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"I am not a runner." This is what I used to tell myself before. Everytime my friends would invite me to join fun run events, all I did was to give them excuses why I couldn't be with them. Whenever they ask me to enroll for gym classes, I would say I have no time for it. To be honest, I looked at running as a tiresome activity for the past few years. I failed to see all the good things that it can give to everyone doing it. Then one day, I woke up and realized that there were major changes in my life. Among them was the fact that I gained so much weight. Because of this, there were times when I feel less confident with myself. So, I realized that it's time...

It's time for me to shape up, again. It's time for me to let go of all the excuses I used to make. It's time for me to get fit by running. Together with the major transition is my life is that now, I am a runner. Well, not the type of runner who signs up for the latest fun run event in the community or the one who hits the gym regularly. I consider myself as a runner who is still at the starting line. Eventually, I will make it to the finish line. And when I do, I will still continue running because it does not only make me fit but it also allows me to feel ultimate happiness.

I used to say that I have no time to do it. I always find the cases I needed to read and the provisions I needed to understand as more important than running. I used to believe that it was just a waste of my time. But now, everything have changed. Even at home, I make sure that I run. Thanks to the treadmill! Since running outdoors is better, I also find time to jog around our little subdivision. This way, I can get a chance to appreciate the environment and feel good for myself.

The last fun run I attended was the Run for Pablo last February 9, 2013. It was organized by one of the fraternities and sororities at Ateneo de Davao College of Law. What is nice about the said event was that it was a run for the benefit of the victims of Typhoon Pablo. I will never forget how great one of my February mornings went because of the Fun Run. Thank you, Conflict of Laws 2013 for the amazing experience.

 photo 798FC70A-8815-477A-9407-4252C74C85FF-409-0000002F361F806E.jpg

Another running activity that I consider as very important is the Lakas Atenista scav hunt activity. I was an applicant of the said law school organization then. As part of the recruitment process, our batch needed to undergo a scavenger's hunt. We were grouped into four. Unfortunately, our team did not win. Nonetheless, we still felt happy because the activity allowed us to become closer to each other.

 photo C67F0F25-A6F7-4DE0-B5D4-81C004763CD1-409-0000002F2F1E857B.jpg

By the way, I wore the wrong shoes during the scav hunt. As a result, I found it hard to run from one station to another. After the event, I realized that shoes play an important role in running. Everyone should learn what type of shoes to use in a particular running event.

 photo EC050EC7-651E-4842-9061-F35EFAC720CF-409-0000002F3A463B95.jpg

No one said it will be easy. However, I believe that I can get there. I can reach the finish line. I will get better at running. I will keep on running because it makes me happy. I've never been so motivated and inspired my entire life than I am now. It's amazing how things have changed! 

Do you know what I'm thinking of right at this moment? I want to get a new pair of shoes. I think it will make me feel more motivated. I want something to boost my run. 

With the latest Energy Boost from one of the leading sports brands all over the world, you can feel like you have endless energy to do whatever you want. Boost your cushion. Boost your conditions. Boost your comfort. adidas reminds everyone that "Impossible is nothing."

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And just like that, running will never be the same.

If there is one thing I've learned with this major change in my life, it is... I have to work hard for what I want. I need to chase my dream so I can reach it someday. I need to go after what my heart desires. I need to run to become better.

With adidas, I believe I can do it.

A is for attraction. I believe in the law of attraction, that whatever my mind can conceive, my body can achieve. I am a very positive person and I know that someday, I will reach my dreams.
D is for determination. I will continue to work hard in order for me to achieve what I want. I am determined to make things happen.
I is for inspiration. There are many things in my life that inspire me to become better. I will always remember them so I can move forward to the better version of "me."
D is for desires. I will keep the desires of my heart. This way, everything in my life will be at its best. My desires are pure and I believe it will be granted on time.
A is for active. With all these changes in my life, I promise to be active. I want to keep on running.
S is for shoes. There's no way I can get better at running without having a great pair of shoes. As I run, I will make sure that my shoes will be my best friend.

Running makes me happy. It makes me feel alive. So, I will keep on doing it!

adidas boosts my run.


  1. cheering for you, keep running and rock that good pair of running shoes! :)

  2. Good luck Gene. I'm sure you can do it.

    I really look forward to join Fun Runs as it is the only opportunity I have to really run or walk that long or that far. The last fun run I joined was with friends so it was a healthy bonding activity for all of us.

    Just like you, I also want to have a good pair of running shoes para mas inspired to keep myself fit :)

  3. You got the right word, sis, Keep running and chase your dream and work hard to succeed. Keep up the good work.

  4. Looks like a fun event especially for fitness buffs!

  5. Go,go go..girl. Runinng is a great way to keep your body fit and trim. wow! I like that pair of shoes. Adidas din brand ko for basketball shoes.

  6. I am not a runner myself either, so apir, Algene. LOL! I only go for brisk walking each day. I only became a health and fitness buff since I was diagnosed to have HBP so endeavors of this kind motivates me all the more to keep myself fit.

    I know you can do it. Keep motivating yourself to do it because if you're really determined at one thing, it's impossible not to achieve the goals you've set for yourself.

    BTW, I never had a chance to own a pair of Adidas running shoes. I've got heaps of sneakers but owning an Adidas shoes is yet to materialize :-)

  7. wow, that sounds fun...and the shoes, something i wish i have! :) i was a runner back when i was still in school, even competing...but now i am not, i miss it. i wish i could join one event like these kahit minsan kapag nakauwe kami ng Pinas. :) goodluck on you sis...xx

  8. yeeeaaahh great Algene! Go for the 5K prize!

  9. I used to tell myself that before because I was so thin, I mean slim. I'm even so proud to tell my friends that my waist is just 25. Well, that was before. I have gained so much weight already.

    And I have joined various fun runs recently and loving it. Damn! Been dreaming to have a pair of Adidas Energy Boost. ♥


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