‘Contacts’: What Makes Them Better?

Eyes are considered mirror to the soul and one of the most expressive parts of our body. They add beauty to the face and can make their admirers drool over them. In women, they are the most sought after part to read in between the lines.

Each one of us have lovely pair of eyes but due to various reasons we are forced to wear specs, which come as a hindrance for expressions to our eyes. In any case for weak eyes, spectacles are much needed tool; but at the same time they hide the prettiest feature of our body.

Spectacles turn hindrance to many activities including swimming, tennis or even dance. Specs restrict any such activity which requires too much movement. Above all, many people do not like wearing specs or even reject marriages if their would-be partner wears specs. In all such cases, doctors recommend contact lens; however, many do not consider them safe. They believe lens will fall while washing your eyes or they will cause irritation if dust enters eyes or will be a burden to their daily life. This is why people believe that specs are a better choice. But, contact lens can put all your inhibitions to rest literally.

Contact lens, if chosen wisely, can be safe, easy and comfortable option for your eyes; contact lens are made for customized requirements so it up to you to choose the best for your needs. Once you find perfect fit you will feel that they are easy to carry and have comfortable handling what your eyes can ask for. There are various kinds of lenses made for different occasions; which you can choose from.

To begin with, contact lens making companies manufacture disposable lens. Here disposable doesn't mean that you can throw off lens once you have used them; the name‘Disposable’ was given to the lens as you don't have to wash them at regular interval.

There are daily disposable lens. As the name suggests, these types of lenses can be disposed-off daily. So, you can use them once and will have to wear new pair every day after replacing the old one. They don't require cleaning solution also. Such lenses are suited for those who use specs but wear contact lens on particular occasions. Also, there are colored lens that come for occasional use.

Slightly different are sports lenses. These are best suited for those who spend lot of their time in outdoor activities. Specs are difficult to wear while playing any of the sports. In such cases, contact lenses come as much needed respite. Lenses allow you to perform consistently and protected-- they can also be disposed after daily use.

Other types of lenses are the monthly disposable ones. They can be used for a month; but have to be cleaned and disinfected everyday with solutions. The other variety can be used for a year. These lenses are best suited for people who use lens every day and not occasionally.


  1. i love to have green eyes this 2013 but my mother restricted me to have one. because she heard a news that made the girl blind. anyways, my mother often thinks of the worst case scenario. so i just have to follow her.

  2. I got stuck with glasses...partly because it conceals my humongous under eye bags hehehe. I also don't feel comfortable fidgeting with my eyes so I never really tried contacts. Got used to wearing glasses that one time while playing badminton, I hit it. Good thing it didn't fly off my face. I can still see, though slightly blurred without glasses.

    I didn't know there are contact lenses for sports. I thought it was just plain disposable and extended wear. Shows that I don't know much about this at all. Great info!

    Aileen @ iHeart Good Health

  3. I've had my contact lenses since college. Unfortunately, I had to go back to eye glasses since it's too dusty and dry here in NM. Eye-irritant!

  4. My brother use contact lens to correct his eye problem before but after the laser operation he stop using contact lens which makes him feel better.

  5. Great innovation sa contact lens, 'disposable' I like it1 But I must admit medyo iritable ako wearing contacts, so glasses na lang.

  6. i was using contact before for beautifying or cosmetic purposes though now i am busy working infornt of the computer its so hard for me to get back and use again xx

  7. im a spec lady.. sometimes i was even tempted to use spec however my friends and family bombarded me with d disadvantages of using it. Hmmmmm but I'm still wanting to try it one of these days.. great blog!

  8. Im a spec lady for six years now.. Way back then I really wanted to try using contact lens however my friends and family bombarded me with the disadvantages of using it. But until now, i have this wanting to try it! great read! nice blog!

  9. i'll buy a pair before march ends =) its a necessity for me..


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