More often than not, the things we need are there already; all we have to do is make use of them."

"A lot of people try to buy Happiness and Importance in the same sort of way. But you can be happy and important without doing that, you know."


  1. Read it way back 2007. Very nice, indeed. :)

  2. It's nice using Pooh in conveying the inspirational message of the book as it makes it a lot simpler and more practical.

  3. That seems to be a really good book, with so many lessons. I will bookmark this page and will go over this from time to time.

  4. Nice one, Coffee Chic! Great points gathered. I truly believe that no one is indispensable. Each has a limitation that will remind anyone to be humble. Actually, that's the beauty of it. We will be left with the solid realization that we are not alone. We are not fighting our battles alone. No man is an island. :)

  5. Funny how sometimes we can really get important lessons from children characters and cartoons we watch.

  6. Great insights! I'd love to read that book myself. But at the moment I have three unfinished books since last year. I really must get back to reading.

  7. Initially I thought it has to do with winnie the pooh. Though we have those limitations, its really nice to know that everyday is a nice day. ^_^

  8. There's one thing that came into mind when I read your notes of this book, and that's me not being able to recognize my limitations in life. I used to dwell on a dream that I pursued so hard to get. But when other people who were less passionate than I am started getting the job, I got completely heartbroken. But I gradually realized that things do happen for a reason. I started learning more about myself and what I was really capable of doing. From there, I worked my way up into being someone better, whilst pursuing something that was more fit for me. :)

  9. I am not familiar with this book yet, but its really inspirational. I will try to check it out later, thanks.

  10. I also have it in my shelf. Very inspiring book. The qoute 'everyday is a nice day" seems similar to what God had told David, "Every morning brings new blessings".

  11. i love your insights about this book. You know sometimes we get a lot o good life lessons on some of the cartoon characters that our kids really love..It's funny but it's true.

  12. I think we do have to accept our strengths and weaknesses and work from there and not from anybody else's point of view. There are so many lessons to be learned in one lifetime.

  13. These are so true, I specifically like the number one!

  14. yeah this book is really great not just for children but for adults too.. we can learn so much from this

  15. "More often than not, the things we need are there already; all we have to do is make use of them."

    - loved this most..and yes every thought you shared from the book...happiness is not bought, it is when we realize how blessed we are to simply be alive..thank you, you brought huge smiles to make my day lovely...keep reading and sharing to us the beautiful lessons you find :)

  16. Commented on another post Sis.

  17. While Pooh's character is often associated with children, I guess there's great value in learning from him, even with adults...

  18. i love this: Just let things happen. Don't try too hard. ~ a great reminder for me. :)

  19. I like the book already based on your review, even though I haven't read it yet, I'll try to look for this book in National Bookstore.

  20. This is my favorite, "The Pooh Way: Just let things happen. Don't try too hard."
    Since way way back, I always love Pooh but I haven't read this book yet. I'll try to get one soon.

  21. I wanna read this book Alg! :) Yeah, come to think of it, we don't have to always have a reason in everything that's happening in our lives. I used to do this,to find meaning and reason but I think we just have to let everything be. And that thing about taking a moment to enjoy life- I must admit I am more of the "getting there" person than the "it's all about the journey person" but I am trying to change perspectives. I mean, in all aspects of my life I tend to hurry of getting there, of achieving something, and honestly it's kind of tiring. I will find this book and read it! swear!

  22. I remember those sweet days when my little boy used to love Pooh :-) We always watch the show with happy faces all the time. Life is what we make it. We just have to take one day at a time and enjoy life to the fullest with our family and friend :-)

  23. nice to know that there are lessons that you've learned in that book, i would love to read it...really sounds interesting for me. thanks for sharing. :)

  24. love this one!!the first one is really awesome.. don't try to be someone else.. break the stereotype.. just be yourself! Celebrate beauty without a definition! :)

  25. I agree, sometimes life's lessons are often seen in kids cartoon movies which I often loved.

  26. This is lovely!!!! Am gonna get myself a copy of this book :)



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