Worry-Free Shopping at Lazada Philippines

Nowadays, online shops are gaining popularity in the industry. Some women prefer getting the accessories and apparels they want from their favorite online stores because doing such can allow them to save more time. Aside from the lesser-time-for-shopping benefit, these women can also purchase the items they want easily. They can shop anywhere and anytime! Same as these ladies, there are also men who choose to buy phones, tablets, watches and other gadgets online. These men are motivated to shop using the e-commerce sites because it is more practical than going to the malls or electronic shops. They can even enjoy great discounts and avail of special offers when they shop online. 

There are many businesses all over the world that are engaged in selling different products to various consumers. These companies and individuals invest in the e-commerce industry to serve the thousand needs of their target markets. In the Philippines alone, there are numerous online shops that cater to a wide range of customers. One of those is the well-known Lazada Philippines. Their site can be accessed at

What makes Lazada Philippines the best?

There are new deals that go live everyday at this large online shopping site. Customers can enjoy exclusive deals and discounts which enable them to save from 10% up to 90% of the products' original prices. The shop also offers free shipping and 7-days return policy to make their shoppers happy. And the best thing of all is that the cash-on-delivery payments are accepted. Shoppers who have no time to deposit their money or doesn't have online paying accounts can still get the items they need without worrying about the payment. They can simply hand it during delivery.

What are some of the current deals up at this awesome site?

1. My View 32" HD LED TV 32PX100 
Save 27%
Now Only Php 10,995.00

2. Ekotek Ekotab Lite 7" Android 4.0 4GB with Wi-Fi and O+ 1.7 Music (Black) BUNDLE

Save 20%
Now Only Php 4,789.00

3. Vivitar VivicamX225 10.1MP Digital Camera (Black)
Save 40%
Now Only Php 4,499.00

4. Sony Xperia Ion LTE LT28i (Black) UNLOCKED
Save 50%
Now Only Php 16,489

Make sure to visit the site to see more special deals and offers. Big savings await every customer!

What are available at Lazada Philippines?

Whatever a smart shopper needs is found at Lazada. The following items can be purchased at discounted prices on this amazing shop:
- Books
- Electronics
- Phones & Accessoires
- Computers
- Home & Living Products
- Hardware
- Home Appliances
- Toys
- Kids & Babies Items
- Travel and Luggage Items
- Beauty Cosmetics
- Jewelry and Watches
- Fashion Items
- Sport Items

To learn more about Lazada Philippines, make sure to become a fan on Facebook. You can also follow them on Twitter: @LazadaPH or on G+: Lazada Philippines.

Thank you for reading this post about Lazada. You are eligible in winning Php 300.00 coupon code to spend at this lovely shopping website. All you need to do is to answer the question "What makes online shopping exciting?"

Comment below with your answer, name and email address. Person with the best answer wins! Winner will be announced on January 13, 2013.


  1. I thought about buying my Cherry Mobile Flare through but I hesitated because it's a cheap phone and it could have defects. Returning it would be more of a hassle than buying it from a store.

  2. But what about the taxes now being imposed in online sites? I thought that shopping on the web is great but now puts a damage on online traders...and pretty soon this will affect the buyers (in paying for the added cost). That's my worry.

    1. I think we'll see that the grey market flunk. Right now they are not paying any tax that's why they are capable of lowering their prices. Usually, SRP has tax inclusive already to registered business owners.

      Eventually, the will be at par with the SRP's such as kimstore, etc. But websites like Zalora and Lazada pays Tax that's why their pricing is way higher than other online market.

  3. Online shopping does save so much time and gives you a wider range of products to choose from.

  4. My niece told me about this site, I've tried Zalora and they delivered my order right on time. I think what really tickles online shopper making it a great experience is the variation in products, the ease of selecting items at good valued prices and having it delivered in best condition. All expecting at the comfort of ones home or office.

  5. I bought my Cherry Mobile Tornado at Lazada. I thought they will deliver it 7 days after I purchased the item online. In 2 days it was delivered to me in good hand.

  6. The LED TV sounds like an interesting deal if not for the brand. This is the first time I've heard of My View. I am afraid sometimes to buy in online stores because you didn't see first hand what you are buying and sometimes the photo and the marketing description tend to be misleading. I think I joined a contest that can earn me P300 discount if I won. I hope I'd win so I can give this store a try.

  7. I heard a lot of good news about Lazada and I will consider buying on them if i feel free to shop online.

  8. I've been looking for a great review about Lazada, and this is the best so far. Thank you sis! :)

    What makes online shopping exciting? Well, probably the long wait to getting your items delivered upon your doorstep. ;)

  9. a lot of deals about lazada!! i have blogged about this one as well and have tried their service already! They're indeed pretty good! xx

  10. wow, a lot is really liking lazada right now... hahaha. i guess, it is lesser hassle to the buyer, just be specific, so you won't be disappointed. Yahweh bless.

  11. Ang galing nyan kasi minsan may mga truck talaga na nag dedeliver sa mismong bahay.

  12. I personally prefer :) That's where I get my stuff online and I couldn't be happier :)

    Seems like Lazada is really pushing for more sponsored stories. Been seeing more than the usual amount of Lazada-related posts lately.

    1. I agree with you also Jason, this is one of their marketing strategies but it's okay to write a sponsored article once in a while.

  13. I've done online shopping for just a few times. It's exciting because you can see all the items you want to see in the comfort of your home unlike in malls that you need to walk to get to different stores and see them. The choices are just on your screen.

    Che Ramos

  14. I love Lazada! It's my first time to try online shopping and I've got no regrets on picking them! Fast shipping and money-back guarantee!

  15. What makes online shopping exciting especially the Lazada online shop, it has a cash-on-delivery basis which is very convenient to us like me who is always in the house caring my baby boy and can't shop in malls, paying the one you bought on the day it delivered directly on your house is very stress-free! Lazada has a very affordable items, too! <3

  16. Ah, ito pala yung Lazada na madalas kong marinig sa mga kaibigan ko. Shopping online, ah, medyo asiwa pa ako riyan. I am more of the 'sigurista' buyer.

  17. I've heard and read a lot about Lazada but I haven't personally tried buying anything through them ^^ Hope to try it soon though.

  18. Perhaps, I am going to buy my monitor at LAzada. Kaso may additional fees yata kapag umorder ka online eh.

  19. I'm a fan of online shopping! I did a lot of it last year! hehe

    Actually, I was just asking if the prices at Lazada's are reasonable? I guess, this post answered my doubts! Now, I'd love to check it out and do some online shopping with them! Thanks!!:)

  20. I hop they would have an iPhone 5 and a Canon EOS M on sale at Lazada. Their SRPs are way expensive when you buy it from others.

  21. I've ordered an Olympus camera through COD just last month until now it was not delivered and I'm not receiving any feedback from them.

    1. Have you tried contacting them? Try to visit their Facebook page. :)

  22. for purchase online,lazada is the best...
    but when your unit has defect, you will wait for 1 month for refund...
    my return was not yet refunded eventhough follow ups are everyday...haist...quiet disappointed.

    1. Try contacting their Twitter and Facebook accounts if e-mailing and calling them does not satisfy you... They're quick to respond :)

  23. Because of our busy time we usually no time to visit malls and shop anything we want and now there's a lot of shopping on-line like Lazada Philippines it's now more easy to access or buy our things on-line. I haven't been try to buy gadget there but I have a plan because I heard this company is a trustworthy one. I am looking forward to it. Thanks.

  24. I just saw Lazada's TVC last week. I was really surprised with their bold move. As far as I remember they only started just last year. Anyway, I'm a buyer from Lazada and I really saw the drastic improvement they did for their Delivery and Customer service! Keep it up Lazada!

  25. Now a days, shopping online was became in demand and one of the famous online shopping malls was lazada. I've watched the commercial and I find it cool and interesting. Big thanks for sharing this with us.

  26. shopping online its hasle free hmm thats why i love to shop online it saves much time than go to shopping mall. Thanks for sharing this, i also consider Lazada as one of the best online shop.

  27. Lazada, has the best deals in the Philippines , they never fail us. But I would like to recommend you also the Wowdeal, they also have great deals to choose from. Maybe you can visit it if you have a free time.

  28. Overly overpriced items, so they can lure customers through their overly high discounts. lol.. example: casio watch for P5000.00, SALE price 1299.00 WOW..... market price? P1300.00 total BS... 12000mAh powerbank > reality? 4400mAh... TF


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