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5 Popular Party Themes

Themed parties can be a great way to make an already fun event even more exciting. There are many party themes out there, but there are a few that just always seem to pop up because they're simply so much fun. Using one of these party themes can be a great way to help with the planning and also get your guests more involved in the fun. When using a party theme you should commit to it as much as possible to make it even more interesting.

1. Tropical Islands

Tropical themes are especially fun for parties because they practically plan themselves. Decorations can include grass huts, and guests can show up in luau wear such as aloha shirts. Drinks in particular can all be tropical themed, and coconut cups can lend a tropical feel to everything. Carefully managed sand can also enhance the tropical feel. During the mild summer months a tropical themed party can be held outside for extra fun, and inflatable palm trees can add to the decor.

2. Casino Themes

Casino themes are a great way to bring some gambling fun into the party. You can have certain friends act as dealers and others pretend to be waitress staff. An entire room can be decorated as a high stakes casino, and you can either build or rent game tables such as poker tables. You can allow people to cash in their chips for prizes at the end of the night if your friends don't want to play with real money.

3. Costume Parties

Costume parties are always a lot of fun and allows your guests to get excited and creative. If you're having a costume party, you can set a prize for the best costume. One great way to get people excited is by making many small costume prizes for different things so that a lot of people will receive a gift. The categories can include items such as funniest costume, most creative costume, and most dangerous costume.

4. Formal Dress Parties

Very few people get the chance to wear formal dress anymore besides weddings, and it can be fun to dress up for an evening. A formal dress party allows guests to dress up in the best evening wear and have an elegant time. You can create small, elegant snacks and serve champagne if you're on a budget, or hire a caterer if you don't want to do the heavy work. Having a friend who can play the piano is also a great way to add to the elegance of the event.

5. Murder Mysteries

Murder mysteries are a uniquely fun type of party theme. With a murder mystery, guests participate in a game where someone is murdered and they have to piece together clues to figure out who did it. Many murder mystery games can be bought already designed and from there it's only up to you to place the clues and organize the game itself. Period murder mysteries can even involve fancy clothes and outfits.

No matter what theme you choose, you'll need to set the scene with decorations and party accessories. The Reject Shop catalogue is a great resource to find all the bits and pieces you'll need to make your next party a success.

Mandy is an events planner from Melbourne, Australia. She loves socializing and throwing parties and put together this list to inspire those out there who are planning an upcoming event. 

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