Why I Love the Life of Pi

Before anything else, allow me to tell you a trivia about myself: I never watch movies in cinema houses alone.  I make sure that someone accompanies me whenever I see the latest films in the big screen. But then, one day, I realized that I needed to get out of my comfort zone and try to do it. Anyway, nothing will be lost on my part. In fact, there would be a gain because I tried something different which I thought I would never have the courage to do. 

So, on the 14th of January 2013, my little brother's birthday, I read many Facebook status updates about Life of Pi. It's funny because during that day, the first thing that entered into my mind was to watch the said film. Something inside me compelled to watch the movie. Even if I was the only one available for the said day, I still headed to Abreeza Mall to see for myself how amazing Life of Pi is. For the first time in my entire life, I finally tried seeing a movie on the big screen alone. This is really a big accomplishment on my part. That's my story. But mine is none interesting as that of Pi, the main character in Ang Lee's latest movie.

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Who is Pi?

He is a simple man who lives in India. His family owns a zoo where he learned how to interact with different animals. In the said zoo, he met a tiger named Richard Parker who accompanied him when he was in the verge of a life and death situation. Pi lost his family in a shipwreck. Since then, he tried all his best to survived the days in the water. He was not alone. Richard Parker was with him. And of course, his God/s was/were there.

Why I love this Film?

Pi taught me many things. He taught me that life is not all about happy moments. There are times when we need to encounter humbling and saddening experiences in order for us to appreciate the better things to come. We all need to undergo situations where we have no choice but to bend on our knees and wonder what went wrong. These experiences are not meant to cause us pain for life. Rather, these trials and consequences make us realize that we have to stand still and do everything we can to survive. My most favorite quote of Pi is "Above all, don't give up." Just like him, this is what I always say to myself when things turn out the way I don't want them to be. This short and sweet line is my daily reminder to self.

Another thing I love about the movie is its discussion of faith. I believe that God is with me whenever I go. I believe that my God is not a punishing God. He does not leave me in vain. He sees me when I suffer and he allows me to overcome it on my own. He does not leave me because he knows that I need him. I love my God and nothing will ever change that. I will never blame Him for whatever may come into my life for I believe that all things happen for a reason.

Pi also reminded me that each of us believes into something. We may have different views and insights about things in our lives but that does not mean that we can't get along together. I think what is only needed is respect. We must respect each others' beliefs.

Movie Quotes from the Life of Pi

It must be fate that the two of you should meet.

He said you have a story that would make me believe in God.

Sounds magical. Growing up.

The gods are my super heroes growing up.

I met Christ in the mountains when I was 12.

That makes no sense. Sacrificing the innocent for those who are guilty? What kind of love is that?

All you have to know is that He loves us.

The more I listen to the priest, the more I love Him.

God moves in mysterious ways.

You cannot follow three religions at the same time.
Because believing at everything is like believing to nothing at all.

I'd rather let you believe in one thing I don't than believe in everything blindly.

Doubt is useful. You cannot know the strength of your faith unless it is tested.

Animals have souls. I have seen it in their eyes.

I grew restless searching for more meaning that will make sense in my life.

We sail like Columbus.
But Columbus was looking for India.

Before we left, we had enough time to break each other's hearts. Of course I promised I'd come back. It's funny I remember everything about our last date but I don't remember saying goodbye.

You have a whole life ahead of you.

I realized that leaving India was harder for him than it was for me.

I'm on a life boat alone with a tiger. Please send help.

God I give myself to you. Whatever comes I want to know. Show me.

Above all, don't lose hope.

Without Richard Parker, I would have died. My fear of him keeps me alert. Tending him gave my life focus.

Talk to me. Tell me what you see. 

I lost my family. I've lost everything i surrender my body to you.

We're dying, Richard Parker. I'm sorry.

God, thank you for giving me my life. I'm ready now.

I had to get back to the water or die trying.

Even when God has forsaken me, He was watching. Even if He seemed indifferent with my sufferings, He was watching. He gave me a sign to continue my journey.

I was certain He was going to look at me.

I was weeping. Richard Parker left me. He broke my heart.

I knew. I felt it. Even if I cant prove it.

Is not taking a moment to say goodbye.

It's hard to believe. Isn't it?
It's a lot to take in.

Something I will never forget. I lost my whole family.

I'll never understand the point f that man's suffering.

I think about that everyday.

I was alone in a life boat, drifting across the Pacific Ocean. I survived.

So which story do you prefer?
The one with the tiger. That's the better story.
Thank you. And so it goes with God.

So your story does have a happy ending.
Well that's up to you. The story is yours.


  1. I watch movies alone all the time, especially when I'm stressed. Hahahah

    Anyway, read mo rin yung book. Compressed story na kasi yung sa film and there were a lot of significant scenes na wala nasali sa film. But then again, two thumbs up pa rin yung movie. Watched it twice! =)

  2. Life of Pi looks really a nice inspiring movie. I might just watch this when it's out on DVD as I'm not much of a movie dweller.

  3. Hi Algene!

    You missed my favorite quote. :)

    "I suppose in the end, the whole of life becomes an act of letting go, but what always hurts the most is not taking a moment to say goodbye."


  4. Oh, I also want to watch it but I'll just wait for the clear version for download. Is it the same story as the book? I didn't know it's Indian.

  5. Although heartbreaking I love the unceremonious farewell! The movie is so powerful that I'm actually reading the quotes you shared with Indian accent while picturing out the scene in my head. lelz.

  6. We are on the same boat I also love the movie. Ang Lee is indeed a great director.

  7. I also saw a lot of facebook status about the Life of Pi but still got no idea about it. now that i have read your post, seems like you encouraged me to watch. coz it seems like I can relate to the movie. OMG.

  8. wow this was a craze in malaysia! i haven't seen this yet though a nice movie i think! xx

  9. hard for me to find time watch a movie especially we dont have one here in our place... so i rather read it first before i could watch it in from a cd. or worst in HBO ... but this movie really inspire me knowing the plot or the story ...

  10. Based on what I've read online, this movie seems to be a good one. I may watch it myself soon but I prefer to watch movies by my lonesome. ^_^

  11. Oh dear. I haven't seen this movie nor read anything on it - and there was no spoiler alert either :(

  12. I haven't watched this yet and people are saying it is good. I do hope to watch it soon, but if not, I'll it when it is available. And read the book too :D

  13. With the comments and the min-review you have shared then I will gonna watch this film not by my lonesome but with my wife. Such good films must be viewed by many.

  14. i never seen this movie yet and based on your post, I must watch this. i will check the store to get me one. i want to see how him and the tiger,Richard loves each other even in the hardest moments of their lives.

  15. i love your reflection about the movie, yes, we do love the happy moments in our life but the trials do contribute greatly to shaping and strengthening our character, they are blessings to make us better.

    glad you are able to get out of your comfort zone and able to watch movie alone. :)

  16. Thanks for this! I actually didn't even give it the time of day to look up what it was about or if it was worth watching. So many good movies came out in the past 2 months and this wasn't on my list. It is now! Thanks for including quotes, too!

  17. I'd love to go to the movies and watch it too!!! I am sure I'll learn a lot about Pi. On the 2nd note, coming here in the US, I've never attempted to watch in a movie house by myself! :)

  18. I'd watch this movie online on last year. I am so impressed with the movie, the writers really get the attention of their viewers. Many learning's to ponder.

  19. I have heard of this from a friend. This is really inspiring. My favorite line would be:
    "All you have to know is that He loves us." Who is that "He"? It's JESUS.

  20. I have watched this movie but haven't finished it yet because I got slept due to tiredness...hehehe
    Thanks for sharing I got more interested in watching and to finish it... I'm aiming to read the book...

  21. I will surely get this on DVD. It can be a great addition to my collections :) and yes, thanks for the great insights on the Life of Pi. They all lead me to really grab a copy of the movie and watch it at home.


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