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There is something about coffee that makes me feel happy in an instant. Whenever I have a long tiring day, the first thing I do is to get myself a cup of coffee and think of everything that happened. Then, suddenly, just like magic, I feel at ease and comfortable. Having a cup of my favorite drink is also great during my study sessions. It is such a relief to have a good beverage to enjoy as I read my books, scan the cases, and research for my lessons. Most importantly, coffee helps me in blogging. It allows me to be relaxed which in turn, helps me think better and write my posts. 

My love for coffee is, I must say, intense. In fact, I would prefer it over a cup of tea or soda. Over the years, I have learned how to identify a great coffee drink from a poor one. I have set my own standards in choosing the right cup of coffee for me. The truth is, when it comes to coffee beverages, I don’t settle for anything less. I always want the best for I know I deserve better. 

Just recently, I discovered the newest Nescafe Gold 3in1. This premium coffee is what I really need to make me feel happy. The aroma of the Nescafe Gold is irresistible! If only I can have more than one cup of coffee a day, I’d surely choose Nescafe Gold 3in1 every time.   

Photo Caption: Each cup combines the smoothness of Arabica and the bold flavor of Robusta beans of NESCAFE GOLD, balanced with the rich taste of creamer and the sweetness of sugar. Definitely a pleasurable cup you can savor anytime of the day.

You have probably heard of the Nescafe brand before. There is no doubt about that because Nescafe has established a good name when it comes to delivering great coffee to its consumers. It has a full taste that will surely make everyone feel ultimate satisfaction and happiness.

Here's some good news to all my lovely readers out there. Nescafe Gold 3in1 is in partnership with Deal Dozen. 

For every purchase of an item or product from Deal Dozen (Gold Picks), one of the country's biggest online lifestyle deal shop, customers can get a FREE Nescafe 3in1 Gold gift packs upon delivery. 

NESCAFÉ GOLD 3in1: Gold Picks Promo is available until March 8, 2013 and is open for Philippine residents only (18+). To join, visit Deal Dozen Gold Picks page and check for the items on sale. Before making your order, make sure to read the complete mechanics of this promotions. If you already have an existing account at Deal Dozen, then simply log in. If not, you can create a new account. Confirm your purchase and pay the order with these following payment method: Credit Card/Paypal/BDO installment/GCASH/Smart Money/Bank Deposits/Deal Dozen Credits.

Wait for the confirmation email from Deal Dozen. Upon delivery of your ordered item, you will recieve one FREE sample of NESCAFE Gold 3in1 doy pack (contains 5 sachets). Important note: One (1) delivered transaction (regardless of how many items are purchased) is equivalent to one (1) FREE sample of NESCAFÉ GOLD 3in1 doypack.

What are you waiting for? Visit Deal Dozen Gold Picks now and make your purchase. Get a sample pack of the newest and greatest Nescafe Gold 3in1.


  1. hmmmm I could almost smell the aroma of good coffee! I am honestly not into coffee so much but I used to be, the hubby is more into it now and I sweetly make him coffee after every meal :) He loves Nescafe too! will definitely try the great offer you offered here! Have a lovely coffee painted day :)

  2. that's our coffee here and i must say that i did enjoy the wonders taste of this coffee gives

  3. I'm not a coffee drinker. A half-cup of coffee is enough for me to wake up the nerves of my body.

    I have tasted the Nescafe gold, not the 3-in-1, a long time ago. Although I'm not a coffee drinker I can say that one tastes really good.

  4. You are like my mother. Her day isn't complete without coffee. I drink coffee too but not so much..

  5. I can't say anything about coffee except for its aroma. Taste-wise, I have nothing to utter kasi I am never a coffee drinker.

  6. I can't have any coffee because of my acid reflux but my husband is a coffee man and he starts his day with coffee everyday.

  7. Though I have never sip a cup of coffee all my life, the aroma it brings make me wonder, 'Ano meron ang kape, na hinahanap ng marami". We have a different brand , but there's no harm in trying out a new one. Seems, Nescafe 3-in-1 is a nice one.

  8. I used to have a daily doze of coffee but my doctor reminded me to stop having them since I started having sleeping issues. Imagine, even if I only get a cup of coffee in the morning, it makes me unable to sleep for 48 hours. Sick, right?

    But, I must admit. Nescafe has been in the service for a very long time and its really good! :)

  9. Good morning. i'm having nescafe 3-1 now. i think this is the original (red packaging) flavor. like you, i would have wanted to have two-three cups a day, it wakes me up esp when i have deadline to beat :)

  10. I also maintain my regular supply of Nescafe 3 in 1 as they really taste good. I'm also a coffee-holic.

  11. I also use coffee to pick me up when in the office. I never knew there was a gold 3-in-1 version of Nescafe. I must definitely try this.

  12. Coffee is always a preferable drink for me and surely it's nescafe,though I don't like to drink coffee too much :)

  13. Another product of NEscafe that will surely love again. I just like the smell of coffee, but not really a coffee drinker. But if I am to drink I will always choose the 3 in 1 sachet from Nescafe. :-)


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