Wednesday, February 27

The Fairy Hobmother Said "Hi!"

Indeed, good things come to those who wait. It's been months since I've waited for Fairy Hobmother to visit my site. Last night, when I was checking my emails, I was happy to see one from the most generous fairies in the blogosphere.


Sunday, February 24

Electrolux HUSH Happier at Home

A law student like me barely stays at home during the weekdays. Most of the time, I am found in my favorite coffee shop reading the cases assigned for a specific day and reviewing for my upcoming exams. There are also times when people would catch me in the library as I study my lessons. Ever since I started to take up law, my Mondays-Fridays have been filled with school activities and to-do's. 

Because of all these, I started to value the weekends I spend at home. Saturdays and Sundays allow me to take all the rest I need and to recharge for the new week. The good thing about my family is that they know how stressful law school could get for a happy-go-lucky person like me. Thus, they always make sure that I enjoy my stay at home during the weekends by making sure that nothing will ever destroy my rest and peace of mind. 

Silence is gold. I've had enough stress from the law school and I don't want more of it from any other person, thing or place. As much as possible, I want things to be simple and quiet. For me, silence is precious. It makes me feel at ease and comfortable. It also allows me to think clearly and properly.

Roxy Challenges Girls to "Dare Yourself"

Life is too short. We have to remember that we need to make every single day matter. We must do everything we want to do especially when we are young. Time is of the essence and we must never waste it. 

Do you have a great adventure story to tell? Do you believe that you have dared yourself well enough for the previous years? Do you have what it takes to be labeled as a certified Roxy girl? If yes, then I highly recommend that you join the latest campaign of Roxy and stand a chance to win an exciting prize! You can get an all-expense trip to the US where you can experience new activities and try great adventures. 


“Dare Yourself” is a Roxy-sponsored contest inviting all girls ages 18 to 28 to show the world how they are a Roxy girl.  They can join by submitting either of the following:  pictures with 100-character essay or a one-minute videos of themselves showing their adventures.  Because dares and adventures are what Roxy is all about. 

Sunday, February 17

A Good Day to Die Hard Movie Quotes

After having a wonderful Valentine's lunch date with my close friends, we headed to SM Lanang Premier's Cinema. We wanted to see a great movie on February 14, 2013 so we chose "A Good Day to Die Hard" starring the talented actor Bruce Willis. It is the fifth installment of the Die Hard movie.

The film is all about a father and son tandem who worked together in a mission. As we all know, Bruce Willis played the role of John McClane, the father of Jack McClane (also played by actor Jai Courtney).

The story: John went to Russia for a vacation with a goal of finding his son, Jack, after the latter left the USA for unknown reasons. When he arrived in the new place, he found out that Jack was a CIA operative working on an important mission. Just when they least expect it, both the father and son teamed up to fulfill the mission. Their action-packed experiences brought them closer to each other. They were able to resolve their issues without them knowing it. It just happened!

Godiva Giveaway

Tuesday, February 12

Godiva Giveaway

At last, white skin that lasts!

Earlier this month, Godiva Natural Skin Care had a re-launching of their whitening products at SM Annex, Davao city on February 1-3, 2012. They invited some bloggers to attend the event and I was one of the attendees. There were many booths prepared by Godiva to cater the various needs of different women. There was a booth with a makeup artist ready to give ladies an instant makeover. There was also a booth intended to offer a free massage to those who want to try Godiva's whitening lotion. The three-days event was, undeniably, full of fun!

"Introducing the NEW Godiva Natural Skincare. The problem with most whitening products is that it doesn't last long. Once you stop using it, you're back to your normal skin color. Well, that's not the case anymore. Not with the new Godiva Natural Skincare that is.

Back with a better formula, a new packaging and with more promising results, Godiva Natural Skincare range uses the proven power of licorice in effectively and safely whitening the skin. Extracted from one of nature's most effective skin whiteners - licorice root extract - Godiva gives you white skin that truly lasts."
Gift Ideas to Remember

Sunday, February 10

Gift Ideas to Remember

When it comes to giving gifts, there are many things that we have to consider. It is important that we look closely into the details so we can make our recipients happy. We cannot just pick up anything from the shops or the malls and give these presents to our loved ones such as family members, friends or co-workers.

First of all, we must be aware of the preferences of the persons to whom we will give the gifts. For example, if our recipient is a woman, we have to know whether or not makeup items interest her. We need to know the items that will make her happy. If she loves reading, then new inspirational books or novels will surely make her feel good. If she is into gadgets, then the latest accessories for phones, cameras or tablets will more likely bring her joy. Another example is for a man who loves hiking or doing outdoor activities. To make him feel great, a durable pair of shoes or a brand new cargo shorts are perfect gift ideas. Keep in mind that the secret in giving presents is knowing the choices of the other person. 

Another tip to remember in buying gifts is to get the items from the best stores or shops available. Do not settle for anything less. Always make sure that the presents are in good and high quality. Take note that there is no need to spend great amounts of money before you can get the perfect gifts. Just choose the right item (even if its too affordable) and you're good to go!

Also, don't forget to add a personal touch on your gifts. Do not neglect the importance of making your recipient feel that you are sincere in giving your present. Good luck! Have fun in getting the best gifts for your special friends and family.

Saturday, February 9

Blugre: The King of Coffees

If you check my Foursquare account, you will find out that my most visited places are coffee shops. There is something in these establishments that make me feel relax and happy. In fact, whenever you look for me in the city, the first thing that you should go to (after my house), is my favorite coffee shop. For sure, you can find me there with my books or if not, my iPad. Some people cannot understand why I feel at ease in coffee shops when there are many people surrounding me as I do different things. To be honest, I cannot offer them any answer. All I know is that I'm happy. I guess that is all that matters!

Last week, one of the coffee shops I visited was Blugre SM Lanang Premier branch. Together with me were some of the awesome Davao bloggers. Blugre sent invites to the bloggers for a coffee date / meeting with their Vice President for Operations and Franchise. Mr. Benjamin Cuaresma and Ms. Joanne Sy shared sweet stories about the success and improvements of Blugre over the months. They also discussed about their plans for the next few months. 

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Tips to Women Shoppers

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One of the things that girls will never get tired of doing is shopping. This is the only leisure activity that can make women happy in an instant. By simply trying out new clothes, checking the great foot wears and grabbing the bags from the latest collections, they are already satisfied. However, the problem comes when they have limited cash in their wallets. This is the reason why I have decided to come up with a post about how beautiful ladies can still shop even if they are on a state of saving.

So to all the shoppers out there, feel free to check the quick tips below! This is for you.

Tuesday, February 5

The Happiness in Giving Back

The nicest feeling in the world is knowing that you have done a good deed to someone without expecting something in return. It is fulfilling to share whatever it is that you have to the people you have no connection at all. You share not because you want to let other people know how generous you are but because of your good intention to help. Not everyone may believe in this, but the truth is, in our little ways, we can make someone happy and it makes a lot of difference.

The boldest move I've made this year was to give away the stuffed toys kept under my bed and left unnoticed for the past few months. Don't get me wrong if I say that those were the gifts I received from the guy in my past relationship. I've been thinking about throwing those toys but I realized that only bitter women do such act. Instead of letting all the toys burn into ashes or end up in the trash can, I decided to share it to the kids who deserve some love and appreciation.

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Conflict of Law 2013: "Going Beyond the Limits"

If there is one thing that I look forward to for the first week of February, it is the Conflict of Laws 2013. This event is the intramurals of the students enrolled in Ateneo de Davao College of Law where representatives from each year level compete in different games and activities. I'm not sure if everyone in school is excited for this event. All I know is that I, certainly, am. 


Sunday, February 3

How About Summer 2013 in Singapore?

"No one does summer like Your Singapore." This is the tag line of Singapore Tourism Board for their summer promotions. They are calling everyone from the Philippines to visit their beautiful country and to enjoy the wonderful activities lined up for the tourists. Singapore turns up the summer fun with the launch of groundbreaking attractions, fun-filled experiences and highly anticipated events. With a variety of new attractions and experiences just waiting to be explored, Singapore is poised to be a go-to summer destination this 2013 for Filipinos looking ti experience new thrills and experiences.  

 photo y8dagg6wa4eh_zps3c7bba5f.jpg

Last week, Singapore Tourism Board (STB) held a Launching Event at Marco Polo Hotel in Davao city where they invited different members of the press and bloggers community to witness what Singapore has to offer for the Filipinos. I was one of the invitees who attended the media conference. The main highlight of the occasion was the launching of It is the official website of Singapore where various activities, tourist spots and travel tips are posted. It's the perfect place to visit online before booking a trip at the Lion City.

4 Ways to Explore Your Personal and Global Narrative

4 Ways to Explore Your Personal and Global Narrative

Many people, at some point in their lives, want to explore their heritage. Due to its cultural significance, February often becomes a prime month to reflect on the past. The month contains important American holidays such as President’s Day and Black History month, as well as the birthday of historical icons such as Susan B. Anthony and Abraham Lincoln. 

Honor this month, or even year, by engaging in activities and projects that bring more awareness and appreciation of global and personal history. 
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Things to Know when Buying Columbia Boots Online

Friday, February 1

Things to Know when Buying Columbia Boots Online

In this time and age, many people prefer the hassle-free method of shopping electronically or on the internet. Anyone can order anything online and have it shipped at most convenient time. However, it is important to note that online shopping can be hassle-free, but it is not risk-free as well. Anyone buying online will certainly be handing out sensitive information like Credit Card numbers, revealing his or her address and name to people he or she has never known, and being uncertain whether the product will be delivered or not. There are ways to avoid identity theft when shopping online. Below are things to consider when shopping for Columbia Boots online.
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Things Women Love

Things Women Love

There are basically three things that women always want to have. These things come in different sizes, colors and styles. Trust me, when you go inside a lady's room, you will surely find these items in her closets, under bed spaces and secret compartments. So, what am I talking about? Of course, fashionable bags, shoes and clothes. 


Every woman dreams of having a great collection of bag for her daily activity. She wants to have a shoulder bag, a sling bag, a back pack, a clutch, etc. It doesn't matter if she changes the bag she wears everyday. What really matters is that she can carry all the things she want wherever she go because of her fashionable bag. Some girls want to have designer bags while others prefer having simple-branded bags. 

With his being said, it is no wonder why women go to the malls every month and shop for the great bags they can see. Can you imagine 12 new bags every year? Women probably need bigger closets!


Foot wears are really important for the ladies. They can spend a long day at their favorite shops simply trying out the shoes that perfectly fit. In fact, there are some girls who really save some bucks so they can buy the new pair of shoes from the latest collection of their favorite designers. When it comes to shoes, there is no question about its price! But to some women who look into the prices first before buying the shoes, I recommend


Ladies scout for fashionable clothes and apparels! They can hop from one store to another if it means getting new dresses, skirts and blouses. 
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