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The first Davao Bloggers movie night was a success. We watched "It Takes a Man and a Woman" starring two of the brightest actors in the showbiz industry - John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo. They played the characters of the sought-after bachelor Miggy Montenegro and the crazy-in-love woman Adelaida Magtalas. The movie is the third installment in the series of the romantic comedy films about the Miggy-Laida love story. 

The first installment was released last 2008 entitled "A Very Special Love". After its box office success, the second film was immediately made available the following year. Same with "A Very Special Love", "You Changed My Life" also became successful. Everyone fell in love with the characters of the said movie sequel. All of a sudden, people started talking about how kilig the relationship of Miggy Montegro and Laida Magtalas is. Aside from the super kilig moments, there are also great lessons that viewers can get from the movies.

Now, after four years, Star Cinema and Viva Films proudly produced the third movie "It Takes a Man and a Woman". This time, there are new changes in the characters of the film. The avid fans of the Miggy-Laida love story will really feel happy with the third film. There are so many things to expect from this film. For me, it is highly recommended. In fact, I find it the best among the three movies.

*SPOILER ALERT* Do not read the rest of this post if you haven't watched the movie yet. I'm a spoiler. Lol

In "It Takes a Man and a Woman," Miggy and Laida are no longer together. Somewhere along the way, they parted ways. They broke up when Laida saw Miggy kissing Belle (the third party in the story.) Feeling betrayed and hurt, she decided to go back to New York and worked in a magazine firm. After two years, she returned to the Philippines to help Montenegro Corporation in closing a deal with the big magazine firm in NYC. Laida claimed that her old self is gone and it's "Laida version 2.0" who will face everyone she ran away from. She worked again with Miggy and then, everything started to change. She realized that she wasn't really over the only man she loved. Eventually, they ended up fixing everything. In the last part of the film, they got married.

Basically, the moral of the film is forgiveness. It teaches everyone that to forgive is to completely let go of what happened in the past. It reminds each of us to always choose forgiveness if we want to become fully happy. Sometimes, people will hurt us and cause so much pain in our hearts. It's okay to hate them for a while but we need to remember that forgiveness is the key to a happy life. Let us forget and forgive. Then, our lives will become better.

These are the quotes taken from the movie "It Takes a Man and a Woman."

"Afraid? Why should I? The best man always win."

"It's not what you think."
"Akala ko iba ka."

"Hindi lahat ng bagay may happy ending sa totoong buhay."

"There's a way to set things right again."

"Hey look who's back."

"So you're back?"
"Yes, I'm back."

"Connections that you don't have."

"You know me Miggy, I have a heart for the needy."

"I don't wanna be reminded of that everyday."

"Thank you for even trying."
"Why are you so kind to me?"

"Just come back."
"Gusto mo ba talaga akong bumalik? Sabihin mo muna na kailangan mo ako. Magic words. I need you. Hindi ko kaya na wala ka Laida."
"Okay madali naman akong kausap."

"I've grown. This is Laida Magtalas Version 2.0. Wiser. Braver. Stronger. Bolder. Fiercer."

"Ang sarap maging single."

"You know it's not true Miggy. It will always be personal between the two of you."

"I like what we have. It's the best."

"Please do everything to make it happen."

"We have to be irresistible."

"We have to show that Flippage is trust-worthy."

"Tara guys. Taguan tayo. Taguan ng feelings."

"Kaya nga noon kasi tapos na 'yon. Iba na ang ngayon."

"People change. Nothing stays the same forever. Change is bound to happen."

"Say hello to our friend, Laida version 1.0."

"Ano pa ang kulang?"
"Yung ngiti niya."

"You can't do this."
"I can Miggy. Ayoko na."

"Bakit? Sabihin mo sa akin."
"Hindi ko na kaya."
"Ang alin?"
"Ang makasama ka. Akala ko kaya ko na. Hindi pa pala. Masakit pa rin eh. Hindi pa rin nawawala."

"That was two years ago Laida. It was you who gave up."

"That's why I said sorry. Countless times."

"Intindihin mo nalang na nasaktan ka."

"Nay, pa'no po ba magpatawad?"
"Gusto mo na ba? Kasi desisyon yun Laida."

"Piliin mong magpatawad. Piliin mong magmahal. Inulit-ulit ko yun araw-araw."

"Love is a choice. Ganun din ang pagpapatawad. Pipiliin mo rin yun Laida, araw-araw."

"I had everything then."

"Then I lost dad. And made another mistake. And then, I lost you. Parang nawala na lahat. And then I made another mistake and another and another. Hindi na yun natapos."

"I'm sorry for hurting you."

"Ngayon na magkasama kayo, you're meant to be."

"I was crazy enough to believe na... Maging tayo ulit."

"It may look different but it feels right."

"The transformation came as a surprise."

"Change of plans?"

"You're my one who got away."

"I'm just a girl you chose to let go."

"I've been through worse. I just can't let my family suffer."

"Sometimes being the best means being the least. Be good even after you make a mistake."

"Everyday is a struggle to be just better. Being good is what kept my family together."

"It's not the easiest but that is probably the best legacy that a person can leave behnd.. To beliebe in goodness and just become a good man."

"Now all I want is for you to feel that you're number one for me. And that you will always be my number one."

"This is the man I wanna be. For the first time in my life, I wanna be the last. I wanna be the last man you'll ever love Laida. Can I be that man?"
"First and last. You're hired ."

"Matagal bago ko naintindihan na walang instant happy ending."

"Ganun pala nagmahal ka ng totoo. Kasama lahat ng maganda, pangit, ng malaunglot at ng masakit. "

"Today I realized I won't be making any vows in my wedding... Because this is not the day for promises. Today I stand here in front of you in complete surrender. I have no worries. I have no fear because I know... I am sure I'm yours."

"Laida and Miggy, version 3.0."


  1. Spoiler indeed but I like it Gene. Can't imagine you have memorize all these lines. Parang nakapanood na rin ako ng movie ah. Bren and I will be watching this too, hopefully this week...

  2. Much as I don't get too much chance to watch movies nowadays, I only get to see these movies when they're shown on cable and that might be a couple of years yet but at least I have an idea now.

  3. It's easy to forget but to forgive will take time. Sounds like a good movie to watch!

  4. Haha! Paano ba yan, binasa ko lahat! Weeeee! I am still gonna watch it though. Soon! Pag-available na dito sa amen! :D

  5. so much kilig factor in this movie. have seen it in the trailer. great that "laida" has changed from being naive to a "woman" that is is. in reality, i'm seeing the same thing for sarah. she is truly a woman now.

  6. because i have no way of watching the movie soon, binasa ko na ang spoiler mo. hehehe! kilig much, can't wait for the DVD to come out. or better yet, ipalabas nila sa sinehan dito sa sg. :D

  7. AY, not updated to this Pinoy film. But judging from the reviews I've read from local tabloids, the film seems to be a good one.

  8. It has been awhile since I watch Filipino movie :-) I do have DVD's here but they are old :-) Looks like a great movie to watch and learn. I bet this movie is a big hit :-)

  9. I can only say that love is sweeter the second time around. I saw their interviews when they were promoting the movie and I think they are the cutest loveteam that ever graced the Phiippine cinemas. I don't get to watch Filipino movies a lot so I've read the spoiler, hahaha!

  10. Spoiler nga! Hehehe!

    I haven't watch this and I'm planning to. Maybe this week. I'm excited how Miggy and Laida would end up.

  11. Although I'm a fan of these two artists, I thought there's no depth in this movie but as you wrote this post, feels like you really enjoyed and learned something profound after you watched it. I can feel it while reading. Like the quotable lines, too!

  12. I already watched the movie, and to think that some of lines in your Spoiler part is totally the same as in the movie..

    And to all people who haven't watched it.... I want to Note this...

    Wag po kayong manonood Magisa----- Dahil nakakabaliw po sya.
    The Movie will take you to a roller Coaster Ride, Not because you will feel like JetLag but you will feel a unpredictable emotions like This------ Kilig-Tawa-Iyak-Tawa-Iyak-Kilig-Iyak-Tawa-Kilig-Taa-Iyak-Kilig-Tawa-Selos-Inggit-Tawa-Saya-Mangha

    And Sarah is in her Element in this Movie and she deserves a Best Actress Trophy for her Acting. No one Actress in this generation can do that role except her. Wala din kayang ibigkas ang bawat lines nya sa movie na ito. The Diction-Emotion-and how she handles each lines is unpredictable....

    And about JLC, she always perform well

    1. waaaa sorry nood me solo yesterday... waaaaaaaaa cant help it...

  13. I miss watching Tagalog movies on a big screen. I guess almost a year now(so I think). I am into online watching movies all American and UK flick.

  14. kaka kilig naman .. .i haven't watch this movie hopefully very soon. .. i love them they really have that chemistry and kilig factor. .

  15. Lol speaking of this movie. When I went back home from work my wife told me that she has a organization meeting but when I brought here to the mall yung meeting pala nila e nasa movie showing na ito.. maganda nga naman daw...

  16. The story is simple and has a clear message in the end. Although cheesy, some of the quotes are memorable.

  17. reading the spoiler made me feel like watching a movie in your blog! haha! But of course, I'm still gonna watch this when it's on DVD, or in Cinema One.. :D

  18. Whahaha sobrang dami kong kilig sa movie na to! I've watched the screening in SM Sta Rosa at sobrang haba ng pila

  19. I guess i shud watch this if I can find somewhere since i am not in philippines. Ms nkakakilig pg filipino love story for me hahha xx

  20. Spoiler nga! Will tell about this with my office ate, I'm sure she likes this kind of movie

  21. i haven't seen the movie but very looking forward to do so....

  22. I think this one balances the drama with the humor plus kilig factor from the fans.

  23. I was browsing this page and the wife came in and just went nuts kasi she was planning to drag me with her and watch this tomorrow night. Thanks for saving me a couple of hundred bucks. I'd just have to wait for the DVD.

  24. I have always thought that Filipino movies are corny and are far inferior than the international block busters. However, this love tandem of Sarah and JL is quite okay. :)

  25. Hayys! I really like to watch this movie, somebody send me a dvd???????? Kakainlove naman.

  26. I;m not a fan of Pinoy romantic movies but I'm glad you enjoyed this offering by two great artists..

  27. Well, I didn't take time of reading this movie quotes from the movie, "It Takes a Man and a Woman" for I haven\t watched it. Anyway both actors, John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo are my fave big screen actors.

  28. I think you missed to quote this but i'd like to add... "Kapag ba blooming, in-love agad? Di ba pwedeng nagmahal noon, umasa noon, nasaktan noon at nakapag move-on na ngayon?" - Laida Magtalas ;)

  29. I didn't read the entire post as I haven't watched the movie yet. Haha!

  30. Nice quotes here. I too agree that the hardest part of a broken relationship is moving on.

  31. I havent watched the movie, and I dont intend to..
    Though I've seen the first installment on tv, not by choice.
    It was really interesting.
    The review about this latest movie was fairly good, with few interesting developments in the character.
    First time probably for them having such conflict to work with, unlike the first 2 with goody goody vibes.
    This one is a little more serious perhaps, but it has become a bloated theme.. Still, the chemistry between these 2 actors are obvious.. probably what makes this movie a blockbuster as it is now.
    Too bad though because it is still shown in almost all the cinemas that some movies Ive been waiting for are getting delayed..

  32. Bipolar Experienced! So nice ever.

  33. Someone shouldpost the quote from the very end of the movie! The vows! =)Like the whole thing!

  34. Napanood ko na toa, Salamat nga pala, dahil gusto ko talaga mareview ung mga lines. Thankyou talaga! :)))) Di ako maka-move on dito, gusto ko ulit manuod. Ganda ng Chemistry nilang dalawa eh. Pero sabi nila wala na daw next part. Last na to :(

  35. di ako makagetover.. il watch the movie AGAIN ..

  36. "ako na lna ang magsasabi> masasayang ang braincelss mo. -laida magtalas

  37. _super like this movie .. you will get lessons from it..
    .it's just that if you really love those person u can't really forget them easily...

  38. can u pls share the whole speech made by miggy's father on the best legacy a man can leave was really so inspiring & touching but i want the whole content...thanks heaps!


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