What I Love About A Moment in Time (Movie Review with Quotes)

Since law school is very demanding, I and my classmates were not able to watch the movies we've been wanting to see since last week. We were preoccupied with the exams and recitations for our classes. However, this afternoon, we finally found some time to treat ourselves. After our jaw-breaking and mind-cracking examination in Obligations and Contracts, we directly headed to SM Annex for our lunch. Then, we waited for 2:30PM so we can see one of the latest films produced by Star Cinema - A Moment in Time.

Coco Martin and Julia Montes are the main stars for this romantic movie. The story is about a young couple who fell in love at the right time but hatred brought them apart. They were happy until they discovered a secret which destroyed their relationship. It was really sad to see them part ways especially when they had a perfect love for each other. But towards the end of the movie, they were reunited. It must be fate that brought them back together.

What I love about this film is its moral story about love and hatred. It teaches everyone to leave all the negative things in the past and embrace the new ones in the present and those to come in the future. The movie reminds us of how hatred can make us greatly unhappy and how it can make us feel great when we let them go. Sometimes, we are placed in a situation where choosing hatred is so much better than choosing love. In times like these, we must give ourselves some time to think well of what to do. We may be hurt from our past experiences but that doesn't mean that we can let hatred make us unhappy for the rest of our lives. For me, choosing love over hatred, is always the right thing to do.

These are the movie quotes taken from Star Cinema's "A Moment in Time."

"Alam mo ba ano ang itsura ng totoong pagmamahal?
Ako nakita ko na ang itsura niya. Hindi ko siya hinanap. Kusa siyang dumating."

"Papayag ka na bang ipinta kita?"

"Ang ganda ng mga mata mo. Ang tangos ng ilong mo. Ang mga labi mo parang nang-aakit. Tapos sasabihin mong hindi ka nila gusto?"

"Isa lang naman ang gusto ko. Mahalin at magmahal. Magkaroon ng bagay na hindi nabibili ng pera."

"Para sa akin, ikaw talaga ang inspirasyon ko."

"Wag ka manakit ng kapwa. Kahit nauna sila, hayaan mo lang. Huwag kang gaganti."

"Patrick, walang gustong makasakit ng tao."

"I'm a mother. And as a mother, I just want the best for her."

"Patrick, Jillian is our only child and he likes you. Ikaw lang ang nagpapasaya sa kanya but I think ikaw rin ang pwedeng makasakit sa kanya ng sobra-sobra."

"To be honest, you're not the best person for her."

"Magpakalalaki ka nga. Kung mahal mo, mahalin ko. Kung ayaw mom, eh di 'wag. 'Wag mo paglaruan yung tao."

"Love can either make you or break you. And nakikita ko, this guy, he's breaking you apart."

"You're a smart girl. I trust you with the right choice."

"You made me fall in love with you, tapos ganito nalang? Iiwan mo ako sa ere?"

"Jillian; hindi kita pwedeng mahalin."
"Bakit? Patrick, bakit? Patrick, sabihin mo sa akin bakit."
"Dahil ikaw ang pumatay sa nanay ko."

"Alam mo ba kung gaano kasakit ang ginawa mo?"

"Kahit na may manakit sa atin, 'wag nating gagantihan dba? Kahit na hindi pa sinasadya."

"Pero ganun ba talaga yun? Kapag nasaktan ka, may karapatan ka ng saktan ang iba?"

"Ilang taon na ang lumipas. Marami ng nagbago."

"Nice to see you. And I hope it will be the last."

"Gusto ko lang sana isauli to. 'Yung buhay na ninakaw ko."

"Alam mo. I love you so much but if you won't love me as much, this relationship won't work."

"Loving someone takes a sacrifice. Alam ko gaano mo kamahal si Patrick kaya I'm letting you go."

Watch the trailer of A Moment in Time below:



  1. Looks like a good feel good movie. They really have a strong following after their teleserye.

  2. oh good for you, I remember my college days too and early career days where movies are my reward, these days, hardly do I see one from the schedule I have, i could watch more movies if I give up blogging or hiking in the weekends however, somehow, it's hard for me since i find hiking and blogging are my partners for stress relievers.

    anyway, so true, if we keep hatred in our heart, we suffer since the emotion is so heavy it drags us down. we have to set ourselves free from this, though does not mean we can't get angry, frustrated, disappointed, etc, but we have to learn ways to manage them and not keep them at all.

  3. Aha gusto ko tuloy mapanuod din toh. Age talaga ni julia montes ang ginanapan nya dito.

  4. Those quotable quotes! Ahh so I love them all. You are so into romantic movies pala attorney! Great semi-movie review post :).

  5. Bago lang ba yan si Julia <Montes, di ko kilala hehehe. I would love to watch this one..

  6. makes me regret not watching the movie...the hubby just won't join me :) I have always been intrigued by the movie the quote on not hurting anyone back most...happy weekend sis :) ..great article as always coffeechic :)

  7. i watched the trailer you shared here, I wish I can see the movie too :) i am curious as to why she said, "nice to see you...i hope it will be the last"

  8. Sobrang ganda ng movie d2 ko lang na appreciate si Coco Martin hehehe

  9. It's been a long time since I last watched a movie, cartoons pa because of the kids. Must find time to watch this kind of movies.

  10. reading some of the quotes about the movie,I'm eager to watch this movie if I could find this in my place.

  11. Nice review and seems it is a good film to watch. Good movie quotes too.

  12. I would love to watch this movie with my friends but we could find time to do so. I am glad to know that at least you can still find time to take a break from law school.

    Thanks for sharing this movie to us.

  13. Gusto ko din to mapanuod! Mukhang maganda nga, sa trailer palang.. Kaso, walang malapit na sinehan dito sa amin na may Pinoy movies, kaya antayin ko nalang online, sa libre.. Hehehe =D

  14. glad to hear that you enjoyed this movie. i love those quotes, too, makes me want to watch it. tagal ko na ding hindi nakakanuod ng tagalog movie, maybe its about time! :)

  15. Nakakarelate ako sa present situation ko. Haistt


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