Monday, December 31

Make Your Kitchen Digital and Energy Efficient

There are a growing number of consumers sick of paying outrageous energy bills as the prices of electricity and gas have rocketed in recent years. There are also a number of consumers who are becoming increasingly more interested in becoming greener.

Energy efficient appliances could be the first step for any household to becoming ultimately greener. To keep track of the energy used in your household, there is now a device that links to Google’s electricity monitoring web application and gives you a dashboard from which you can decipher what the worst time of the day is for energy use and how you can cut down on your bills.
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Online Shopping Saves Time

Online shopping is the only luxury that I could afford as of the moment. Ever since I started to enroll in the law school, everything in my life changed. I barely have time to get the things I need in the mall. The hours I would use walking in different shops and checking cool items are absolutely time consuming. Because of this, I prefer shopping via available online stores.

 One of my well-loved shop is EdenFantasys. This US-based e-commerce store caters to various needs and wants of their customers. They never failed to satisfy everyone with the great products they provide. Just recently, I made an order from them and received these products:

Sunday, December 30

One More Try Movie Review and Quotes

My week-long vacation in my mom's place ended last night when the whole family decided to go back to the city for the new year. When we reached Davao earlier this morning, my lovely mom and I listed all the tasks we need to complete before the 31st. The list includes getting the groceries done so we headed to the nearest mall this afternoon. However, before we went to the supermarket, we chose to watch "One More Try" which we have been eyeing since December 25. The two hours we spent in the movie house was really worth it. We both enjoyed the film and admired the story line. 

"One More Try" is one of the official entries of Star Cinema in Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) this year. The film is starred by Angelica Panganiban, Dingdong Dantes, Zanjoe Marudo and Angel Losin. The story revolves around the lives of two couples who love each other deeply, a mother who will do everything for her dying child, a father who is longing to be with his son, a wife who will fight for her husband and a lover who will wait for his love. 

The story:
Everything was perfect between Edward and Jack (Dingdong Dantes and Angelica Panganiban) until Grace (Angel Locsin) came into the scene. Grace needed the help of Edward to save their dying child - Bochok. The kid needs a bone marrow transplant to cure his serious illness. They did everything they could but they failed which led them to the last option possible. Grace and Edward needed to have another child in order to save the life of Bochok. With this happening, the lives of the four lovers became complicated. Tristan (Zanjo Marudo) is Grace's boyfriend in the movie.

Extraordinary Love for Blogging

Friday, December 28

Extraordinary Love for Blogging

I am writing this post to express my gratitude to the officers and members of the Official Davao Bloggers for giving me two awards last December 7, 2012. For some people, the two certificates I received were just pieces of papers with some words printed on it. However, for someone like me who has a deep love for blogging, those awards mean a lot. It feels really good to know that there are some individuals who recognize all the works I do for my blogs, especially for The Coffee Chic.

The Bloggers Royale: Davao Bloggers Christmas Party 2012 was held at My Hotel on a Friday night. I had second thoughts on attending the events because of my classes in the law school. But when I thought of the things that I might miss, I decided to be absent for the four subjects. I guess I made a good decision because only two professors held their classes and most importantly, because of the Davao Blog Awards.

Wednesday, December 19

The Magic of Christmas with David Pomeranz

If there is one thing that I would never forget in December 2012, it is seeing Mr. David Pomeranz in person. I can't believe that I had a once in a lifetime chance to meet the most-talented international singer I have ever known. I grew up listening to his songs and feeling every lyrics of his pieces. Some of my favorite songs of Mr. David are Born for You, Got to Believe in Magic, Undying Admiration and If You Walked Away. What I admire about him is that he sings from the bottom of his heart. His love songs send special messages to its listeners which is why it is unquestionable why many fans love him.


On December 16, 2012, Media Nation invited some bloggers to witness The Magic of Christmas with David Pomeranz at Casino Filipino. It's a week before my exam but still, I confirmed my attendance and promised to be present on the event. I guess I made the right decision because I really had intense fun. It was such a fulfilling feeling to see my favorite singer perform live. The close encounter I had with Mr. David Pomeranz is something that I will remember forever. That one special night will always be in my memory.
Sending My Love and Prayers to the Angels

Saturday, December 15

Sending My Love and Prayers to the Angels

There are only nine days to go before Christmas. Last night, I was feeling giddy and excited for the upcoming holidays. I was thinking of the break from school and time to be spent with the persons I love. Christmas is truly something wonderful to celebrate with families and friends. However, when I heard of the news this morning, my heart was broken into pieces. There were sad tweets filling my Twitter dashboard with hash tags #CTShooting and #PrayforNewtown. Then, I learned of the tragic Connecticut Massacre where twenty beautiful angels and six adults were killed. Suddenly, I found myself crying upon reading the different news articles on the web. 

Christmas is fast-approaching and I can't believe that the victims of the shooting will not be able to experience the merry season. The little angels who passed away will no longer feel the excitement of placing socks outside their doors while waiting for Santa to grant their wishes. They will no longer have the chance to receive lovely gifts from their parents nor share sweet dinner with their families. I am saddened by the thoughts that those parents who lost their sons and daughters will not have a merry Christmas this year. They will be in pain for losing their beautiful little angels.

Thursday, December 13

Bloggers Royale: Davao Bloggers Christmas Party 2012


"Let's end the year with a *BANG* by taking part in this year's Davao Bloggers Christmas Party. Entitled "Bloggers Royale", this year's party will be nothing short of glamorous with a glittery Casino-themed venue, a flurry of surprise red carpet activities and bloggers masquerading in James Bond and Bond Girl-esque fashion! Trust me, this event is not to be missed!"

When I received this event notification on my Facebook account, I got excited and immediately pressed "Join" without event thinking about the classes I had to attend on that day. After confirming my attendance for the most-awaited Christmas party of Davao Bloggers, I started to feel pressure. First, I thought of the four subjects I would miss because of the event. Second, I had no idea what to wear for Bloggers Royale. Some of my blogger friends already started to post updates and Instagram photos of their outfits for the party. Third, my hectic schedule at school prevented me from doing all the necessary preparations. But when the big day came, I couldn't believe that everything was perfect. 



Saturday, December 8

The Best of Nicholas Sparks - The Wedding

It's been a while since I last had a chance to read a good book. For the past few months, I have been busy reviewing and memorizing some sentences on my academic books. Law school related readings were the only ones that have kept me occupied. However, last week, I realized that I needed to get back to pleasing myself with good reads. So, I asked some of my friends to send me their copies of lovely books. At the same time, I also bought some ebooks online.

The first set of books I got was written by Nicholas Sparks. I bet everyone knows this amazing author. He is a well-known and highly-recognized writer all over the world. He is the best when it comes to writing romantic novels. He has his own way of presenting the different characters which inspire every reader. 

One of his masterpieces is The Wedding. I was able to make some time to read this novel. The story of The Wedding revolves around a married couple, their kids and the people surrounding them. When Mr. Wilson, a lawyer, forgot their 29th wedding anniversary, his wife Jane felt really bad. The husband realized that he failed to fulfill the duties and promises he had promised to his wife and to his family. Because of this, he started to make some changes and thought of ways how to win back the love of his life. He had one year to make everything right. Every single day, he reminded himself of the happy moments he had shared with Jane all throughout the years. Well, let's just say that the 30th anniversary of Wilson and Jane was the best. This book is truly inspiring. It is full of love and happiness. 

My favorite pages of the book are those where the conversations of Wilson and Noah (Jane's father) are printed. There are so many good things about The Wedding! I am happy that I was able to read it despite my hectic schedule at school. Nothing beats the happiness that books offer to its readers especially those that are written by great authors like Nicholas Sparks and Paulo Coelho. Next week, I will start reading Daniel Handler's Why We Broke Up. 
Belle de Jour Power Planner Giveaway

Wednesday, December 5

Belle de Jour Power Planner Giveaway

It's December already and I can feel the Christmas season. The spirit of giving and sharing is truly in the air. On the first day of the month, my mom surprised me with a diamond ring. The day before that, I received an email from an online company asking if I would like to host a giveaway of $500 coupon codes to my readers at I Heart Giveaways. Then, the most recent gift I got was from BDJ. It's a brand new Belle de Jour Power Planner 2013.

Belle de Jour Power Planner is especially made for the Pinay fashionista achiever. The term Belle de Jour (bel duh zhoor’) is French fashion lingo for “It” girl, we have redefined it to mean the modern day renaissance woman who dares to achieve her goals, lives her dream life, makes a difference in her community, while doing everything in great style.

Saturday, December 1

Bar Operations 2012: One Sunday I Will Never Forget

Despite our hectic schedule in law school, my friends and I still decided to book a flight to Manila during our exam week. We cancelled our study plans and created a new itinerary for our short yet sweet weekend getaway. We wanted to go to the metro to serve the Ateneo de Davao College of Law barristers for the year 2012. We knew it was going to be fun and exciting especially that we have chosen the last Sunday of the bar exams. Of course, things happened the way we wanted them to be. Bar operations 2012 was a complete success!

The main reason why I made some sacrifices for the bar operations is that I wanted to make sure if law school is something that I really love. I needed to put myself into a different world which I might be entering five or six years from now. To see the barristers on the last day of their exam made me realize one thing: I want to take the bar exam soon. I should work hard so I can reach my dream soon.
Eden Bloggers Program

Eden Bloggers Program

Some of my blogger friends are already asking about the opportunities I receive from They are asking me how they can get in to the bloggers program of this wonderful online shop. The reason why they wish to become one of the partners of EdenFantasys is because they want to shop for free items. All they need to do is to blog about the store and get some gift codes for the posts. 

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Tips for Packing Your Wine Collection

There are undeniably some things in life which make you beam with unprecedented joy – watching your favorite team win over the obvious crowd favorite … getting a back rub from your significant other, or looking at your prized wine collection. 

Since this wine collection is something you hold dear, it only makes sense to care for it like you would your favorite pet. If you happen to be faced with the predicament of moving to a new place, for instance, you most definitely will take extra care when transporting those precious bottles of liquor. Although the task of packing those breakable bottles seems quite daunting, don’t let it break your heart. Here are a few things to remember when packing and moving your wine collection.

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