How Music Takes Stress Away

There are days when I want to take a break from everything that I do daily. There are times when I want to press the "pause" button and take some time to relax. You know, things can get stressing at home and at school that is why I seldom wish to run away from all these. Wouldn't it be nice to freeze everything and bring yourself into a completely new dimension?

Whenever I'm not in the mood for work or school, the first thing I do is check my iPhone and look for interesting applications or games. For the past years, the music apps on my phone are really of big help for me. To brighten up my mood, I open my favorite music app and select a playlist. Then, in an instant, I feel like I'm being brought to another world - a new world where everything is relaxing and stress-free. It's amazing how music can bring life to dull moments.

I describe myself as a music-lover. I'm not a musician nor a good singer. I just want to listen to great songs and allow the melody to make me happy. As I shop in the malls, I see different musical instruments that I would like to play someday. For example, there is a piano Steinway Prices that I would love to try. To be honest, I envy some of my friends who are musically-inclined. Maybe if I enrolled for musical lessons and classes while I was younger, I'm probably a great musician today. But hey, I have no regrets. It still makes me happy to simply listen and enjoy the music.  

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