Midtown 101: Thankful for the Beautiful Prints

Beautiful prints. These are what you can get from Midtown Printing Co., Inc. They can print anything, from event invitations to tarpaulins or even photo books. Whatever their clients need, they can surely provide it. The first time I heard about this company was during high school because my alma matter, De La Salle John Bosco College, closed an exclusive contract with them to print our year books or memoirs (for graduating students only). Since I spent my primary and secondary years at DLSJBC, I have many copies. 

Up to this moment, my memoirs are still in good condition. The reasons for these are:
First, I take good care of them properly. I make sure that they are kept in a safety place.
Second, the quality of the year books are great. Yes, Midtown (MPCI) produce high quality items.

 photo 7540483D-E2B1-4930-9846-79045D756015-1016-0000009245AC0FC7.jpg

Just recently, I ordered two products from them - the photo book and business cards. The best part of all is that I didn't pay for these items because I won in their Photo Book Giveaway for bloggers. Then, the printing for the business cards is also a complimentary gift from them during their organized event Midtown 101: Blogging with Precision and Efficiency.

Given its 45th year in the corporate enterprise, Midtown lives up to its theme of the year: “Treading with Precision and Cost Efficiency."

 photo E6406AD5-EBC0-4EA9-AE86-F4E21A67520B-1016-0000009234742824.jpg

I'm really happy with these gifts from Midtown. I asked someone to design the business cards and ordered the prints using the latest innovation of the company - their MPCI Corporate Online Printshop. This site is perfect for those who do not have time to visit Midtown for their printing needs. All they need to do is to create an account at MPCI Corporate, choose the service you want, upload the design and pay your order. With these simple steps you can already order beautiful prints. Simply wait for the email from Midtown for more details about the transaction.

My mom and dad celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary last month. As a gift, I decided to compile all their photos into one book. I used a scrapbook app on my iPad for the designs. After completing the 20 pages, I visited Midtown and ordered the photobook. In one week time, I received the item.

 photo 823236CE-1969-44A2-B37A-F3124AF6DEFF-1016-000000923B041055.jpg

These are some of the pages of the photo book I ordered. I made sure that the out of the country tips of my parents are included. It was on 2004 when they visited China and Hongkong. On 2007, we went to Singapore together. There were also wedding photos of my parents taken on the year 1988. Nothing feels great than knowing that they are happily married. In turn, we have a happy family.

 photo F2172060-DB37-4C4A-9548-A77D687A754A-1016-000000924DEADB9E.jpg

These business cards are designed by a good blogger friend of mine. As mentioned above, I ordered them online. Thanks to my friend Dust for delivering it to me!

 photo 30851C98-FBDD-4888-B817-905450DF5A7D-1016-00000092576D6612.jpg

About Midtown Printing Co., Inc.:
Being one of the industry’s leaders, Midtown has long acquired expertise in yearbook printing, making turning points of our lives memorable. Midtown made it possible to set the standard in different forms of publications. With the company’s multi-faceted flair, it continues to serve the valued academe with educational learning media, and to relentlessly impart the culture of excellence.

Follow them on Twitter: @midtown_pmci
Contact number: (082) 221-3166


  1. They are beautiful prints indeed. I love the color and design of your business cards.

  2. I used to be the editor n chief of our sch paper and a staff of our year book back in the ... don't ask when, lol, but that was when midtown was still starting ... they practically printed our memories ... nice collection Algene.

  3. Bloggers will have much use for printed products like these. We can all use it to make better presentations of ourselves and our work.

  4. I love the photos you included in the photo book, I am sure that your parents are thrilled to see them! Must be great to travel with your parents.

  5. Midtown printing press has been around in business for as long as I can remember. I think they're the ones that printed out our highschool yearbook and they really have quality prints.

  6. Well said sis, Taking care properly is the best thing we can do and kept in a proper place. My husband is good in keeping our valuable papers.

  7. Photos are something to treasure at and it is a wise decision to have them printed in quality papers done by quality printing shop. Good you find one.

  8. Very nice prints you have there! I'm glad that even after all these years, the company can still update itself with the latest trends/innovations and technology on modern print and digital printing.

    Ria C

  9. those are indeed very beautiful prints and look very high quality, i have been planning to make a photo book too. this is a very good review for the printing company.

  10. wow, memories preserved like that which could be viewed over and over and passed through generations is priceless...the printing company sounds and friends are sure to love ordering from them! your parents remind me of the beauty of true love...may your family be blessed with wonderful memories always...:)

  11. I would so love to have some invites and programs done by a reputable printing press but they only accept orders by bulk.

    ANyhow, I still believe that printing press will continue to thrive despite the emergence of computers and it being handy at every households. I salute you for keeping all these memoirs intact, Algene. Well done!

  12. Wow! They have really good quality of prints. :)

  13. good to know that you love all the prints they made for you, i am sure they are all done beautifully, with care and high quality! i love the idea of photobook, i want to have some for our family. :)


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