Friday, May 31

Beautiful Places I Love

"Happy are those who evolve from within."

The photo above is taken a week before my birthday. On the last week of April, my mom and I went to Cebu city to welcome my dad who just came home from Papua New Guinea. As an OFW, my father returns to the Philippines only once a year. For 2013, he has chosen to spend summer with us. 

Before we left the Sugbo, we visited Bohol city to see the beautiful tourist spots that the Boholanons are proud of. Our trip to the island was not planned well so we decided to take advantage of the available day tour by Skip Island. One day is not enough to truly enjoy the beauty and magnificence of Bohol. Unfortunately, we were not able to visit Panglao Island. Because of this, my friends and I are planning to go on a vacation at the famous island. 
One Weekend at the Province

Wednesday, May 29

One Weekend at the Province

Spend a weekend at my mom's hometown. What do I have to lose? Well, my family decided to go out of town just a day before the scheduled date. They informed me that we will visit Tagcatong, the place where my mom grew up, last Friday. That meant I only had one night to prepare my stuff and cancel on all my appointments for the next day. My May 25 has already been booked since last month for All About the Eyes: An Eye Makeup Workshop and the Up Dharma Down concert for the final wave of Summerfaction 2013. I always believe that family comes first so I cancelled my attendance to all the events and chose to enjoy the weekend getaway with my loved ones.

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Tagcatong, Carmen, Agusan del Sur is a 5-hour drive from Davao city via private transportation. Whenever I would travel, I make it to a point to bring my books to keep me well-entertained.  I know it sounds weird but that is how my brain works. For my trip to Carmen, I brought with me The Power by Rhonda Byrne which I received as a gift from my blogger friends last May 8.
10 Best Gifts For New Moms

Sunday, May 26

10 Best Gifts For New Moms

Choosing the perfect gift for new moms doesn't have to be a stressful process. Whether you want something practical or sentimental, for baby or for mom, we've got you covered with some great gift ideas to help make the first weeks and months of parenthood a little easier for everybody.

Boxt Baby Gift Hampers and Gift Boxes 

Baby Gift Hamper

Friday, May 24

Suits: Love for Mike Ross and Harvey Specter's Swag

The first TV series that I got hooked into was Gossip Girl. When I was still in college, I spent most of my weekends catching up with the episodes. There were also nights when I chose to lock myself up in my dormitory room to be with the characters of Blair and Chuck instead of going out with my friends. Don't get me wrong, I'm not anti-social. It's just that I love Gossip Girl so much that I was willing to sacrifice the nights out with my clique. With all the changes in my life and additional pressure from school (senior year + law school), I learned to let go of Gossip Girl. But...

For summer 2013, I wasn't expecting that I'll learn to love another TV series. This time, I'm going crazy over "Suits." I am in love with the characters of Mike Ross and Harvey Specter. These two men are so smart and full of tactics when it comes to handling their cases.


Thursday, May 23

It's Raining Baths and Dogs

Have you heard about the smart dog named Toffee? If you are a constant visitor of this blog, then you have probably read a short post about this Jack Russell Terrier. For those who doesn't know who Toffee is, you can check my old blog entry Toffee: A New Friend. In the same link, you will find the first webisode created by Alpo starring the adorable Toffee.

Make sure to watch the first part of this webisode series before checking the second one. Enjoy the episode two entitled It's raining baths and dogs.
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Wednesday, May 22

6 Things to Remember from The Tao of Pooh

"I didn't know you like Pooh." This was the question asked by my friend when she saw me holding a thin book entitled "The Tao of Pooh." My response was a simple smile together with a short explanation about the book. I told her that the book in my lap is written by Benjamin Hoff wherein he discusses the principles of Taoism and the secrets to a happy life. The character of Pooh Bear is so powerful because in every chapter, he presents new lessons about life and other things he sees in his surroundings. The innocent and naive Pooh bear reveals the teachings of Taoism. 

I finished reading the book last week and it felt great to close the book with a joyful heart. These are some of the lessons I learned from "The Tao of Pooh."


Sunday, May 19

What's Inside BDJ Elite Box?

The first time I heard about BDJ was when they contacted me last year. According to one of their members, they will be sending a Belle de Jour Power Planner for the year 2013. Since I love collecting planners, I accepted their offer. At first, I had no plan of using it especially when I'm a loyal user of my favorite coffee shop's planner. However, things have changed and I fell in love with BDJ Power Planner 2013 so I'm currently using it.

I decided to subscribe for BDJ's newsletters. Through the emails I receive, I found out about BDJ Box. It took me a long time to order because I wanted to read more about the subscription boxes before I get one for myself. Due to my hectic schedule for the previous months, I only got time to gather the information I needed during the summer season. Some of my girl friends already shared about how sulit the BDJ box is. They also informed me about the great products that are included in the monthly boxes. 

This summer, BDJ launched their first-ever BDJ Elite Box. Without hesitations, I ordered my first BDJ box by emailing them. In less than an hour, I paid P1,950 via Paypal for the elite box edition. The regular box only costs P580.

Summer Indulgence

You've got in your hands our first-ever limited edition of BDJ Box Elite. It's about time to treat yourself to some well-deserved ME time.


Wednesday, May 15

Turning a Year Older: Algene at 22

How did I start my day? I attended the 6AM mass at St. Francis of Assisi Parish Church. The night before my special day, I promised to visit the church so I can give thanks to God for all the great things in my life. I also wanted to let Him know that I am contented with every single thing I have and that I am deeply happy with all the persons surrounding me. Of course, I also wanted to pray for a stronger and better "me" at 22.

My birthday was perfect because of my family and friends. They all made my day a memorable one. Despite their hectic schedules, they still came at my place for my simple birthday celebration. Some even stayed until 5 in the morning to party. I'm also grateful to those who made some efforts in greeting me a happy birthday. The birthday gifts I received are also highly appreciated. It was so sweet of them to get the books I love, makeup items I admire and many more!

Friday, May 10

Toffee: A New Friend

This blog post is about a new friend I met recently. His name is Toffee and he is certainly a smart dog. Did you know that he was able to tell what he wants to his mama? Check the video embedded below to have an idea of what I'm talking about.

ALPO Philippines launches one of the cutest webisodes to date, which will introduce its newest little ambassador, TOFFEE! 


Wednesday, May 8

May 2013 Birthday Bash

There are many great things in my life that I am truly thankful of. One of those is having a wonderful family who always support me in whatever I do, give unconditional love despite my failures and show care every single day. I am also grateful for the gift of lovely friends who never fail to make me feel special. It's a liberating feeling to know that I find contentment in all the things and persons I have in my life.

Now that I'm celebrating my 22nd birthday, I would like to share my blessings by hosting a birthday bash. Readers can get a chance to win some special prizes by simply completing the entries on the Rafflecopter widget found at the end of this post. Btw, I will publish a birthday post on this site within the week.

What are the prizes up for grab?
  • CollageIt Pro Software - 2 Windows and 2 Mac (4 Winners - Open Worldwide)
  • Leggings Collection- 5 pairs (5 Winners - Open Worldwide)
  • Accessories Set (1 Winner - Open Worldwide)
  • Bath Essentials Set (1 Winner - Open for Philippine residents only)
  • 1 Set of Godiva Skin Care (1 Winner - Open for Philippine residents only)
  • 1 Pair of Wrap Around RX Sunglasses (1 Winner - Worldwide)

Special thanks to these sponsors: 
Romwe Highstreet Fashion for the Leggings Collection
Dual Shine for the Accessories set
Firmoo for the RX Sunglasses
All other prizes to be given away came from my own pocket.

The Giveaway

Make sure to enter your location in the Rafflecopter below. Some items are not available for shipment worldwide. The Coffee Chic's Birthday Bash will run from May 8-31, 2013. Winners will be randomly chosen. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you have questions about the giveaway, feel free to send me a message at

Disclosure: This giveaway is in no way affiliated with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Romwe and Dual Shine are responsible for the shipment of the prizes to the future winners. Algene of The Coffee Chic will send the other prizes to the future winners via Philippine courier.

Friday, May 3

Summerfaction 2013: Your Fun Weekend Destination

I've been looking forward for my official summer break since March. There were many things going on with my school so I wasn't able to enjoy the whole month of April. Some weeks were spent on studying for my exams and memorizing some items. Indeed, law school is a jealous mistress! Despite all my hectic schedule, I was still able to go to the beach with my blogger friends and travel to Cebu and Bohol with my parents. Now that second semester of my first year in College of Law is finally over (three days ago), I can already do everything I want.

There are many events lined up for my Summer 2013. One of those is attending the grandest summer event in the city: Summerfaction 2013. It is a month-long Music Festival in Davao City from April - May. It will bring Music, Food and Lifestyle together under one roof.

Amazing Things Only Mothers Do

Thursday, May 2

Amazing Things Only Mothers Do

One of the special persons in my life is my mom. She is the only woman in this world who is willing to give up everything just to see me happy. She always makes sure that my needs are satisfied first before hers. My mother is perfectly amazing! For me, she is a super woman. I bet you, too, consider your mother as a hero in your life.

There are many things that only mothers can do. They have this ability to do things in their own ways. They offer unconditional love to their families. They provide support, show care and share love without ifs and buts. Mothers can carry the worlds of their children without complaining. They are absolutely the best. With all their efforts and sacrifices, I believe that they deserve the best things in this world. We must make them happy every single day, not only during their birthdays or other special occasions. However, this doesn't mean that we will not do anything for Mother's Day 2013. It's time to prepare something great that can make our moms happy. We don't need to give them the most expensive and luxurious items. All we need to do is to make them smile.

Wednesday, May 1

Tips on Fashion for the Women

Fashion is a term generally used to describe the style of clothing worn by the people of a country. A particular fashion remains popular for about 1-3 years and then it is again replaced by another fashion. Though, there are a lot of changes in the fashion, there are people who do not easily except the changes. A clothing style may introduce as a fashion, but later on it may become a custom.

Women are generally fashion queens. There are more numbers of men than women. But most of the women will not walk out of their house without having makeup. It seems that, they have to have a pair of shoes to go with every dress. If you are a woman, and you are looking for some fashion tips, then this article may help you. Given below are some fashion tips that every woman needs.
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