A Good Day to Die Hard Movie Quotes

After having a wonderful Valentine's lunch date with my close friends, we headed to SM Lanang Premier's Cinema. We wanted to see a great movie on February 14, 2013 so we chose "A Good Day to Die Hard" starring the talented actor Bruce Willis. It is the fifth installment of the Die Hard movie.

The film is all about a father and son tandem who worked together in a mission. As we all know, Bruce Willis played the role of John McClane, the father of Jack McClane (also played by actor Jai Courtney).

The story: John went to Russia for a vacation with a goal of finding his son, Jack, after the latter left the USA for unknown reasons. When he arrived in the new place, he found out that Jack was a CIA operative working on an important mission. Just when they least expect it, both the father and son teamed up to fulfill the mission. Their action-packed experiences brought them closer to each other. They were able to resolve their issues without them knowing it. It just happened!

Below are the quotes taken from Bruce Willis' A Good Day to Die Hard.

"I don't want my life back."

"You don't own me."

"Have I ever disappointed you?"

"Who are you?"
"Your best friend."

"It's not about me. I don't care about my life."

"What is it gonna be? Yes or no? The clock is tickling."

"How come you never called and told me where you are?"

"It's never too late."

"Need a hug?"

"Then thank God for that."

"Do you know what I hate about Americans?"

"I don't understand why she betrays her father."
"Someday you will."

"I blew the mission."

"Do our thing."
"Our thing?"

"Sorry I fucked up your day. It was not my plan."

"It's good to see you."
"I love you, boy."
"Me too."

"You promised me to give my life back. And I thank you for that. Now, I'm going to take yours."

"Yeah. I know you. But I know him better."

"I don't worry much about being arrested. It's my boy."

"I'm just on vacation. My boy is here."

"You called me dad."
"I don't think so."

"I'm your father."

"You know, after all these years, I still ask myself the same question."

"Dad, don't go look for trouble."

If you haven't watched this movie yet, please make sure to get your tickets now. I promise that it will be worth your time. It's also highly recommended to see it with your friends and siblings! If possible, you can also invite your dad for a movie date. For a simple gesture, you can already make him feel loved.


  1. Was the movie good? We wanted to watch it but they selected a local romance movie.

  2. Honestly, I don't think I've watched a Die Hard movie in full. What surprises me that some of the quotes I know actually came from the movie. Interesting. :)

  3. Waaahh. Spoiler. Haha I wanna watch it. Rate it daw from 1-10, 10 being the highest. :)

  4. An interesting choice on a valentine's date! I really like keeping movie lines too, I even put them in a notepad. :D

  5. Die hard has been a very strong movie franchise that to this day lives on. I'm sure those quote looked cool when delivered by the characters.

  6. I haven't watch the movie yet since we are leaving at the province and we seldom go to Davao City, well I just hope to watch it online instead. :)

  7. I haven't seen this movie yet but will surely do.Love all the Die hard movies.

  8. I'm a big Die Hard fan... I've seen all movies except for this one of course but I can't wait to see it... die hard 1, building... die hard 2, airport... die hard 3, streets of new york... die hard 5, the US of A... and now, die hard 5, russia... die hard 6, the world... by the way, I skipped reading the quotes because I don't want to spoil myself, I want to hear them in the movie... LOL

  9. Die hard i really like this movie :)

  10. Wow, another Die Hard movie. Definitely a must watch show.

  11. I will watch it..wanna watch it..gonna watch it..

  12. I was able to watched it last Sunday.The movie was so good and action filled pack.John McClane is really the man. :)

  13. A DIE HARD fan here!!!.... We will definitely watch this movie... a must see movie not home watched but WIDESCREEN!!! <3

  14. those quotes are interesting :) my hubby and parents are Die Hard movie fans and I know they won't miss this one

  15. A Bruce Willis and Die Hard fan here! Been watching Die Hard since my elementary days, I think :)

  16. i forgot the story of Die Hard 1,2,3,4 but i remember its good to watch on big screen

  17. i have watched Die Hard 1,2,3 and 4 but i forgot the story and i must see that coming soon Die Hard

  18. I'm a Die Hard movie fan. Have watched all the previous movies

  19. I'm a Die Hard Fan..and fan of Bruce Willis!

  20. I'm a fan of Bruce Willis..and also watching almost Die Hard movies..

  21. would love to see this..but i have no

  22. This I had to see. yung mga naunang Die Hard, napanood ko lahat. And Bruce Willis did his role justice.

  23. can't wait to watch this movie with my family today! :)

  24. die hard is the best movie for me. .

  25. Saw this movie and I'm a DIE HARD FAN! tehee :)I just love action movies but my bf hates it when I react so much to each scenes coz I think totalk too much while watching movie. Lol!


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