5 Creative Ways to Print Your Wedding Photos

So you’ve had your big day and the photographer took heaps of wonderful photos of you and your family. Now is the moment to decide how you are going to display them. There are heaps of different creative ways of showing off your happy snaps that give your wedding photos a style that is uniquely different! Here are 5 awesome ways of printing your wedding snaps.

Fridge Magnet

The usual wedding photo portrait on the wall is definitely a nice way to go and is the traditional way that many people like to keep a reminder of their special day. But having a magnet on your fridge of your wedding snap will mean that you and your partner have a unique way of remembering the joy of that very special day that the two of you shared together.

Photo Flip Book

We often have so many wonderful memories and photos from that special day that often we want to have more than one on display in our homes to quickly show friends and family our special day. A collage photo flip book can show a number of your favourite snaps and you are able to design your own background for the book to go along with it. If you are a creative minded person this will give you an opportunity to showcase your talent in a format that compliments your special photos.


We need calendars to keep track of all our appointments and upcoming occasions, but why have photos of someone else’s family. With a personalised calendar you will be able to have all your favourite wedding photos on display for the whole year and a different one for every month. A customised wedding photograph calendar is a great way to have your wedding photos on display while being a functional device that changes throughout the year!

Mouse Pad

In our working life we spend a lot of time on the computer. A great idea for wedding photos is to have our favourite photo of our partner, or our special day on a personalised mouse pad. This means that while we are work, slogging it out at the computer we have a picture of our partner with us, and during a boring work day that picture of that special moment can cheer us up immensely.

Key Ring

A key ring is another creative idea for printing our favourite wedding photo. It is something that we can have with us all the time as a reminder of that moment when we came together with the special person in our lives. If we are looking for something special and different as a gift to give to our wedding guests, a key ring says ‘thank you’ in a way that nothing else can and they will be chuffed that you thought of them!

There are certainly more other unique ways to showcase your wedding photos. Also consider turning your favourite wedding shots into a custom iphone 5 covers so that it goes to places with you.

Written by Kim Blair

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