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Lakas Atenista Transcriptions

Remedial Law Transcriptions of LAKAS ATENISTA from the lectures of the late Dean Hildegardo F. Iñigo of Ateneo de Davao University College of Law.
  • Civil Procedure (2 vols)
  • Criminal Procedure
  • Evidence
  • Provisional Remedies and Special Civil Actions
  • Special Proceedings

Also Available:
  • Criminal Law (1 & 2) - Dean Iñigo
  • Labor Standards - Fr. Nazareno
  • Labor Relations - Fr. Nazareno
  • Corporation Law - Fr. Nazareno
  • Constitutional Law (1 & 2) - Atty. Montejo
  • Constitutional Law (1 & 2) - Atty. dela Banda
  • Administrative Law - Atty Elman
  • Pub. Officers and Corporations - Atty. Elman

For orders, call or text 0933-369-5810.

Posted by Raia T. - Lakas Atenista Academic Head.
Posted updated as of: August 12, 2017.


  1. Hello was trying to contact the number posted above but no avail. I think the number is not active anymore. BY any chance, is there any other way to order lakas atenista transcriptions? Thanks.

    1. Hi. Please try this number instead: 0933-369-5810. I will update the post :) Thank you!


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