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With the coming of smartphones in the industry, the lives of many people are made easier and more convenient. This latest technology allows different individuals from all over the world to do everything they want by simply using the smartphones of their choice. One single phone contains messaging and calling facilities, applications for office workers or even for students, educational games for the children, simulation games for the adults, emails for the always-on-the-go persons and many more. With all these, there is no question why people are starting to get their own smartphones. 

To keep up with the market and respond to the needs of their consumers, BlackBerry launched the all new BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone. Just recently, the BlackBerry team Philippines organized their caravan in the country and traveled to Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao in order to get the word out about the latest innovation of the Z10.

The team reached Davao city last week. They organized a media and bloggers launching event at Marco Polo where they introduced the many things to love about the newest Z10.

 photo f6_zpsf840a9bb.jpgBlackBerry's Country Director of the Philippines, Cameron Vernest, presented the two colors available for the Z10. During his talk, he informed everyone that the BlackBerry Z10 will be available in the country on March 19, 2013. To those who are excited to own the latest technology of BB, you can make your reservations now. Simply visit and select the nearest authorized dealers in your area. He also announced a great news to everyone! The Z10 will also be available at Globe, Sun and Smart.   

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The BlackBerry Z10 (all touch) is the first smartphone powered by BlackBerry 10, the re-designed, re-engineered, and re-invented BlackBerry platform that creates a new and unique mobile computing experience. 

Available in two colors, Black and White, the new BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone is elegant and distinctive and the fastest, most advanced BlackBerry Smartphone yet. It features a 1.5 GHz udal core processor with 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, and an expandable memory card slot that supports up to 64GB cards.

The smartphone also includes the latest enhancements in high density pixel and screen technology to display clear, sharp and incredibly vivid images.

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During the launching event, I learned a lot about the newest BlackBerry Z10. What really amazed me is the BlackBerry balance technology where users have two contents in one BB phone. This great technology separates the work applications and data from the personal content. It is certainly an amazing feature, especially for those who do not want to mix the work and personal stuff together. In one single touch, users can already change the work mode to personal mode and vice versa. 

Another thing I love about the new smartphone is its Story Maker. This new feature allows users to create their own HD movies which can be shared to friends and loved ones. Photos and videos can be placed together with music and effects to create various stories worth keeping. 

The most important of all is the BlackBerry safeguard technology which helps all users to protect the important data and documents on their phones.

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BlackBerry 10 is a robust and reliable platform that is smooth and responsive. It has a modern design and a gesture-based interface that is highly discoverable. It is designed to support, learn and adapt to the way you work and share.

 photo f2_zps71068266.jpg Everyone will surely go crazy with this new BlackBerry Z10.

According to the BB team, the price for this new smartphone in the country will be Php29,999. For the mobile plan bundles, the price will be left to the discretion of each network. Just wait for the announcements from Globe, Sun and Smart.


  1. count me in, I WANT ONE, too :) but looking at the price, i may have to settle for my ancient symbian os phone :)

  2. finally BB have launch this model that will keep up with the competitors and answer the consumer needs.i'm sure many will love this..though it's a bit pricey :)

  3. Another interesting gadget for the people on the go. I like the idea of the Story Maker on BB.

    Just like what Raine, it is a bit pricey but I am sure the BBZ10 is really worth the price...

  4. I never owned a blackberry so I won't know the difference but that's something to consider when in market for a new phone.

  5. wow, it is expensive, but maybe worth it, I do enjoy using smart phones, it has simplified my life in so many ways, I do not have to go to bank anymore, even when someone pays me a check, I can deposit the check through my phone.

  6. It's a lot cheaper than most smartphones. I might just settle for this if I can't have the iphone. LOL!

  7. It sure would be nice to own this new gadget but looking at the price, I have to favor practicality to attend to other priorities.

  8. I wish could have this mobile kind of mobile device...

  9. totally worth it next gen smartphone from blackberry. i can only wish to save money to have one lol

    i wasn't able to get a glimpse at those fones when they did a launching event here in cebu. sayang. :)

    cheers for sharing!

  10. I'm so much into techie gadgets like this one! :) Ahh! I'm so dying to get a blackberry!

  11. I'm a BB user but I am kind of turned off when it comes to their apps. I find it very limited unlike Android's and Apple's phones.

    My friend already bought the BB Z10. I must say, it does look sleek and almost at par with the iPhone and other smartphones. His feedback is stellar. I'm not sure if I want one though. I'll wait for my BB to conk out. :)

  12. Guess, most gaget lovers want to have this one. Great features, but talagang hindi ako mahilig sa mga ganito. Baka ibato lang ni misis kapag may nag-text na girl sa akin. LOL


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