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Eye, one of the most vital organs, is a window to the world. A scintillating eye adds more to the beauty of a woman. Specially in women, big eyes blazes the deepest emotions. Eyes reflect your personality, it shows how confident an individual is. While communicating the first thing that the other person notices is the eyes. A confident looking eye can enhance your position among your friends or colleagues at the same time a shabby look can demean your image in a new place. Not everyone is blessed with brilliant eyes. Though, this is no more a problem, one can transform an ordinary eye into an extra ordinary one. Coloured lenses helps in doing so, it amplifies the beauty of an ordinary eye. A wide range of colors in contact lenses are available to give you a fashionable look.

Big eyes are said to be more expressive than the smaller ones. Even men prefer women with larger eyes. So women generally opt for big eye colored contact lenses. It gives you the perfect look you want to have. Colors add more to your personality.

Color contacts are available in three different kinds of hue

1. Visibility hue

These lenses are generally available in two colors, green and blue. They just add a faint color to your eyes without deviating much from the original color, giving you a subtle look.

2. Enhancement hue

Those who would like their eyes to look more intense and bold can definitely opt for this particular type. As the name suggests, it enriches the original color of your eye. It is translucent in nature and is best suited for pale colored eyes.

3. Opaque hue

If you are not at all satisfied with the natural color of your eye, then, this particular type is the solution to your problem. It is a non transparent in nature and it completely changes the color of the eye. A huge range of color is available in this type- deep blue, mist, gray, brown, hazel, amethyst, green, honey.

Selecting the right color for your eye is very important. The color should be according to your skin tone and also your hair color. Considering these two facts, you can pep up your look or you can also give yourself a subtle sophisticate touch.

For light colored eyes, enhancement tint is perfect. It gives you a bold look deepening the original color of your eye. A huge range of colors are available giving you the freedom to have your pick.

For dark colored eyes, opaque colored tint is preferable. To give your eye a natural look, you can try hazel or a honey brown colored lens. It absolutely changes your original color giving you a new look.

If your eyes does not speak much about you, then, you can make them do so. Make your eyes look more attractive, expressive, praiseworthy and boost in your confidence in facing people. Big eye colored lens will give you the perfect fashionable look you would prefer to have. Hope the article did the needful.

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