Annyeong Haseyo Bulgogi Brothers!

Bulgogi Brothers finally opened its doors in Davao city last week. Its fifth branch in the Philippines is located at the 2nd Floor of SM Lanang Premier. This famous Korean BBQ Restaurant is one of the well-loved food places under the Bistro Group. With the success of 38 Bulgogi Brothers stores in Korea, the management decided to open its first international branch in Manila few years ago. For only a short span of time, they were able to capture the hearts of Filipino foodies which is why they came up with a decision to expand their operations outside the metro. And yes, they have chosen the Davao market for their expansion! Amazing, right?

One of the perks of being a blogger is knowing the latest happenings in my area. At the same time, it also includes receiving exclusive invites for events like Bulgogi Brothers Pre-Opening event and Bloggers' Lunch.  When I received an email from the manager and marketing officer, I confirmed my attendance for the said events because I want to see what Bulgogi Brothers is going to offer to Davao. In this post, I will share some of the Instagram photos taken during the said events. The detailed article is published on my food blog -  Bulgogi Brothers: Ready to Serve Davaoñeos.

 photo PhotoJan1960129AM_zps2d4c4d0b.jpg 
A date with my fellow Davao bloggers together with the best women from Bulgogi Brothers!

 photo PhotoJan20122621AM_zps0e71f2f5.jpg
 Chicken Naengchae 
Honey Chicken with fresh salad in oriental dressing

 photo PhotoJan20122713AM_zps33409626.jpg
  Haemul Gungjung Mandu 
Fried dumpling with seafood served with spicy sauce

 photo PhotoJan20122808AM_zps33f27f65.jpg
 Dobu Steak 
Fried tofu steak with teriyaki sauce

 photo PhotoJan20123117AM_zps0d20e7e6.jpg
Bulgogi Brothers Special 
Heart shaped marinated beef 

 photo PhotoJan20123205AM_zps26671647.jpg
  Premium Ribeye & Boneless Short Ribs Combination 
Ribeye steak and marinated boneless short ribs

 photo PhotoJan20122845AM_zpsaac91c17.jpg
 Kimchi Jjigae 
Kimchi Stew

 photo PhotoJan20122942AM_zps91456e07.jpg
  Haemul Bibimbap 
Rice topped with shrimp, squid and vegetables

 photo PhotoJan20122516AM_zps9160a96f.jpg
  Raspberry Tea Mint 
Raspberry concentrate with mint leaves  

 photo PhotoJan20122406AM_zps7262fbe3.jpg
Korean Ice Creams

All these photos were taken during the bloggers lunch last January 16, 2013. Since I had to attend the IBP National Convention at SMX in the morning, I chose not to bring my camera to avoid hassles. Good thing I have my handy iPhone5 to take the pictures! For clearer and better photos, you can check out my post - Bulgogi Brothers: Ready to Serve Davaoñeos.


  1. I will so need to check this place out next time im in Davao. Share the love <3 and check us out too.

  2. Bulgogi Brothers Davao is lucky to have bloggers visit their restaurant in their launching. This can benefit their business and also people who are in search for reviews on their food. :)

  3. omg! reading the title p lng i knew its gonna be a yummy post! i love bulgogi also ! we're a family that loves asian cuisine! so yummy this one! The place looks really neat and clean too! xx

  4. Food overload! Thanks attorney for sharing another epic foodie adventure of yours.

  5. Interesting, that heart-shaped beef :) Perfect for a valentine date LOL

    haven't been to bulgogi brothers but i've been hearing good things about it. i hope to dine here one of these days

  6. Oh my. The Raspberry Tea Mint certainly got my attention. I would love to taste that drink.

  7. Waaah! I really want to try their bibimbap! huhu!

    maybe next time when I visit again their resto.. :D

  8. It reminds me of my food adventure last week. We tried Korean resto too. Im a kimchi addict. Super dooper love spicy foods. :)

  9. Do you have an idea on when they are going to officially open? I can't wait to try and blog about this place.

  10. That heart-shaped marinated beef knows how to catch the attention of its customers :)

  11. I love bibimbap. The tea mint looks refreshing.

  12. I hope their Bulgogi here taste like my Korean aunt dish, on how the way they cook it traditionally..wherein they cook it in a Mongolian helmet (use in a battle from the past). Mongolian soldiers cooked this mish-mash stew in their helmets.


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