Bar Operations 2012: One Sunday I Will Never Forget

Despite our hectic schedule in law school, my friends and I still decided to book a flight to Manila during our exam week. We cancelled our study plans and created a new itinerary for our short yet sweet weekend getaway. We wanted to go to the metro to serve the Ateneo de Davao College of Law barristers for the year 2012. We knew it was going to be fun and exciting especially that we have chosen the last Sunday of the bar exams. Of course, things happened the way we wanted them to be. Bar operations 2012 was a complete success!

The main reason why I made some sacrifices for the bar operations is that I wanted to make sure if law school is something that I really love. I needed to put myself into a different world which I might be entering five or six years from now. To see the barristers on the last day of their exam made me realize one thing: I want to take the bar exam soon. I should work hard so I can reach my dream soon.

It was such an amazing feeling to wake up early in a Sunday morning, to miss breakfast (which I don't usually do) and to stay outside the gate of UST (University of Sto. Thomas) from 5:30-8:00am so I can attend to the needs of the bar takers. For the very first time in my entire life, I gathered the different tips to be distributed for my fellow Lakas Atenista members. These "blue tips" or reviewers are usually given hours before the exam starts. Some of the upper class men told me that these tips often serve as "security blankets" for the takers to make them feel more relaxed before taking a mind-cracking and jaw-breaking examination.

From left to right: Medes, Maui, Von, Abby, Algene (me), Yna, Harris, Paulo, Pres. Marco and Dean Quibod [Photo taken during the Salubong!]

The Supreme Student Council of Ateneo - College of Law did a good job in gathering all the needed things for the bar operations. Everything was already planned. All we needed to do was to simply execute what had been laid down. The photo above was taken while we were waiting for the barristers' lunch break. One of our tasks is to provide them free lunch packs so they no longer need to stress themselves where and what to eat.

Presenting the great men and women who made Bar Operations 2012 fun and successful. Only Pres. Marco and ate Medes are students in the photo above. The rest are lawyers! Oh how I wish I could be like them someday. I dream of having my own scroll number in the roll of attorneys.

Oh yes! Finally, a group picture of me and my lovely friends who flew all the way from Davao to Manila just to attend the Bar Operations 2012! 

Look how excited people are for the Salubong! At around 4pm, students, teachers, families and other supporters gathered outside the gates of UST to welcome the bar takers who just finished their exams. Everyone was so happy to say "hi" to future lawyers! 


  1. Galing! Law student ka pala! :D

    I remember my Nanay kept prodding me about going to law school. I just told her: As if naman kaya ng utak ko Nay, noh? LOL! My mom's confidence towards her only daughter. tsk!

    Goodluck on your school endeavor!

  2. Wow! that is so fun .., it made me look forward to my own moment of going into BAr Ops :)

  3. Goodluck on your goals, am sure you will succeed on it as you are very determined!

  4. I can see the overflowing support for the future lawyers.
    You can make it too just continue to study hard. God bless.

  5. A future lawyer in the making. Just don't get bored, yan daw ang kalaban ng mga law students.

  6. Some of my friends went to the Bar Ops too and they told me they had a blast.

    It must have been one of a kind experience for you, Algene. I'm sure you'd reap the fruit of your labor in becoming one of the brilliant lawyers one day. Goodluck!

    1. Hopefully ate Lains! Sana nga magbunga lahat ng 'to :) Good luck nga pala sa COMELEC for the upcoming elections!

  7. Aww! Bar stories. Something that I don't have kasi frustrated law student lang si ako. LOL.

    Good luck nga pala sayo! :)

  8. wishing you the best on your goals, I know you will make it, glad that your involvement has convinced you further to be in one day in their shoes as well

  9. So many students were taking bar exams, anyway best lucks of your pals who are taking exam on that day. You are very supportive to them too, two thumbs up for you.

  10. good luck Algene, i know someday you'll be one of them! who knows your FBF family will cheer you then...:)

  11. Looks like a very memorable day to celebrate.

  12. Wow Algene hope you pass and follow your dream...Good luck...

  13. wow this sound so exciting! i see a lot of happy faces here. good luck to u sis.


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