Make Your Kitchen Digital and Energy Efficient

There are a growing number of consumers sick of paying outrageous energy bills as the prices of electricity and gas have rocketed in recent years. There are also a number of consumers who are becoming increasingly more interested in becoming greener.

Energy efficient appliances could be the first step for any household to becoming ultimately greener. To keep track of the energy used in your household, there is now a device that links to Google’s electricity monitoring web application and gives you a dashboard from which you can decipher what the worst time of the day is for energy use and how you can cut down on your bills.

The speedometer style output can let you know what appliances are the biggest culprits in your home and what you can do to make sure you are paying as little as possible when it comes to energy bills. The application can even be used on a smart phone, tablet, computer or internet enabled TV.

What may be even more interesting is that there are now network-ready appliances that also do their part to bringing the cost of your utilities down. A Fridge from for example may now be able to tell you not only what food and drink you are running low on, in a digital display, but how well it is running in terms of energy efficiency.

Washing machines and tumble dryers can also be part of the home energy-saving technology revolution. A Washing Machine found at Appliances Direct, if chosen from the digital range, can give you a more reliable temperature reading and are much better equipped to wash clothes on a much lower temperature setting. The use of water jets and other digitally enhanced features make thirty degrees enough for most washing loads.

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