The Physical and Emotional State of the Female Libido

Sex drive is something that can definitely make or break a relationship. No matter how much two people love each other emotionally, that love will fade without physical intimacy. Men typically have a higher sex drive as a result of higher testosterone levels. On the other hand, women of all ages tend to have a very unpredictable sex drive. If you want to revive your sex life and remind your man why he's still with you, find out which factors can affect the female sex drive and how to keep it at an all-time high.


Sex is an extremely physical aspect for women. A woman who is not physically healthy will develop a reduced sex drive, and being incapable of performing in the bedroom can put a strain on a relationship. Heart health is essential for love-making because an intense tantric session is no different than a hard cardiovascular workout. In fact, it can be quite dangerous for people who have heart related issues to engage in sex. Being ill or disabled can also negatively affect sex in a very significant way, although some people do find ways to engage in sexual activities regardless.

To maintain a sex-friendly health condition, every woman should eat a nutritious diet high in vitamins and minerals, exercise regularly, and get adequate rest every night. Staying fit and looking good is an advantage for self-confidence. Getting regular physical examinations is also necessary to preserve sexual health.


Mental health is just as important if not more than physical health when it comes to the female sex drive. When the mind is occupied with distressing thoughts, most women will have no interest in having sex. Stress is the worst enemy of sex. Until bothersome thoughts are resolved, sex is usually a no-go. Those who have a mental illnesses may be overly sexual and promiscuous or completely unable to become aroused. Something else to keep in mind is that women like to imagine themselves in ideal scenarios. When a woman cannot picture herself with someone, it is unlikely that she will ever find that person attractive enough for sexual intimacy. A woman who is self-conscious about her body will also fail to find herself in the mood for sexual activity. The female brain is a mighty sex organ and it can really enhance or suppress the sex drive in a flash.

To improve libido, women should try to reduce stress as much as possible. Remember there is no such thing as a perfect partner, and keep your expectations realistic. Striving to do these simple things can make your romantic life much more amazing. In the case of mental illness, consulting with a physician and visiting a mental health professional can improve the state of a woman's health and boost her sex drive.


Its true that women are very emotional creatures. Women are generally more emotionally expressive and will become more quickly attached to other people than men, but this emotion can either enhance or destroy the female libido. Some women cannot imagine becoming intimate with her partner if they don’t have an emotional connection. Its difficult to get turned on at the thought of casual or no-strings-attached sex. However, other women find having sex with strangers to be exhilarating and will drop their pants in a second for that chance. In general, positive or negative emotions will dictate whether or not a woman wants to become intimate.

Getting to know your partner on a deeper level will generally increase your libido if there is a strong connection. If there is no common ground, you may fail to find your partner sexually stimulating. The best time to become intimate is when you are feeling happy and positive because that’s when your sex drive is at the highest level.

Lou Hobbs is a dedicated health and wellness researcher and author. With over 10 years of experience Lou has made it his life goal to discover products that can improve the lives of other people. When Lou is not researching a new health related product like female libido supplements, he enjoys spending time with his family in the Idaho wilderness.

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