You Can Find Authentic Coach Bags Online

Coach is a brand geared towards luxury. It is famous for its expensive handbags, which are of very high quality, features amazing style and design, and its signature looks make Coach to "it" bag to have. The high popularity and prices of Coach bags have caused the making of many knock-off Coach bags, and unfortunately that hurts both the Coach company as well as the consumer. Knock-off Coach bags look genuine at first look, but there are quite a few differences between the real Coach bags and fake Coach bags, and there are many ways to tell the difference.

Now, when you want to shop for Coach bags online, you need to focus on a few things. Make sure the site that you are thinking about making your purchase from has plenty of photos of each particular bag. This way you can zoom in to look at stitching, try to get a feel for the quality of the bag. For example, the hardware on the bag is not going to be tiny, and should have a finish on it that will not flake, chip or peel. All of the hardware is made usually from solid brass or even nickel. Remember, though, that not all of the hardware is going to be engraved with the Coach name, so just because you can't see the name engraved on the buttons or clips, does not mean the bag is fake.

Anyone who has ever owned an authentic Coach bag is well aware of Coach's ability to craft beautiful, quality bags. They then have a guarantee seal that is sewn on every one of their bags. There are numbers on that seal, which is technically a serial number. The numbers that are directly located before the dash is the date in which the bag was made. Then there is a second set of numbers, which is that particular bag's style number. Because not all Coach handbags are going to be made in the same day, the first set of numbers are going to vary from bag to bag.

While it's hard to tell online, if the site you are looking to purchase the bag from allows a good zoom into the photo, take a good look at the zipper. Zippers should run smoothly, and some of the zippers will have Coach engraved accordingly. Try to look at the zipper track to see if it's lined up good, in order to see if the zipper will pull smoothly across the track.

One of the most popular styles of the Coach bag are the Patchwork bags. They are designed identical to each other, so each Patchwork bag will have the same square of fabric in the same exact place. So, if they use the Indigo Mini-Signature square on one Shoulder Tote with the Patchwork design in the lower right, then that particular swatch of fabric is going to be in the exact same spot on the next bag. If you see two bags of the same style, but one has a square of fabric in a different spot than another bag, one of them is not a real Patchwork Coach bag.

Lastly, focus on the price. While some authorized Coach retailers do offer sales, if the price is too good to be true, it probably is. But, you can find discounts online, just try to be reasonable with what you believe a real Coach bag will cost, even when it is on sale.
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  1. It's a good thing that I came across your post because I've been searching for a legit shop that sells Coach bags for less since this morning.

    I'm definitely going to check the shop you linked. I saw they have a Singapore branch. Browsing the website now! =)


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