5 Top Hairstyles Ideas to Rock N Roll

Whether you’re going to your first rock concert, trying to find a hairstyle for a party theme or Halloween costume or if you’re just looking to add a new look to represent your attitude, there are dozens of rock n roll hairstyles to choose from.  The key is finding one that not only fits your look, but more importantly, your attitude.  Rock n roll is more of a lifestyle and mindset than a fashion statement, but you’ll be sure to take the first step towards that attitude with one of these top 5 hairstyle ideas to rock n roll with.

The Five Most Awesome Rock N Roll Hairstyles of All Time

For the most part, you can rock any one of these hairstyles with just the things you have around the house and the hair on your head, but some of them might involve growing your hair out or a trip to the stylist.  Also, keep in mind that you can fully customize any of these hairdos with just a little bit of color—let your inner rock n roll child scream out with red highlights or go all blond or black.  Whatever you choose to do with your hair, make sure it’s tons of fun and speaks to your personality.

  1. The Hair Band:  The 80s were known for two things: cheesy club music and rocking hair metal bands.  Hair metal bands (also called glam bands) were known for guys wearing makeup and teasing out their hair to enormous heights.  To get a hair band look, you’ll need to have long hair and then just tease it out, working your brush from the middle of your hair up.  Keep it in place with tons of hair spray –not gel—and be sure to give your bangs a flip or a wave.  On those days you don’t want to tease it up, rock a bandana to release your inner rock n roll demon.
  1. The Baldie:  This is a bit extreme but nothing says rock n roll like a shaved head.  Of course, there’s really no advice for how to style this except that you’ll want to be absolutely sure that you want to shave your head before you do—it takes a long time to grow back.  You also want to make sure you have the head shape to pull it off—check for lumps or bumps that you might not have noticed before—everyone will notice once you shave your head.
  1. The Dreadlock Rocker:  Another option you have to embrace the rock n roll lifestyle is to go with dreadlocks (or braids if you don’t want to commit to dreads).  For the most part, you’ll have to find someone to dread your hair for you but be warned: you won’t be able to wash your hair—except with special dread mud—and when you want to get rid of your locks, you’ll have to cut them off.  If you’re trying to do dreads yourself, the best way to bootleg them is to go swimming in chlorine every day, not washing your hair afterwards.  Then, twist your hair and use a brush to tangle the strands by pulling up on them.  Rub beeswax into the twists and keep doing this every day until your dreads form.
  1. Freeflowing Locks:  Of course, the easiest and simplest rock n roll hairstyle idea is to just let your hair grow long, tying it back in a ponytail until you feel the urge to pull it out and whip it back and forth at concerts.  Be sure to understand that having long hair can be more cumbersome than having short hair and that you’ll have to brush it daily and change shampoos, but nothing beats the feeling you’ll have as the wind blows through your long, flowing locks.
  1. The Mohawk:  Like the baldie, this one takes some severe dedication to pull off, but when done right, nothing is more rock n roll.  You’ll have to shave the sides of your head, leaving only a strip of hair running down the middle of your head from front to back.  Then, take the hair and simply spike it up with gel and/or hairspray.  The higher your spikes, the more rock n roll it is!  Add some punky coloring to make it punk rock.

Remember, choose a hairstyle that you can commit to wearing or don’t choose one at all.  You don’t want to lose your job over a Mohawk but it sure can be fun to wear one!
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  1. I am stuck on the 80s hehehe, I love using hair bands!

  2. These hairstyles would be great with photos. Id like to try them when I have time.

  3. and by the way, sis. Namiss ka din ng blogs ko. grabe ito lang din yata ang nadadalaw ko among your blogs. This is my most favorite kasi

  4. I go for the Baldie look. This style fits my taste.

  5. i love the freeflowinglocks :-) how I wish there are pictures to look but i bet they are fun and funky hairstyles to have :)

  6. I think Macky would love to try all of these hairstyles if given the chance. He is into gels and any other hair accessories.

    I actually saw him doing the Mohawk but was being reprimanded by his teacher so he was forced to changed it.

  7. I wish there were pictures of the different hairstyles mentioned so I can visualize them better. It's fun remembering these styles.

  8. I usually stick on my hair style.I know i'm kinda boring but i'm scared to try a new hair style.

  9. ayay, I really don't have that fascination over mohawks! some people think it's a style, but I find it!

  10. thanks for sharing this different hair style very helpful esp on my long hair :)

  11. i dont go to party so especially rock and roll...if i go to party its just a normal party and hair do doesnt give me much problem..

  12. I am used to wearing bands when I was in high school. That's my trademark, hahaha! So I'd probably go for that one. LOL! Dreadlock would also be nice but it's good for a rasta party not for rock n roll. I can not picture out what a mohawk is like. It makes me curious now. Lemme Google it for a clear visualization :-)

  13. I love hairbands too! It has been a long time since I braided my hair! Having had it straightened artificially has kept me from even tying my hair for the past months but what the heck, it is too warm on my side of the world nowadays so I am back to having it pony tailed :) I was smiling while reading remembering the time when a certain hairstyle was in fashion, the one called undercut haha, when I had my debut that was my hairstyle and it made me look silly! thanks for this awesome post on hairstyles! brought back happy memories...God bless :)


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