Monday, December 30

2014 Bucket List

24 hours to go before 2014.

I know we are all excited for the coming year. We want to know what 2014 has in store for us. The question is, "Are we ready?" Are we prepared to welcome another new year in our lives? Do we have the courage to let go of the happy or gloomy days in 2013 and face the unknown days in 2014? Our answers to these questions may vary depending on the experiences we've had in the previous 364 days. Whatever our answers may be, one thing is for sure: that the year is about to end and we have no choice but to welcome 2014 with a blast! 

Image source: We Heart It

One of the preparations I've made is creating my bucket list or check list for 2014. For the new year, I want to step out of my comfort zone and do the things I've always wanted to do. It's time to set aside all my excuses and start doing what I should have done a long time ago. The thoughts of "I have no time," "I am afraid," "I can't do it on my own," and "Will I ever make it?" will no longer be entertained. This time, I'm going to make things happen!
Five Simple Steps to Creating a Successful eCommerce Blog

Sunday, December 29

Five Simple Steps to Creating a Successful eCommerce Blog

You need to find a way to keep your customers informed about what is taking place within your company, highlighting important events and promotional sales that you would like for them to attend. You also need to effectively promote the products and services that you offer in addition to demonstrating a high level of expertise within your respective market. Fortunately, each of these milestones can be achieved through creating a successful eCommerce blog. There are five simple steps to follow that will help you to do just that. 
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Friday, December 27

Paulo Coehlo in 2013: Manuscript Found in Accra

Every day, we fear what tomorrow may bring us. We feel more worried if we know that tomorrow is the judgment day. Are we going to live and survive the battle or lose and face the Unwanted Visitor named death? This is the question Paulo Coehlo presented in his latest book released earlier this year, Manuscript Found in Accra. In this novel, he speaks to his readers in the person of The Copt. The night before their enemy comes, the people of Jerusalem gathered at a particular place where The Copt, together with three other religious men, talked about defeat, love, solitude, struggle, sex, loyalty, elegance and success. 

Now, these many centuries later, the wise man¹s (The Copt) answers are a record of the human values that have endured throughout time. And, in Paulo Coelho¹s hands, The Manuscript Found in Accra reveals that who we are, what we fear, and what we hope for the future come from the knowledge and belief that can be found within us, and not from the adversity that surrounds us.

Tuesday, December 24

Weekends in December

The year is about to end and it's amazing how I managed to book my weekends in December for parties, events and dates with the special persons in my life who made my 2013 memorable. I spent the second and third weekends of the month going out of town for my org's Christmas party, attending a fund raising event organized by Davao Bloggers Society, having lunch with my best friend (whom I haven't seen in a long time), bonding with Wigmore 2012, relaxing on a private resort with my law school buddies and partying with my favorite bloggers. Those were some of my 2013 moments worth-remembering.

Below is a compilation of my Instagram photos taken on those special and unforgettable days:

December 14, 2013 - Lakas Atenista Christmas Party

Right after I took my last exam for the first semester, I went to Eden Nature Park and Resort for the Christmas party of my organization in school. It was a night filled with fun and excitement. My original plan was to only stay until midnight since I needed to prepare for my event  set on the following day. However, I ended up spending the night at Eden with my witty org mates. It felt good sitting with the persons I consider as second family in law school while drinking and talking about anything under the sun. My Saturday with Lakas Atenista was perfect.


Saturday, December 21

True Love: Frozen 2013 Movie Quotes

Frozen is one of the movies in 2013 that I will never forget. The film brought so much joy and happiness in my heart. I even sacrificed my study hours just to watch the movie with some of my girl friends. At first, I had hesitations since I needed to prepare for an exam for the following day. However, I still gave in and went to the cinema house for the film. It turned out I made a good decision because Frozen was perfect. Yes, it's even beyond perfection and I'm listing it under my "Favorite Movies of All Time" collection.

Up to this moment, I can still hear Elsa and Anna's voices. The song "For the First Time in Forever" keeps playing on my head. I certainly fell in love with Frozen. Well, maybe because the film is all about true love. It teaches everyone about the values of being true to one's self and learning to accept one's imperfections. The movie encourages everyone to believe in magic once again. My favorite line from this unforgettable and memorable film is "Only an act of true love will thaw a frozen heart."

Frozen is such a feel-good movie. I highly recommend this film for all ages! Trust me, this film will make you happy. It will touch you in so many ways.

Saturday, December 7

Thankful for the Success of Project Hygiene Kits

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supported the Project Hygiene Kit of Bloggers for Relief PH. The response we received from different individuals all over the world was overwhelming. We were not expecting to complete the 1000+ target hygiene kits in eight days. The most amazing part of all was we exceeded our target. This was made possible by all the bloggers who shared about our cause and by our generous friends who made their pledges for the Yolanda survivors. Without all of you, the Project Hygiene Kit would not be successful. Maraming salamat po!

@heyimalgene: "No matter what you have been through, you're still here.
You may have been challenged, hurt, betrayed, beaten and
discouraged, but nothing has defeated you.
You are still here! You have been delayed but not denied.
 You are not a victim. You are a victor. You have a history of victory." 

Make Your Dream a Reality: From Getting Published to Getting Property

Everyone has a dream of some kind. But while some people sit around and wait for it to happen, others make it happen. If you have always dreamed of achieving something in your life, you can put in some hard work to try and make it a reality. Of course, you can never guarantee anything, and there are some things you can't control. But just because that's true, it doesn't mean you have no chance of your dream coming true. It could happen if you're willing to make it happen. If you don't even try, it's definitely not going to occur. You can make your dream come true with the right strategy.
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Wednesday, December 4

Tanduay First Five 2013 in Davao City

Are you ready for the biggest rock concert in the Philippines?

Closing the Tanduay First Five will be the Davao leg this coming Saturday, December 7, 2013 at the Tionko Football Field (Agro Football Field) along the Quimpo Boulevard. The Five Bands playing this year will include Kamikazee, Wolfgang, Rico Blanco, Parokya ni Edgar and Sponge Cola with special participation of Gloc-9.

Monday, December 2

Christmas Wish List 2013

My first blog post for the first day of the new month is going to be different. Instead of sharing how fun and meaningful my November was, I will be talking about my Christmas Wish List. According to Rhonda Byrne's The Secret, when people talk about what they want and believe that they can have it, they will definitely get it in the end. So, here's my list... (Ehem.) Friends, family members and loved ones, please read. 

New Books

I may not have enough time for pleasure reading these days but I would love to receive great books written by outstanding authors. I promise that they will not only stay stale in my book shelves. I will soon find the right time to have an exclusive date with my unread books. Just in case you don't know, there are days when I suddenly feel like running away from my typical everyday-world and allow books to bring me to different places.

Top two titles I can't wait to have:
1. Love and Misadventures by Lang Leav
2. The Hero by Rhonda Byrne

The Beauty in Birthstones

Thursday, November 28

The Beauty in Birthstones

Do you ever wonder what our birthstones mean? Below is an infographic showing the different months of the year, their corresponding birthstones and meaning. Discover the beauty of your birthstone! Let me know if you agree with the given meaning.
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Sunday, November 17

Pink Evening Dresses for Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner. This means that people are starting to plan for the Christmas parties or galas that they will be attending. If you are into attending social events organized in relation to the upcoming holidays, then as early as now you should already be shopping for your outfits. Whether you like it or not, the fact is that there is a need to prepare for social gatherings especially if you are attending an event prepared by your company.
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Grateful Heart: Recognition for The Coffee Chic

True happiness means doing something that you love and seeing people appreciate what you do. Indeed, the best things in life are free. 

There is another reason for The Coffee Chic to celebrate and to be happy about. In the recently concluded Mindanao Blog Awards last October 26, 2013 held at The Eagle's Bar of Marco Polo Hotel, I received three awards namely Best Personal Blog 2013, Social Media Movers of 2013 and Davao Blogger of the Year. The event aims to recognize the best blogs from Mindanao, of Mindanao, by Mindanaoans.


Saturday, November 16

Simply Polished: Because You Deserve A "Me" Time

Do you feel like you are running out of time every single day? Are you always rushing to get things done? Why don't you try to relax for a while, visit the nearest salon and pamper yourself? When you do this, all your stress and worries will be taken away. Trust me, you deserve some "me" time. How did I know about these? Well, that's what I do whenever things are starting to get out of hand or when I'm having bad and stressful days.

The last salon I visited was Simply Polished, owned and managed by the young entrepreneur Tetet Lim. It's a new nail care salon located in the heart of Davao city. When she invited me to check the new place and try their services, I immediately said yes. It's a good opportunity for me to explore another "perfect-for-pampering-and-de-stressing" salon. It was a Monday afternoon when I decided to get my nails done, just in time for the first day of my second semester in law school. 

Let me share my wonderful and satisfying experience at Simply Polished Nail Care Salon...


Friday, November 15

Bloggers for Relief PH: Project Hygiene Kit

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another” -Charles Dickens

The devastation caused by the typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) has affected not only a few cities and houses in the Philippines but the majority of the Visayas region where the death counts has now reached thousands and number of families affected now millions.

A conscious effort is now being undertaken by the Davao Bloggers Society to join the relief operations by raising a total of P100,000.00 to finance and produce 1,000 hygiene packs for the victims. Each kit will contain toiletries and other essentials good for one week's use by one person. Hygiene kits were chosen to be donated as this is something that is not yet prioritized by many donors. One hygiene pack costs P100 or $2.50.


Saturday, November 9

How to Help The Victims of Typhoon Yolanda

We lose our ability to live fully if we neglect or ignore our responsibility to the other people who share this planet with us. We cannot feel whole until we are helping other people. We do need down time, and we do need time to ourselves, but we very much need to acknowledge our ties to our fellow human beings and act as if those people meant more to us than our jobs or pets or cars do. They are much more important than anything material that we ever can get our hands on or strive for.” ― Tom Walsh

The Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) hit the Philippines on November 8, 2013 which caused significant damage to the central part of the country. Allow me to share this heart-breaking news report about the after-math of Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines.


Wednesday, November 6

Looking for Alaska: Feelings and Quotes

Spending some of my vacation days in the province was probably the best gift I've given myself for the month of October. It felt good to just pack all my things, bring unread books from summer 2013 and travel five hours to reach my mom's hometown. The place where mom grew up has become one of my favorite destinations during short breaks. Whenever I go there, I get limited access to the internet and even to a phone signal. Thus, I have more time to rest, relax, read and write. I can do anything I want without worrying about deadlines, contacts from friends or working online.

For my recent stay at the province, one of the books I was able to finish reading was Looking for Alaska. The young adult novel is written by one of the brightest authors in this generation, John Green. I had high expectations for this book especially that I heard from friends that the writer is award-winning and most of his books have been listed in New York Times Bestseller. In the two days of reading the novel, I found myself in a roller coaster ride. There were parts of the book that brought laughter and smiles while there were those pages that caused heart breaks and frustrations. Verdict: Looking for Alaska didn't fail me. In fact, it exceeded my expectations.

Spoiler alert: Do not read the rest of the post if you do not want spoilers for this book.

The Book

There is this ordinary guy in Florida named Miles "Pudge" Halter. He is the type of person no one knows about. Everything was changed when he went to Alabama and entered a boarding school, Culver Creek. It was the first time that he gained independence from his parents and lived in an entirely new place. The first person he met in Culver Creek was Chip Martin aka Colonel who happens to be his roommate and the one who gave him the nickname Pudge.

With the help of Colonel, he met a group of friends who made his life in Culver Creek interesting and exceptional. One of them was the beautiful, brave and adventurous Alaska Young. The first time he saw Alaska, Pudge was already mesmerized with her beauty and attitude. Eventually, he fell in love with the unpredictable and emotionally unstable Alaska Young. They shared unforgettable moments over Thanksgiving, spent exciting days planning for pranks and interesting conversations about "getting out of the labyrinth." They spent the best times of their lives together, not as lovers, but as friends.

A Bridesmaid Like You Could Use These Creative Bridal Shower Ideas

It’s an honor to be chosen as a bridesmaid by one of your friends or relatives in their wedding. Such title is only given to those who are close to the bride and groom. Being a bridesmaid means more than just accompanying the bride to the ceremony for you are also required to help her in the wedding planning too. And if you and the other bridesmaid are planning to host a bridal shower for you bride, then you should read on further because we are going to talk about some inspiring ideas that you can do in your bridal shower party:
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8 Reasons Why Your Coffee Habit is Good For You

Sunday, November 3

8 Reasons Why Your Coffee Habit is Good For You

 If you love your morning cup of joe, or you enjoy drinking coffee throughout the day, ignore those buzz-killers who tell you that’s a bad thing.  Take a big sip of that espresso and tell them that multiple studies have shown that coffee has numerous health benefits.  Here are just a few:

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1.  Your brain works better on coffee.

Coffee drinkers know that their morning grumpiness is lifted and their sleepy brain fog clears away.  That is not an illusion, or just because the caffeine is an energizer.  Research shows that caffeine blocks a neurotransmitter that inhibits the firing of neurons in the brain.  So a brain on caffeine is literally working faster and more efficiently! There's a reason that many workplaces provide office coffee for employees!

2.  You are less likely to develop type 2 diabetes.

In a review of multiple survey studies of coffee drinkers, researchers found that people who drank six to seven cups of coffee per day had a 35% lower chance of developing diabetes.  For those who drank four to six cups per day, the risk was lowered by 28%.  This held regardless of location, sex, or weight.  Decaf works just as well, which suggests that the healthy component is not the caffeine, but the antioxidants and minerals in coffee.
Gadget Accessory for Everyone

Saturday, November 2

Gadget Accessory for Everyone

Convenience is one of the benefits of all the advancements in technology. Most of the tasks and duties we need to do can be completed with the use of our smart phones, tablets, laptops and notebooks. Did you know that things can be accomplished more easily when these gadgets are paired with the top accessories?
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Friday, November 1

Please Look After Mother Book Review and Quotes

A mother's love is the most wonderful gift any person in this world can have. It is an everlasting love. A mother can give everything she has and do anything for her son or daughter. She can love without conditions and without boundaries. It's always amazing how she can care more of her child's welfare than her own. These things are known to all of us but do we really appreciate the presence of our mothers in our lives? That's the question I asked myself as I read Kyung-Sook Shin's bestseller novel, Please Look After Mother. When I finished the entire book, I became more aware of my love for my mom and felt the need to continue showing it to her.

The Book

The award-winning novel is all about Park So-nyo, a mother of five children, who got lost in a train station. Only when she suddenly vanishes that the family started to remember who she really is and what she does for all of them. As they desperately search for their lost "mother," they discovered the never-ending love, support and hope that So-nyo has given them. The children realized that they were all busy with their own lives to the point that they were not able to have deep conversations with their mother nor made her feel extra-special. The husband was also reminded of how he walked fast ahead of his wife whenever they go to public places, how he left the house without saying a word to his wife and how he got angry whenever the wife forgets something. All of them needed to lose So-nyo before they can re-examine the kind of relationship they had with "Mother."

Friday, October 18

She's The One Movie Quotes

She's the girl you never saw. She's the girl you never heard. She's the girl you never wanted... Until someone else did. Will it take losing her for you to realize that she's the one?

She's The One is the latest movie released by Star Cinema on October 16, 2013 starring Bea Alonzo, Dingdong Dantes and Enrique Gil. Just like all other films produced by Star Cinema, this new project was a huge success. As I always say, "They did it again!"

The movie is all about a story that combines the excitement of an unexpected romance with the epiphany that comes with finding the one person you can’t live without. The film is woven around the idea of an “epiphany”, or that one moment in life when we finally find the answer that will change everything. But we may find ourselves asking, how far are we willing to go when we do?


Thursday, October 17

The Earthquake that Destroyed the Heritage Churches

We were all devastated when we learned that the some of the oldest Churches in the Philippines were destroyed by the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that hit Cebu and Bohol. These churches in the Visayas region were part of our rich history. For the past few years, many of us had the chance to visit these churches and admire its magnificence. Just last summer, my parents and I went to the beautiful island of Bohol. Baclayon Church (The Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception) was one of my most favorite places there and seeing its photos after the catastrophe made me feel bad. The Loboc (Church of San Pedro), Loay and Dauis (Church of Our Lady of Assumption) churches were also reported as heavily damaged. 

Image source: @jedcortes Twitter

Wednesday, October 16

LooLoo for Everyone: The Must-Have iPhone App

With the development of new technology these days, we are able to accomplish a couple of tasks easily and do the things we want conveniently. Most of our smartphones have a built-in calendar feature where we can schedule our activities for a certain day, week or month and view our notifications for those events as they happen (via notifications bar).This way, we have the ability to manage our time efficiently. 

This is how my school calendar looks like for the whole month of October:

Enjoying the Benefits of Foodie Culture

Enjoying the Benefits of Foodie Culture

The last couple decades in America have involved the increasing popularity of foodie culture. From the proliferation of cooking TV shows to entire websites dedicated to food photography to the popularity of food blogging, this focus on food continues to grow. Despite gripes about "hipster" restaurants, there are many benefits brought on by the foodie culture.

Most notably, the increasingly sophisticated tastes of the general population have driven the food production sector to produce a wide selection of high-quality products with diverse flavors and uses. Additionally, store shelves are filled with numerous choices for those with particular diets such as gluten-free, lactose-free, and vegan. More people are learning how to cook and create culinary masterpieces in their own kitchens. If the foodie culture has captivated you, here are some fun ways to enjoy it in your own life.

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Saturday, October 12

It Will Always Be Blair and Serena

If you check my blog archives, you will see that some of my posts are all about my favorite TV series - Gossip Girl. It is the first show that made me stay up all night in my old dormitory room. When I was still hooked with GG, I prefer to have a marathon on Saturday nights instead of going out with my college buddies. I can also remember going home early after my classes because I want to catch up with the episodes. There are just so many reasons to love Gossip Girl!

Two of my favorite characters are Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen who played as best friends since high school. They shared several happy, sad, embarrassing and winning moments. They also have so many things in common. One of those is being fashionable. They have the ability to catch everyone's attention by their dresses, shoes, bags and signature looks.

"The Goal is to Become a Lawyer..."

image source: We Heart It
Law school may be a jealous mistress but at the end of the day, I find myself happy with her. 

There are days when I just want to give up and run away. Sometimes, I wish I could just drop everything and pursue another dream like traveling to different places or writing my own book. No matter what I do, I always find myself coming back to law school. It amazes me how I wake up every single day feeling excited with school and everything related to it. Even if I haven't read the assigned cases or provisions, I still look forward to attending my classes. Is it because of my supportive classmates, sweet org mates or super-strict-yet-highly-inspiring professors? Or simply because I want to become a lawyer? Well, whatever the reason is I'm glad that I'm still here.

Tuesday, October 8

What It Means to Share: Dinner for a Cause

"You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you."

The best feeling in this world is being able to share what we have to those who are in need. These people do not need to beg or ask something from us before we offer them the help that they deserve. As members of a community, we have to know the importance of giving back. It is our duty to share our blessings. We must learn the values of "sharing" and "selflessness."

For this, I am inviting all of you to support the Dinner for a Cause organized by one of my good friends in Davao Bloggers Society. Naprey Almario, the man behind the rolling chair, has been doing charity works for the past few years. Yes, he never stops giving back and that is the reason why I truly consider him as an inspiration. 


Wednesday, October 2

Feelings for the First Day of October 2013

Today, I woke up with a happy heart.

Image source: We Heart It
I know that it's the first day of October and I just can't contain my excitement for all the things that this month has for me. I am smiling as I compose this blog post and think of the activities I will be doing, the events I'll be attending, the new responsibilities that I'll be taking and the wonderful changes I will be making for the new month.

I feel blessed. Things are exactly happening the way I want them to be. I am glad that I know how to be contented with what I have in my life and that more blessings are coming my way. I am happy and it's all that matters. So, why am I excited for the new month?
The Cute and Stylish Smartphone Called Gionee

Tuesday, October 1

The Cute and Stylish Smartphone Called Gionee

As everyone knows, I’m not really your expert go-to-chic as far as gadgets and latest devices are concerned. But when I saw this incredibly cute and classy new smartphone brand a friend of mine was using, I suddenly had this excited urge to do a brief review on its features, beyond my usual gadget case reviews, with of course my reliable cappuccino on the side.
What Writers Need to Know

Sunday, September 29

What Writers Need to Know

It is often said as a joke that everyone wants to write a novel, but that no one really does. If you are a writer, you are probably always telling people about the ideas that you have, but how often do those turn into finished products? The problem might be that you just are not sure where to begin. Here are a few tips that can help you out. 

1. Write some character sketches. 
These are sort of like scenes, but they are more for developing the character than anything else. They help you get to know the character so that you can write about them effectively, knowing what they would do and say in any situation, once you start. The sketches could be any length; even just a few paragraphs will do. 

Thursday, September 26

Printing your Own Barcodes

Barcodes are either linear or two dimensional representations of information that can be deciphered using a barcode reader. There are many places such as Shopify where you can get a reasonably priced printer to print your own barcodes. But why on earth would you want to print your own barcodes? The power that lies hidden behind the common barcode is complex. With a properly utilized barcode system, a company can manage to automate most of its processes, making for faster turnover time and a larger propensity to get work done. Let's examine the ways printing your own barcode can affect your company.

Image from:
The Data Entry Problem

In many businesses, there is a need for data entry to take place. This requires inputting data from previously collated information which is then further processed. Humans are notorious for encountering errors when dealing with sustained repetitive tasks. The only way you can completely remove any data entry error is to remove the process completely. By seamlessly introducing data into barcodes, you create a way of moving it from where it is to where it is most needed seamlessly. The result is a far more efficient system with less errors that require things being redone. Barcodes can provide the necessary push to drive the company into a more well-organized system capable of getting more done without problems arising. Eliminating the propensity for human error is the first step towards creating a more well-rounded industrial or commercial process.
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Saturday, September 21

Get The Best Value for Your Money at The Off Price Show

"Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply doesn't know where to shop." This is one of my favorite lines of Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl. If you watch the TV series, then you probably fell in love with her witty and charming personality. She knows exactly what to do to cheer herself up. She doesn't let anyone bring her down. Whenever things go out of hand, all she does is to shop big time. I believe that all women out there should think and act like her. Instead of allowing the negative vibes suck all the energy inside us, why don't we go on a retail therapy? Trust me, it will make us feel happier.

When it comes to shopping, we must know how to get the best value for our money. Just because we're stressed from work and tired from our daily activities doesn't mean that we can just splurge our money. We must also know how to shop big time without spending big bucks. Just recently, I went to The Off Price Show and gave myself the "treats" and "rewards" I certainly need. 


Friday, September 20

The Off Price Show 2013: Now Open in Davao City (3-Day Shopping Event)

It's finally here! The biggest shopping event of the year has opened its doors to all shoppingeras and fashionistas in the city. The Off Price Show Davao will be open from September 20-22, 2013 at the SMX Convention of SM Lanang Premier. 

As I said before, I believe in the power of retail therapy. So when I received the good news that I am invited to the VIP shopping with some of my blogger friends, I felt ultimately happy. I didn't care waking up early and cancelling all my to-do's for the day if it meant having an opportunity to get amazing items at discounted prices. Aside from the an-hour-early-shopping privilege, I also got some gift certificates!

Friday, September 13

The Right Kit Keeps You Running

We all need to look after ourselves, and exercise enough. It really is the best way to enjoy life. Everyone keeps fit in a different way, and as you know, I really like to run. It gets me out into the fresh air, and is great for socialising too. 

Over the years, it has helped to keep me sane as well as fit, so I am always looking for ways to run more. Without a doubt, what you wear while running is important. The more comfortable you are the more likely it is that you will enjoy your run, and stay out for longer. Being prepared, and wearing the right kit also means you are more likely to stick to your routine and be able to run even when the weather is not ideal. 
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Thursday, September 12

The Off Price Show is Coming to Davao This September

A big shopping event is coming to Davao city. If you believe that retail therapy is the best way to make you feel happier, then mark your calendar and get ready for The Off Price Show: Lifestyle Brands, Discount Shopping!

The Off-Price Show brings a whole new retail concept showcasing premium lifestyle brands at off-price discounts (50% – 80% off!). You don’t need to trek to high-end stores to get your brand favorite as global lifestyle brands converge in one show in this 3-day must-see shopping event.

Friday, September 6

Something Cute for iPhone 5 (A Review)

Collecting cases for my iPhone and iPad is one of my obsessions. Since I carry these things wherever I go, I want to make them look more personalized. I only shop for cases from trusted brands. For me, quality always comes first. It's perfectly okay for me to pay high prices for beautiful and lovely gadget accessories. One of the online shops that has been supplying me with cute cases is Mobile Fun. It is a UK-based company that specializes in selling and distributing items for gadget users.

Last week, I received another package from them containing two products. In this post, I will be featuring a cute baby pink iPhone 5 case.

This super cute Rabito Hot Pink Silicone 3D Case for iPhone 5 features a long bunny ears for reeling the wire of your headphone for convenience use and a cute rabbit furry tail works as a stand for your iPhone 5 that can be detached.

Incredibly cute bunny case. Do cases getting any cuter or more stylish then this case from Rabito? With long bunny ears and a fluffy tail the Rabito case couldn't be more fun except for the bright pink colour that will draw all your friends attention to your iPhone 5.

Compact, lightweight, trendy and comfortable feeling. Rabito have kept the design compact and lightweight so despite having long bunny ears protruding from your iPhone 5 it won't feel heavy or bulky. In fact it will give a satisfying grip and texture to your device.


Thursday, September 5

Apps for Coffee-Lovers

Every cup of coffee makes me feel more relaxed and happy. As I sip my favorite White Chocolate Mocha, my worries seem to go away. I start to think of happy thoughts instead of the things which are giving me stress. Whenever I enjoy an iced cold coffee drink, I feel like the world around me is slowing down, allowing me to think clearly and sort out different ideas. I become more productive and energized because of coffee. The caffeine empowers me to do what I needed to do as soon as possible. I have developed this certain kind of love-relationship with coffee which is why whenever I study or blog, I really prepare or order coffee beverages to motivate me.

Even if there are many benefits I can get from drinking coffee, I still regulate my intake because I know that too much caffeine is not good for me. I take coffee in moderation in order to keep myself happy and healthy at the same time. Let me share the top 4 apps that are perfect for coffee-lovers like me:
Are Legends Born or Made?

Are Legends Born or Made?

This is a sponsored post by Heineken. 

Are legends born or made? To find out, Heineken is undertaking its most daring experiment as part of its latest global campaign called "Voyage." The campaign is created to test what men are truly made of when taken out from their daily lives and dropped into the great "unknown".

Imagine the situation where you are a highly social character, out-going and confident. You get to be chosen to go on a legendary adventure – something you have never done before – a new experience that will test your resourcefulness. But then you find yourself in the freezing wilderness of Alaska – alone on a glacier, with nothing but a giant life-ring, a tuxedo and a plane ticket to get you home – and the airport is hundreds of miles away.

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Monday, August 26

I Love Davao Because Life Is Here

I did not grow up in Davao but after spending almost six years of living in the city, I feel like I belong in this place. In 2007, I went to Davao for my college education. At first, I thought that it was hard for me to live away from my parents and start a new life in a city where I know nothing about. Since I have always wanted to become independent, I tried all my best to survive in Davao. I started making friends with people who also came from other provinces and those who are from the city. We shared different stories, attended parties together and explored the beauty of Davao.

During my early years in the city, I used to ride the taxi because I don't have a car then and I had no idea how to ride a jeepney. I wanted to change how things work so I went on an adventure by riding public jeepneys with different routes. There was a time when I got lost but instead of being terrified, I felt happy. The reason for my calmness was the fact that Davao city is a safe place. What I did was to pick another public utility vehicle, prayed that I reach the right place and believed in the goodness of the driver. Everything worked out well because as of this moment, I already know the "ins" and "outs" of the city. This is the story I shared for it allowed me to really see "what's in Davao." 

I must say, I fell in love with Davao. There are so many reasons to love the city. As what they say, "Life is here." Indeed, walay kaparehas ang Davao. Allow me to share some of the reasons why I love this place.

1. Kahapsay sa Davao

Davao is a livable place because of our Mayor and the local ordinances we have. Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, like his daughter Inday Sara, knows how to serve the people, not only the Dabawenyos and Dabawenyas but also the tourists of the city. He always put into consideration the safety of everyone. Even if it is late at night, the peace officers are still on duty. These policemen are not only visible during the major events or on big streets of the city. They are literally everywhere. The mayor himself also roams around Davao to check on the people.

Araw ng Dabaw Photo Walk

Wednesday, August 21

The Coffee Chic Receives Tatt Triple Threat Award

I love blogging. I really do. Who would have thought that this hobby of mine would open the door of greater opportunities in my life? Through blogging, I started to meet new people who share the same interests with me. It was only last year that I became a member of Davao Bloggers Society. In the said organization, I was able to bond with my co-bloggers and share beautiful moments with them. In the second quarter of 2013, I was appointed as Content Manager (officer) during the annual Davao Bloggers Acquaintance event. With our official and non-official events, I was given a chance to meet other bloggers all over the Philippines. Just recently, I went to Manila to meet some of the beautiful persons I met in the blogging world. Last week, I also spent some time with Cebu Bloggers, Manila Bloggers and Pinoy Travel Bloggers who visited our city for the Kadayawan 2013.

In 2012, I received recognition through Davao Blog Awards. The Coffee Chic is awarded as the Best Personal Blog and I was awarded as Blogger of the Year. I must admit, I did not expect such appreciation from the Davao blogging community but deep down in my heart, I felt happy. I am glad that there are other people who recognize all the efforts I put into blogging. I am a passionate blogger because I truly love what I do. 

The Davao Bloggers Society organized the Social Media Day 2013 in Davao. During the said event, I received another award from Globe Tattoo - Tatt Triple Threat Award (Tatt Awards 2013).

Tattoo Triple Threat: The most prominent online personalities from both Davao and Cebu making waves in the Philippine social media community through three platforms: a blog (Blogger, Wordpress, Tumblr, etc.), a microblog (Twitter, Plurk, Facebook, etc.), and a gallery of photos/video (Instagram, Flickr, YouTube, Facebook, etc.)
Starbucks Bloggers Event in Davao

Tuesday, August 20

Starbucks Bloggers Event in Davao

Starbucks Philippines invited members of the Davao Bloggers Society for their first-ever blogging event in Mindanao. When I received an email from them, I did not hesitate in sending an RSVP. In case you don't know, I'm a certified coffee lover and my most favorite coffee shop in the city is Starbucks - SM Annex branch. It became my well-loved place because it is where I spend most of my days studying for recitations and reviewing for exams. I usually go there at 9 or 10am and leave at around 4pm. With my frequent visits at SB, I started meeting new people, not only the barristas but also the other regular customers. I have also completed the coffee seminar series organized by their district coffee master in Davao. During the seminar, I was given a chance to bond with coffee lovers like me. Indeed, it is amazing how my network of friends have grown because of SB. 

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Saturday, August 17

Is It Time, Gossip Girl?

Let me just say that I'm not good at saying goodbye. It's the last thing I want to say to everyone and to anything I love. I guess I have no choice but to learn the art of letting go and finally saying the sad words "goodbye." This time, I'm afraid to utter those words to my most favorite TV series of all time. 

I was in college when I first started watching Gossip Girl. The series was my best friend at nights. It kept me company when I chose to stay at the dorm while my friends party in the top bars in the city. It was my stress-reliever when things at school became worst from worse. Seeing Serena van Der Woodsen, Blair Waldorf, Chuck Bass, Nate Archibald and other characters was my happiness back then. Around late 2009, I stopped watching Gossip Girl when some things in my life demanded more time from me.

Wednesday, August 14

I Fell In Love With This Case

I guess it's normal for girls like me to go crazy over pink stuff. As we all know, the color pink is always associated with women and ladies. 

So, when I received a package from Snugg two days ago, I felt ultimately happy. I got a brand new reliable and pretty case for free. And yes, its color is so lovely. Well, aside from the fact that the color pink iPad 2 case is adorable, it is also highly efficient. It's a must-have for a student-blogger like me. It does not only offer maximum protection for my iPad but also allows me to carry all the important things in one place. Another thing I love about it is that the item is a guaranteed perfect fit for my device.

Saturday, August 10

My Skin Essentials for Everyday Beauty

There are many skincare items available in the market these days. Several companies introduce their own beauty products line and claim that what they sell are better than others. As consumers, it is our task to choose the right skincare items to use. We have to consider several factors before saying "This is the one."

I have friends who always complain about their skin problems caused by the items they bought from different suppliers. They used to look into the prices first without considering the quality of the products. In fact, they do not even bother checking the side effects of the skincare items. Now that they have learned their lessons, they only choose nothing but the best for their skin. They know exactly what they want when it comes to taking good care of their face and body.

My Skin Essentials:


Thursday, August 8

iPad Keyboard Case to Love

Let's face it. The iPad produced by Apple is one of the best gadgets available in the market these days. iPad is perfect for everyone. It can be used by professionals to make their works and tasks easier. Students can also use the iPad to access their notes and review materials. Parents and stay-at-home moms can use it to download fitness and cooking applications. Bloggers can also use it to access their sites faster and more conveniently. Even kids love the iPad because of the educational games and simulation apps. But, there's one thing that we can't find in an iPad. Can you guess what it is?

Yes, an actual keyboard. So, the best thing to do is to simply get an iPad eKit case or (eKit iPad 4 Folio Deluxe). It's the perfect item for professionals and students. Lucky me, I got one from MobileFun together with the multi-functional portable desk.

Just Dance Goes Black and White by Lakas Atenista

Monday, August 5

Just Dance Goes Black and White by Lakas Atenista

In Top 10 Law School Memes, "One does not simply finish law exams and not party" is on the 9th spot. In my case last Friday, I decided to party the night before my exam. Yes, I ditched a "serious date" with my review materials and transcripts for Just Dance Goes Black and White. It is an annual event organized by Lakas Atenista to raise funds for the bar operations 2013. I was not able to study well for my 10AM exam but I had the best law school party to date. 

 photo 31QWrQkaTAL_SY355__zpsde3add65.jpgThe concept for this year's Just Dance is quite interesting. Guests will choose two places to party, either in Heaven or in Hell. Since I'm a good girl, I chose to stay in Heaven and ended up having cupcakes, lollipop cakes and bite-sized cheesecakes to satisfy my cravings for sweets. However, I went down to Hell where my friends chose to stay. I must say, people who partied in Hell are way wilder than those in Heaven. The event was a huge success. We, Lakas Atenista residents and members, were overwhelmed to see the support of many people. Not only lawyers and law students attended Just Dance 2013. Some of our non-law school friends also went at Hybrid Wheels N' More Compound for the Heaven-Hell party.

I'm proud because on that night, I only had three shots of Margarita. Nothing more. I also arrived home at 1AM and woke up at 6:30AM to prepare for my exam. So, how did I perform for my 2-hour exam? I don't know. Nothing is final until I receive my blue book a week or two weeks from now. May the odds be ever in my favor.

Thursday, August 1

Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo?

Since I have no time to write a review right now, let me just share the movie lines from the latest film produced by Star Cinema. I watched it last night with my law school friends. I might write follow up post next week! 

Mga dahilan kung bakit hindi ka crush ng crush mo:
1. Hindi niya type ang pagmumukha mo.
2. Masama ang ugali mo.
3. Hindi niya trip ang mga trip mong tv shows.
3. Sabi sa horoscope niyo hindi kayo bagay.
4.Wala ka sa radar niya at di ka niya napapansin.
5. Baka may syota ang isa sa inyo.
6.  Kung wala siyang syota, baka iba ang crush niya

 I hope you'll enjoy Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo quotes.

Wednesday, July 31

Happiness Means Giving Back

“At the end of life we will not be judged by how many diplomas we have received, how much money we have made, how many great things we have done. We will be judged by ‘I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was naked and you clothed me, I was homeless and you took me in.’ Hungry not only for bread — but hungry for love. Naked not only for clothing — but naked for human dignity and respect. Homeless not only for want of a room of bricks — but homeless because of rejection.” ~ Mother Teresa

Knowing that you have shared something to somebody is one of the best feelings in this world. The real measure of happiness is not having everything in this world but rather sharing whatever it is that you have to other people. It is by giving back that you actually receive more in life. 

Last Sunday, I attended the Children's Day organized by one of my good friends in Davao Bloggers Society, Naprey Almario. He blogs at Behind the Rolling Chair. He has been doing charity works for five years now. He started with Back to School Giving projects where he visits different orphanages to donate some school materials. For his birthday this year, he chose to celebrate it with eighty kids from the three different orphanages in Davao namely Balay Pasilungan, Padre Pio's Home for Children and Providence Home of St. Joseph. 


Tuesday, July 30

Portable Desk is A Must-Have

Blogging. Transcribing. Online working. Studying. These are the top four things that I do almost everyday. If I'm not facing my books, then I'm probably facing my laptop and iPad doing some online tasks and completing my blogging duties. It does not mean that I do not have a social life. Of course, I go out and party with my friends only when I'm finished with all my to-do's. I take some time to complete all the things I needed to do so I can have fun without feeling guilty. This is the reason why I always scout for things and products that will help me achieve my objectives in an efficient and effective manner.

One of the items I received this week was a brand new multi-functional portable desktop. With this item from MobileFun, everything became easier. Now, I can blog even if I'm on my bed. I don't feel any inconvenience at all. At the same time, I can also transcribe law school lectures without the need of a good table because I can adjust the portable laptop stand whenever I want to and in whatever style perfect for my current mood. I can also do my online tasks faster because I feel comfortable when working. Most importantly, I can already study even if I don't feel like getting up on bed. All that needs to be done is to set up the portable stand and I'm good to go.

Sunday, July 28

The Billy and Nikki Break Up

No one knows what really happened between Billy Crawford and Nikki Gil, except for the people who are close to them. Everyone was shocked when the used-to-be-sweet-and-loving couple announced on national television their breakup. The fans of the real life love team were disheartened when they heard of the news. Those who believe in love felt bad upon knowing that such a seemingly perfect couple called it quits. I've heard from one of my friends who was really affected about the breakup that the relationship ended because of a third party. One friend also said that maybe because Nikki and Billy got tired of whatever they have. I quote her, "They're in a perfect relationship. They don't get into big fights nor quarrel over small things. That's the reason why they parted ways."

This is the last photo posted by Nikki Gil on her Instagram account.
This photo was taken from ABS-CBN's article about the breakup.

Thursday, July 25

Where You're Most Likely To Find Unhappiness And How To Avoid It

Wouldn’t life be wonderful if we were all happy all the time? Of course, none of us live in this imaginary utopia for real. There are plenty of times when we must face periods of unhappiness. Of course, for some of us, it seems that we face more than our fair share of unhappiness. It can come from many sources and last for prolonged periods of time. So how can we avoid the misery life sometimes likes to throw at us? While it is impossible to avoid feeling blue from time to time, here are some tips to avoid it coming from certain areas of your life:
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Wednesday, July 24

Getting In Touch with Messaging and Calling Apps

Constant communication is one of the secrets of a happy relationship. This is the reason why I prioritize getting in touch with those dear to me. Even if we are miles apart, I make it a point that they can still feel my presence. With the advanced technology these days, communicating with my family and friends has become easy. As long as I have an internet connection, I can already send them messages or make calls worldwide. Of course, seeing them in person is much better but since distance have kept us physically apart, the best thing to do is to use the apps available.

These are the four messaging and calling applications I use to communicate with my loved ones all over the world. These applications offer their services for FREE. Yes, you read it right. I can make FREE calls and FREE messages and even video messaging.
The Arrangement: Watch Suits Season 3 Episode 1

Saturday, July 20

The Arrangement: Watch Suits Season 3 Episode 1

The long wait is finally over! Suits is back.

 photo 31QWrQkaTAL_SY355__zps1c00820c.jpg

On July 16, 2013, fans all over the world were celebrating as USA Network aired the first episode of Season 3 of the well-loved TV series Suits, starring Patrick J. Adams as Mike Ross and Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter. In the last episode of Season 2 entitled "War", viewers were left hanging about the merger that was about to happen between the two law firms under the management of Pearson and Darby. Towards the end, it was shown that the relationship between Harvey and Mike turned sour when the former felt betrayed by the latter whom he considers not only as an associate but also a brother. On the same episode, Mike Ross finally told Rachel that he never went to Harvard.


Friday, July 19

How To Find Happiness: My Ultimate Guide

We all want to be happy in life. But sometimes, it feels like it is an impossible goal and is very much out of our reach. After all, there are many situations and forces that play a part in our lives which we have no control over. However, that doesn’t mean that you should give up on your hunt for happiness. You deserve it, and it totally is within reach! Want to try and fill your life with joy and happiness? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here is my ultimate guide to finding happiness and leading a happy life.

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Thursday, July 18

"Shopping and Planning" Has Never Been This Fun

Shopping has always been my favorite thing to do. I believe that retail therapy is the answer to all my worries in life. Whenever I finish taking a mind-cracking exam in law school, the first thing I think of is to treat myself. When I say "treat to self", I mean going out with friends or enjoying a shopping spree. I look at it as a way of rewarding myself after surviving the stressful busy days. Whenever I get recognition and receive appreciation for all the tasks that I do, I also think of shopping. For me, it's the best reinforcement to keep myself inspired.

However, the problem comes in when I don't get enough "time" to shop. I have cases to read every day, exams almost every week and blog events every now and then. So, I end up running out of time. Good thing there are sites like that allows busy individuals like me to shop conveniently. This "time and money saving site" provides easy access to promotions, discounts, product offers and announcements from different brands and stores of the major cities in the country - Metro Manila, Davao and Cebu.

 photo 22b_zps022f18b2.png

Honestly, I thought that Save22 is only for girls like me who enjoy shopping but has a limited time to do it. Recently, I discovered that this site is a perfect place for those who wants to make plans for trips. Who would have thought that only can help me arrange my quick trip to Manila next week?

Tuesday, July 16

Monster University Quick Review with Quotes

A new animated film captured my heart. This movie is the latest masterpiece of Pixar Animation Studios. I'm amazed with how they can create a full-animated film with great effects and at the same time, add a beautiful story to every character in the film. Monster University was released by Walt Disney Pictures last June 20, 2013.

Saturday, July 13

Jane by Design: It Was Fun While It Lasted

It's never to late to express my disappointment about ABC's cancellation of the wonderful TV series Jane by Design.

Did you know that I only learned about this show two weeks ago? I was bored and dead-tired from completing all my readings one afternoon so I turned the TV on and saw Jane Quimby for the very first time. She welcomes all the viewers, in every episode, with the line "That's me. Jane Quimby. My life is a little complicated right now. I live my fashion dream job working for her, Gray Chandler Murray. The problem? They think I'm an adult. So, I'm juggling two secret lives. One at high school and one on high fashion."

There are just so many things to love about this TV show and up to this very moment, I wonder why ABC cancelled it. They broke the hearts of JbD fans by not coming up with a new season. They left everyone hanging with the last episode of Season 1. Now, no one knows what happened to the story of Jane, her bestfriend Billy, brother Ben, guidance counselor Rita, boss Gray, antagonist India and many more. But... I'm still hoping that ABC might reconsider their decision about Jane by Design. They have no idea how this show inspired millions of people around the world.

Monday, July 8

Despicable Me 2: Cutest Movie Ever

To welcome a brand new week right, my friends and I decided to go on a movie date and watch the latest film that everyone is talking about - Despicable Me 2. We cancelled all our study plans, headed to Cinema 3 of Abreeza Mall and allowed the movie to take all our worries away. It seemed like we made a great decision because Gru, the girls and the minions didn't only make us laugh. They actually made us feel really good. It was felt heavenly to just sit in a comfortable chair and think of nothing else but the movie right in front of us.

Oh, It's July Already

Saturday, July 6

Oh, It's July Already

The truth is I want to write something great in my blog. I have been trying to keep myself inspired for the past three days but I always end up with zero ideas about things to blog about. Since I'm quite desperate in updating The Coffee Chic and trying to welcome July 2013 even if it's the 6th day already, I decided to create a short story of how my June went. Thanks to Storify! In less than 5 minutes, I was able to make a short compilation of my Instagram photos and some tweets.

Friday, July 5

Urban Night: An Exclusive Party for the Friends of Bauhaus Abreeza

Look what arrived in my mail last Monday! It's an invitation for a great fashion party at Bauhaus Abreeza Mall.

Top 10 Law School Memes

Saturday, June 29

Top 10 Law School Memes

They say that law school is a jealous mistress. It requires so much of your time and demands for your attention every single day. You have to do many readings to save yourself from your professors and of course, to learn something which will help you in taking the bar examinations. Some people also say that law school is not a simple walk in the park. They say "It's a jungle out there." 

I wasn't able to prove any of these things until I decided to study law. While it may be true that the College of Law is not easy, it doesn't mean that it has nothing great to offer. Since day 1 in law school up to this very moment, I can say that I'm truly happy with what I'm doing. I may not get to party every night like I used to do nor sleep for more than eight hours everyday, but I know that deep down in my heart, I am happy. There are times when my efforts are not appreciated but it doesn't matter because I know that I'm capable of striving harder. There are also days when I feel completely down and stressed due to the bulk of readings to do and exams to complete. With all these imperfections in law school, I still find myself contented and happy. 

To keep me same, I watch law-related TV series like Suits and visit my favorite Law School Memes page on Facebook. In this post, I will share the top 10 memes I like from the page.

1. What do law students say to sleep? Not today.

 photo 11721_217495355056860_1284914594_n_zps3f713b3e.jpg

Sunday, June 23

Start Here: BlackBerry Bold 9900

One of the reasons why I love BlackBerry is its amazing BlackBerry Messenger. Most of my friends are on BBM so with a BB phone, communicating with them becomes more convenient. There is no need to connect with a Wi-fi hotspot or turn my 3G connection before I can access the BBM. I can easily send random photos whenever I find something interesting, invite them for a quick hangout during my free time and most of all, annoy them with my messages. 

All BlackBerry phones have this great feature, even the BlackBerry Bold 9900 which I was able to review for a period of two weeks.


Monday, June 17

Congratulations to the Birthday Bash Winners

My May 2013 Birthday Bash was a huge success. Thank you to all my lovely readers who entered the giveaway. There were 24,156 entries in the Rafflecopter code. Again, thank you so much. You can check the link to the giveaway here.

Friday, June 14

Excited for Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2013

"Tomorrow we begin another food journey with the 2013 Davao Food Appreciation Tour (DFAT) Team. DFAT is the longest-running and most anticipated travel and food blogging event in the country." - Ria Jose of Kusina Maria


Monday, June 10

Who Let the Dog Out?

Toffee is back with a brand new webisode! Everyone will surely love this new video of our famous little Jack Russell Terrier. Before you watch the latest finale of the lovely Toffee series, please check the other two webisodes:

Toffee certainly lives a good life!

Here is the third and final webisode:

Toffee doesn't know how to read time but he certainly knows the perfect time to bug his mama. In the final episode, little Toffee wants to go on a park but his mama is so busy with the computer. How can Toffee enjoy a day at the park when no one can take him there?

So, who let the dog out?
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