10 Best Gifts For New Moms

Choosing the perfect gift for new moms doesn't have to be a stressful process. Whether you want something practical or sentimental, for baby or for mom, we've got you covered with some great gift ideas to help make the first weeks and months of parenthood a little easier for everybody.

Boxt Baby Gift Hampers and Gift Boxes 

Baby Gift Hamper

Not only does baby gift hamper last forever, but they come bespoke for girls, boys, and unisex. Contents range from plush toys, candies, and sweets, to Teddy Bears, Rubber Duckies, bibs, bath accessories, canvas art, scratch mittens, rash creams, soothing teas, and more. Our friendly staff can help you select the perfect gift hamper that has everything the new mother in your life could want or need.

Greeting Cards & Balloons

milf. a card for mom's. not your mom.

If the new or expecting mother is a casual acquaintance, coworker, or someone for whom you may not want to splurge on a huge gift, consider our extensive collection of quality greeting cards and foil baby balloons. We have all kinds of designs. For example, we carry Elmo and soccer ball balloons, "Baby Sweet Pea" Organic Seeds, and giant foil balloon (45cm, 74cm, and 90 cm). We have distinctive greeting cards starting at $3.50.

The It's Your Day Gift Book 

This beautiful gift book is perfect for celebrating a special birthday. Filled with uplifting quotes presented in a stunning confetti-inspired design. Beautifully gift-wrapped or added to your current hamper selection.

Lush Gift Bucket 

For the new mom who hasn't enjoyed an adult beverage in a while, this is the perfect gift idea. Featuring an exquisite West Australian Barking Owl Sauvignon Blanc, an 85 gm Chocolatier Chocolate Truffle Assortment, teas, and more— all tastefully presented in a contemporary, reusable ice bucket— the Lush Gift Basket will impress anybody who receives it.


Aloha Diaper Cake
Cloth diapers can be tricky. If the parents are using disposable diapers and you know their preferred brand this can be a welcome gift. New parents are always running out of diapers at the wrong time so they'll be happy to get this gift!

A Home-cooked (or conveniently delivered) Meal

Between all the new duties and responsibilities a new mom has to face and spending time with the new bundle of joy, one thing Mom doesn't want to do is have to cook! If you know your way around the kitchen, make a dish and put it in a container that doesn't have to be returned. Or, choose from one of the many available services that will deliver a tasty meal right to the doorstep. This is a time-saving gift any new mother will absolutely love.

A Baby Book

Since new parents are usually very busy on the day their newborn arrives, they usually don't have time to buy a newspaper, or pick up all the little items to commemorate the birth of their child. If you get a nice baby book, and start it off for them, they can add other mementos when they have the time.

The little things

Pacifiers, bottle brushes, baby wipes, bath towels, and washcloths are always appreciated items.

Baby Monitor

Every new mother worries about the safety of her baby. Help her sleep easy by giving a reliable baby monitor to help her listen out.

Bath salts, oils, and scented candles

Remember, it's not all about the baby. Mom needs to be spoiled too! Pick up a few items to help the new mom my in your life relax and your gift will be remembered for years to come!

Boxt! Makes finding the perfect gift for a new mother a breeze. Boxt! is a "complete gift service" that makes buying gifts online a fun, yet simple and stress free experience. All their gift boxes are made from 100% recycled materials and we include a 'how to' information card in each gift which lists great ideas for putting your gift box to good use once it is emptied. So once the box is emptied they have a useful item that can be used for many years to come!


  1. awww. these are all cute stuffs. :)

  2. I'm so amazed by the creativity that is going around these days when it comes to gift giving. During the time when I was conceiving (many moons ago), common gifts like baby clothes, baby accessories, feeding bottles and utensils were the ideal stuff to give mommies-to-be. These days, you can give a hamper full of items for the mom-to-be and the future baby, diaper cakes made of diapers, baby books, books for the future parents, beauty products for the mom-to-be and baby bath stuff.

    Ria C

  3. Gift basket is always a great idea for a gift!

  4. Now I'll never run out of ideas on what gifts to give to moms like me. I'll keep those suggestions in mind.

  5. Those are cute gift ideas for new moms! :) They're all lovely.

  6. Wow, that's a good list of gifts for mom-to-be. Hope I can receive of those soon. :)

  7. oh my, what lovely gift suggestions! the "its your day book," and the baby book are must haves to save precious memories :) thanks for the marvelous ideas :)

  8. i think you forgot an all day trip to the spa and massage parlor. kidding aside, i am hoping to get a massage soon. love, tired but happy mom :)

  9. Great gift suggestions. But the problem with m is where to find a new mom. ;)

  10. I love the last gift idea :-) New Moms need their time to unwind and relax even for few minutes in the shower :-)

  11. these hampers, boxes and baskets are all lovely to received and always great idea to give, i wish i received something like this back then. :) oh, vouchers would be lovely too, i think.


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