3 Reasons To Explore The Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea is one of those places that everyone seems to know the name, but not much else. But those who have been to see it will always want more. Because once you start to learn more about the Baltic Sea you'll quickly realise why it's such an interesting place to explore. Whether it's the scenary or the number of countries and cultures or even the languages, the Baltic Sea makes up for its lack of warmer climate. Here are 3 reasons why you should explore the Baltic Sea

Positioned in Northern Europe, the Baltic Sea is bordered by Sweden, Poland, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Lithuania, North Eastern Germany, Eastern Denmark as well as various smaller islands. The varying cultures, languages and countries are just a few of the reasons that make the Baltic Sea a place worth exploring.

Exploring the Baltic Sea is a chance to have a holiday of a lifetime and the best way to do that is with a cruise, as you will get to stop at many of these countries. Cruise1st for example offers great Baltic Sea cruises. Every day will be full of adventure and new activities. Following are just a few reasons why you should take the time out to explore the Baltic Sea.

The Varying Cultures

Visiting any country surrounding the Baltic Sea really gives you the opportunity to explore a different way of life. Whilst exploring the Baltic Sea you'll likely discover many cultures that challenge your current view of the world.


You may not have the time, or patience, to learn every language, but you'll likely pick up the basics. Learning new languages is not only alot of fun, it can also make for some interesting situations.

The Choice of Countries

However many countries you get to visit, you'll most definitely leave with memories that will last a lifetime. Every country has it's own way of life, local produce, fun activities. Wherever you visit, you'll definitely experience something you couldn't experience anywhere else in the world.

Wherever you travel in the world, however many beautiful landmarks you visit, it all comes down to one thing - the people you meet. And the friendships you make. Exploring the Baltic Sea means you're come into contact with various different people, from various different backgrounds, each one teaching you something new about the world. 

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