How SC Flip-Flopping on Cityhood Cases Affects The People

The fact is... we do not care about the things which do not or will never concern us in any way. We only give attention to those which can affect us directly.

Take for example the issue of Supreme Court's flip flopping acts. Most of us have no idea about what is going on in the Highest Court of the country. As long as we do not encounter problems and inconveniences brought about the rulings of the Supreme Court, we sit in the corner and watch things unfold. Yes, we turn a blind eye to these issues.

However, time has come for us to consider checking the effects and consequences that the SC's flip-flopping scheme has brought in the society. We may not be affected directly but if this continues to happen, we might be involved. And worst, it might be too late for us to act.

One of the latest issues related to flip-flopping is the instability of the Supreme Court's rulings concerning Cityhood cases. It is sad to read and hear from different news sources that there is a large number of people affected by the changes in the decisions rendered by the SC. 

Again, the question is, "When will this stop?" or, "Will this ever stop?"

It's time to orient yourself about what is happening in our judicial system. Do not just sit there and let things happen without your notice. Read the news and understand the acts taken by the judiciary. 

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