Sunday, January 27

GODIVA for a Goddess


Introducing the NEW Godiva Natural Skincare

The problem with most whitening products is that it doesn't last long. Once you stop using it, you're back to your normal skin color. Well, that's not the case anymore. Not with the new Godiva Natural Skincare that is.

Back with a better formula, a new packaging and with more promising results, Godiva Natural Skincare range uses the proven power of licorice in effectively and safely whitening the skin. Extracted from one of nature's most effective skin whiteners - licorice root extract - Godiva gives you white skin that truly lasts.

Extraordinary Active Ingredient

Licorice or Glycyrrhiza glabra is a plant widely used commercially as a sweetening agent. However, its root has been used for many years from as far back as 3000 B.C. in Ancient China and Egypt as an herb with many medicinal properties.

Wednesday, January 23

Why I Love the Life of Pi

Before anything else, allow me to tell you a trivia about myself: I never watch movies in cinema houses alone.  I make sure that someone accompanies me whenever I see the latest films in the big screen. But then, one day, I realized that I needed to get out of my comfort zone and try to do it. Anyway, nothing will be lost on my part. In fact, there would be a gain because I tried something different which I thought I would never have the courage to do. 

So, on the 14th of January 2013, my little brother's birthday, I read many Facebook status updates about Life of Pi. It's funny because during that day, the first thing that entered into my mind was to watch the said film. Something inside me compelled to watch the movie. Even if I was the only one available for the said day, I still headed to Abreeza Mall to see for myself how amazing Life of Pi is. For the first time in my entire life, I finally tried seeing a movie on the big screen alone. This is really a big accomplishment on my part. That's my story. But mine is none interesting as that of Pi, the main character in Ang Lee's latest movie.

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Make a Child's Life a Little Better

Monday, January 21

Make a Child's Life a Little Better

Developing countries are confronted with many issues that countries such as the United States do not have to deal with. Although there are children who go hungry in the developed world and crime is still an issue, children in the developed world can count on decent health care, good food and clean water to drink.

Infant Mortality Rates Are Much Too High 

The infant mortality rates in the developing world are significantly higher than those in the developed world. In countries where access to prenatal care is common, there is less than a 1 in 1,000 chance that a baby will be stillborn or face other issues that would significantly decrease its life expectancy. 
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Sunday, January 20

Annyeong Haseyo Bulgogi Brothers!

Bulgogi Brothers finally opened its doors in Davao city last week. Its fifth branch in the Philippines is located at the 2nd Floor of SM Lanang Premier. This famous Korean BBQ Restaurant is one of the well-loved food places under the Bistro Group. With the success of 38 Bulgogi Brothers stores in Korea, the management decided to open its first international branch in Manila few years ago. For only a short span of time, they were able to capture the hearts of Filipino foodies which is why they came up with a decision to expand their operations outside the metro. And yes, they have chosen the Davao market for their expansion! Amazing, right?

One of the perks of being a blogger is knowing the latest happenings in my area. At the same time, it also includes receiving exclusive invites for events like Bulgogi Brothers Pre-Opening event and Bloggers' Lunch.  When I received an email from the manager and marketing officer, I confirmed my attendance for the said events because I want to see what Bulgogi Brothers is going to offer to Davao. In this post, I will share some of the Instagram photos taken during the said events. The detailed article is published on my food blog -  Bulgogi Brothers: Ready to Serve Davaoñeos.

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A date with my fellow Davao bloggers together with the best women from Bulgogi Brothers!

‘Contacts’: What Makes Them Better?

Wednesday, January 16

‘Contacts’: What Makes Them Better?

Eyes are considered mirror to the soul and one of the most expressive parts of our body. They add beauty to the face and can make their admirers drool over them. In women, they are the most sought after part to read in between the lines.

Each one of us have lovely pair of eyes but due to various reasons we are forced to wear specs, which come as a hindrance for expressions to our eyes. In any case for weak eyes, spectacles are much needed tool; but at the same time they hide the prettiest feature of our body.

Friday, January 11

Home Safe Home: Essential Improvements to Prevent a Break-in

A burglary occurs every 14.6 seconds in the U.S., according to the 2010 FBI crime clock statistics, found on No matter how safe you think your neighborhood is, you could still be a target. The Washington Post found that the typical residential burglar is a male teen who lives within a few miles of your home. Given that most thieves are amateurs, homeowners have the advantage of thwarting them with a few strategic home improvements:

Upgrade to Stronger Doors
Often burglars gain entry through the front or back door, so your first task is to update to sturdy reinforced steel or fiberglass doors. Thieves often try to kick in doors, so choose a model designed to withstand heavy force. According to Consumer Reports, most doors are kicked in when the doorjamb cracks by the lock strike plate. To prevent this, reinforce the lock strike plate and add a deadbolt that’s at least an inch long.
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Issue of Flip Flopping: Stable Judicial System?

Thursday, January 10

Issue of Flip Flopping: Stable Judicial System?

Many of you have probably heard of the latest issue on flip flopping of the Supreme Court. As mentioned in my previous posts, flip flopping is the term used to refer to the changes made by the Justices of the Highest Court in the Country about the decisions which they have already promulgated.

These decisions have become jurisprudence, thus part of the laws of the land. However, some members of the SC keep on changing the judgments they have rendered as final and executory. Due to this, we are left with a question of "When will we ever achieve stability of Supreme Court decisions?"
Lakas Atenista Goes To Samal Island!

Sunday, January 6

Lakas Atenista Goes To Samal Island!

December 2012 was a busy month for everyone in Ateneo de Davao College of Law. The students were experiencing sleepless nights because of the first exams from different subjects. We were excited for the holidays but before we can enjoy the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, we needed to get through the mind-cracking and jaw-breaking tests prepared by our professors. To keep calm before the storm, the Lakas Atenista, a law school organization which I'm a part of, decided to take a break and visit the beautiful island of Samal. On December 16, 2012, we all took a break from the busy lives we have at school.


Saturday, January 5

Worry-Free Shopping at Lazada Philippines

Nowadays, online shops are gaining popularity in the industry. Some women prefer getting the accessories and apparels they want from their favorite online stores because doing such can allow them to save more time. Aside from the lesser-time-for-shopping benefit, these women can also purchase the items they want easily. They can shop anywhere and anytime! Same as these ladies, there are also men who choose to buy phones, tablets, watches and other gadgets online. These men are motivated to shop using the e-commerce sites because it is more practical than going to the malls or electronic shops. They can even enjoy great discounts and avail of special offers when they shop online. 

There are many businesses all over the world that are engaged in selling different products to various consumers. These companies and individuals invest in the e-commerce industry to serve the thousand needs of their target markets. In the Philippines alone, there are numerous online shops that cater to a wide range of customers. One of those is the well-known Lazada Philippines. Their site can be accessed at

Tips on How to Keep You Safe in Campuses

Friday, January 4

Tips on How to Keep You Safe in Campuses

The first year of college is always an exciting and, at the same time, scary experience. You’re making that transition from an educational environment like, say, high school to one where a little more is demanded of you. You’re thrust into an educational world where, among other things, you are solely responsible for your own safety and security.

Did you know that 80 percent of the crimes committed on students are perpetrated by other students? It doesn’t matter if you are living on-campus or off-campus; if you aren’t careful then trouble could find you during some of the most important years of your life.
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Thursday, January 3

Supreme Court Re-opens Pioneer vs. Keppel Case

The Supreme Court is the Highest Court in the country. Whatever decision they render in a certain case is considered part of the law of the land. Whether a case is decided en banc or by division, the judgment rendered is final and executory. Parties in the case are no longer allowed to appeal. 

With this fact, a question is asked, "Then why does Supreme Court reopen cases it already decided?" The answer to this remains a mystery to many of us. I, myself, cannot understand the various reasons and justifications why the SC keep on reinstating the cases which they have already rendered final and executory judgments. Just recently, SC reopened the case of Pioneer vs. Keppel without stating the reasons why they did so. What's worse was that the previous judgment was modified. The amount for the award of the damages granted was reduced.

Tuesday, January 1

Looking Back to Move Forward

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013. The Coffee Chic's Year-End Post.

Random things are running through my mind right now. There is also a sudden rush of emotions as I think of the previous year. I can't believe that I survived 2012 after all that I've been through. Now that I'm facing the first day of the 365 days of 2013, all I want to do is to hug myself tight and whisper, "Congratulations, Algene! You made it." I know I deserve some pat on the back for being a strong woman when everything was falling apart. I believe that I also did a good job when I said "yes" to the many life-changing events which happened last year. 

My year-end post is quite late. I decided to publish it on the first of January because I want a good start for 2013. I can never move forward without looking back to how things were for the past 366 days. Those were the yesterdays which made me better, stronger and happier. Let me share some of the highlights of my 2012. These were the things that changed Algene completely...
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