Sunday, April 21

What You Need To Know About Plant Conservation

Mankind has affected the planet like no other species have. The rise of our civilization has a very strong impact on our environment and the life of other organisms. This impact is not dying down but is in fact rising and becoming more intense with each passing year. Our societies have needs that require enormous amounts of resources and our cities are growing at a pace that is taking up the land on an ever increasing rate.

The march of civilization is eating up nature and it comes at a price. Progress is threatening the natural habitats of living organisms everywhere. Plants are now facing multiple challenges and some species have even become extinct. This is where plant conservation comes in.
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Thursday, April 18

Save Money on Your Trip to the City That Never Sleeps

New York city is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Everyone wants to visit this beautiful place because of all the nice things it offers to its visitors. Even local residents of the city take pride of the greatness of New York. The city that never sleeps provides ultimate fun, happiness and enjoyment. However, together with the amazing trip to New York are big expenses. You cannot survive a day to the city without spending much of your money. Thus, knowing some ways on how to save big while staying or traveling to New York city is a must. 

Proper preparation includes creating a budget.
If you are planning to visit the city soon, then I highly recommend that you create a budget for the trip. Make sure that you come up with a budget-friendly itinerary. Take advantage of the availability of the internet to search for the must-visit places in New York. Also start searching for highly affordable hotel rooms or inns for your convenience. Of course, the search must include the entrance fees and rates of the establishments. This way, you can already come up with your expected expenses and can draft your budget well.
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Kalasag 2012 and The Memories

Wednesday, April 17

Kalasag 2012 and The Memories

When we enjoy the things we're doing, we barely notice the time. Who would have thought that one year has already lapsed since the day I decided to make big changes in my life? I can still remember the day when I finally got hold of my Bachelor's Degree in Management Accounting. March 24, 2012 - the day of my graduation at Ateneo de Davao University. It was, indeed, A New Beginning.

The days following the graduation were not easy. There was a point where I needed to walk away from some of the things that used to matter in my life. Yes, it included my past relationship. One morning, I woke up and saw that things were already drifting apart between the two of us. No matter how much we tried to save the relationship, we just can't. Worse, we needed to completely depart from each other. We can't even be friends. At first, it wasn't easy but as weeks pass by, I started to realize that the break up was the second best thing that ever happened in my Summer 2013 (The first, making my parents proud for finishing my degree). Right now, I am happiest. I learned that Looking Back to Move Forward is important.

There were also many events that took place during last year's summer season. One of those is having the courage to enroll in Ateneo de Davao College of Law. As what I've always said, it was my father's decision for me to take up law. I always wanted to make him proud of me so I said "yes" despite the fact that I was hesitant. I guess parents really know what is best for their children because as of the moment, I am enjoying law school. It may be a tough world to be in but it is something that I love. Now that I'm loving the study of law, all I ever want is to become a lawyer someday. I will do it, not only for my dad, but most importantly, for myself.

So, why am I saying all these? I can't help but reminisce with what happened last year after receiving my copy of Kalasag 2012 - Ateneo de Davao University's year book. 

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Midtown 101: Thankful for the Beautiful Prints

Thursday, April 11

Midtown 101: Thankful for the Beautiful Prints

Beautiful prints. These are what you can get from Midtown Printing Co., Inc. They can print anything, from event invitations to tarpaulins or even photo books. Whatever their clients need, they can surely provide it. The first time I heard about this company was during high school because my alma matter, De La Salle John Bosco College, closed an exclusive contract with them to print our year books or memoirs (for graduating students only). Since I spent my primary and secondary years at DLSJBC, I have many copies. 

Up to this moment, my memoirs are still in good condition. The reasons for these are:
First, I take good care of them properly. I make sure that they are kept in a safety place.
Second, the quality of the year books are great. Yes, Midtown (MPCI) produce high quality items.

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Monday, April 8

Slimline Bluetooth Keyboard and Trackpad Review

The nice thing about the advancement in technology these days is that different consumers can now get any item they want. They can simply shop for products that can make their lives easier and more convenient. Nowadays, many companies are investing in creating great items for techy savvy. MobileFun is one of those online shops which succeeded in creating a good name in the industry. They are best-known for having a great collection of electronics, accessories and novelty items for their consumers.

One of the best gadget accessories available in the said online shop is the wireless keyboard with mouse. It's perfect for those who prefer having a separate keyboard than the  built-in keyboards available in their phones and tablets. 

Dual-Connect Slimline Bluetooth Keyboard and Trackpad


Wednesday, April 3

Join the Running Revolution with adidas Energy Boost.

"I am not a runner." This is what I used to tell myself before. Everytime my friends would invite me to join fun run events, all I did was to give them excuses why I couldn't be with them. Whenever they ask me to enroll for gym classes, I would say I have no time for it. To be honest, I looked at running as a tiresome activity for the past few years. I failed to see all the good things that it can give to everyone doing it. Then one day, I woke up and realized that there were major changes in my life. Among them was the fact that I gained so much weight. Because of this, there were times when I feel less confident with myself. So, I realized that it's time...

It's time for me to shape up, again. It's time for me to let go of all the excuses I used to make. It's time for me to get fit by running. Together with the major transition is my life is that now, I am a runner. Well, not the type of runner who signs up for the latest fun run event in the community or the one who hits the gym regularly. I consider myself as a runner who is still at the starting line. Eventually, I will make it to the finish line. And when I do, I will still continue running because it does not only make me fit but it also allows me to feel ultimate happiness.


Tuesday, April 2

It Takes a Man and a Woman Movie Quotes

The first Davao Bloggers movie night was a success. We watched "It Takes a Man and a Woman" starring two of the brightest actors in the showbiz industry - John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo. They played the characters of the sought-after bachelor Miggy Montenegro and the crazy-in-love woman Adelaida Magtalas. The movie is the third installment in the series of the romantic comedy films about the Miggy-Laida love story. 

The first installment was released last 2008 entitled "A Very Special Love". After its box office success, the second film was immediately made available the following year. Same with "A Very Special Love", "You Changed My Life" also became successful. Everyone fell in love with the characters of the said movie sequel. All of a sudden, people started talking about how kilig the relationship of Miggy Montegro and Laida Magtalas is. Aside from the super kilig moments, there are also great lessons that viewers can get from the movies.

Now, after four years, Star Cinema and Viva Films proudly produced the third movie "It Takes a Man and a Woman". This time, there are new changes in the characters of the film. The avid fans of the Miggy-Laida love story will really feel happy with the third film. There are so many things to expect from this film. For me, it is highly recommended. In fact, I find it the best among the three movies.

2013’s Most Searched Luxury Fashion Labels

Monday, April 1

2013’s Most Searched Luxury Fashion Labels

According to recent research conducted by the Digital Luxury Group, Michael Kors came out on top as the most searched online boutique brand in America. The data was taken from more than 31 million searches from January to June 2012. The biggest search engines were used to determine the outcome including Google and Bing.

From their results they found that ready-to-wear fashion lines and handbags from were the most popular searches worldwide which appeal to the mass markets. Handbags and purses were found to be most desired in China which made up around 50% of all searches for the luxury items.
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