When The Supreme Court's Flip-Flopping Prevent The People from Knowing the Truth

If you are a constant reader of my blog, then you have probably read different articles related to the issue of Supreme Court's flip-flopping scheme. It is often referred as the "instability" of the decisions promulgated by the Justices of the Highest Court in the country. A ruling rendered for the previous year may be changed in the current year, regarding its status of being final and executory.

In one of the cases, the SC has issued a resolution allowing media coverage for the Ampatuan case trial. But in its recent resolution, the SC overturned its previous ruling and banned the coverage for any Ampatuan case trial. So, this leaves the public unaware of "what is really going on" inside the chamber of courts.

Indeed, it is clear that the flip-flopping acts of the Supreme Court prevent the people from knowing the truth. There is no way for us to take notice of any trial updates relating to the case of Ampatuan. 

It is clearly provided in the Constitution that we have a right to information, especially those concerning public matters. But sometimes, by the acts of the Supreme Court, our rights are suppressed. Can we do something about it? Can we demand the SC to stop flip-flopping?

Well, we can hope. Only for the best.

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