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Basic Personal Makeup Workshop

What I love about wearing makeup is that it can boost my confidence in an instant. When I was a little younger, I had no interest in cosmetics and beauty products. I used to believe that these things will not do any good to me. However, when I reached college, I started to become interested in lipsticks, eye shadows, dip liners and other makeup items. My best friend, who absolutely loves wearing makeup, made me realize that there is something more to collecting different set of palettes, getting new shades of lipsticks and using cosmetics to highlight our faces. She taught me how to appreciate the beauty that makeup brings to every woman in the world.

Since then, I have grown my interest in learning new tips and tricks about makeup. I started to watch videos on how to apply concealers and BB creams. I also researched about the steps on how to make contours and blend eye shadow colors. Some of the apps on my iPad are about makeups and beauty tips. Nowadays, I no longer shop for dresses and clothes alone. I already include cosmetics on my purchases. Up to this moment, I am still practicing on how to do a personal makeup the right way. In fact, just recently, I attended a Basic Personal Makeup Workshop by Ryan Wong and Noeh Jani at the Yellow Hauz. The workshop was exclusive for Davao bloggers.

On the said event, I learned many new tips and tricks from the two of the best makeup artists in Davao city. Noeh and Ryan introduced several techniques on how to be good at doing personal makeup. According to them, the most important thing of all is choosing the right shade for our skin tones. As Ryan said, "Choosing your shade is like choosing your partner. Find the one that suits you." If we fail to find the right shade for our 
skin, then we will not get the output we wish to have. Worse, it can cause us some trouble.

When it comes to buying concealer and corrector, we must take note of the following:
- Corrector is used for extreme under-eye darkness; concealer is perfect for lifting and brightening the face.
- Corrector can be pink or peach toned.
- Concealer must blend into our skin. It must be one or two shades lighter than the foundation we use.

Another tip I learned from the duo is that we should be aware of the correct usage for each brush. We must know what brush to use for every makeup item. It can be really tragic if we use a short shader brush, for eye shadow application, to our lips.

Tips on taking good care of our brushes:
- Make sure to clean them regularly as bacteria can easily build up on these tools. 
- There are many makeup brush cleaners available in the market. So, it is highly recommended to purchase these items for maintenance of the brushes.
- Place them in an organized kit for protection.

For the eye shadows, we can mix any colors we want. To be safe, we must have a "posh" or "white" eye shadow colors to complement the others. Eye makeup can be natural or smokey. For daily makeup, the first one is better. Smokey eye makeup is perfect for events and parties.

The Basic Personal Makeup Workshop was held at the Yellow Hauz. While I was taking down notes and following all the steps introduced by Noeh and Ryan, I made sure that I have coffee with me. 

These are the videos taken during the event. Learn from the best!

The Coffee Chic with Ryan Wong and Noeh Jani. These two great individuals will conduct another workshop this coming December. This time, it will be open for all! 

"Mark DECEMBER 1 (Saturday) in your calendars, Beauties! The workshop is from 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. Workshop fee is ONLY Php 1.5k if FULL HOUSE! :)" - Ryan Wong's Facebook Page

Do you want to get makeup tips and tricks for free? If yes, then I suggest that you follow these awesome and talented artists on Facebook! You can also follow them on Twitter - Ryan and Noeh.

Special thanks to Ryan Wong and Noeh Jani for conducting the workshop free of charge. Thank you also to Ms. Ria for organizing the Tete-a-Tete 4: Basic Makeup Workshop and for introducing Chloe's Cheesecake bites.


  1. I've been wanting to attend the event but the date falls on my father's special day.

    Sayang at libre pa naman sana yun. Looking forward to that second workshop, I just hope I have the time to attend :)

  2. Hope you'll enjoy your Ellana Posh Eyeshadow. =)

  3. wow... love the tips.., :) i'm also in love with makeup...but i haven't practiced much. instead, i opt to wearing my daily make up natural.

    Riza of

  4. Ang galing naman, wish I could learn how to put make up on hehehe.

  5. Wow, I love it kasi di ako masyadong magaling mag make-up.

  6. Sige pa mga sis, malapit na malapit na talagag akong mag-open ng Fashion Center ko. LOL Nice tips sabi ni misis.

  7. thanks so much for this blog, sweetie! xoxo

  8. thank you so much for this blog, sweetie! xoxo

  9. Great and helpful tips. I'm really not into make-ups but I noted this one.

  10. I love the tips you've shared! I have tons of make-up and I always end up not using them because of my lack of make-up talent :) That Ryan Wong looks very familiar. Maybe I'm just mistaken but he looks like my make-up artist when I got married but nah, he's too young. I guess it's not him.

  11. ME too. I just recently learned how to use make-up properly. I haven't joined workshops like this (lucky you, it's all just my experience and thanks to some YouTube make-up tutorial videos. It boost up my self-esteem as well, which is good.

  12. I'm a big makeup fanatic. I love wearing make up all the time that my husband always complain that it took me too long in front of the mirror fixing myself. I have no problem about finding the right colors for me because I knew what suits my skin tone.I love to know more about makeup and some tricks to improve my knowledge, that's why I keep on researching about it.. You're so lucky to have a free training. I wish we can also have something like that here in Cebu.. Thanks sis, Algene you really look stunning!

  13. wow, you are a good artist, love the way you put make up on with because it is looks natural

  14. yeah it is important to clean your makeup brush regularly so it's really safe and clean when its time for you to use them.

  15. I am wearing eye shadows sometimes but yeah I am really not the expert, it is good to join this kind of workshops you will learn how to put make up on, this can also start for a good business.

  16. wow, that's really cool! not really much of a make up fan but I like to put them on once in a blue moon...special occasions maybe.

  17. wow, that's great. this is something that i would love to learn. :) hindi kasi ako marunong, i am ok with lip gloss lang, hehehe! everyone looks great in your last pic. thanks for sharing.

  18. Hi Algene, haven't done my make up blog pa for this.. hehe.. nahiya naman ako at ksali ako sa video mo :D

  19. haven't done my post yet.. nahiya naman ako at ksali pa ako dun sa video :)

  20. Good for you, Algene! It helps us to be more woman when we get more tips and tricks like these from the experts. I have only learned to apply and adore make ups after I graduated from college and worked in the office immediately. My mother would often scold me when I leave the house minus the lipstick. Indeed, it makes us feel and look prettier and the boost in our self- esteem as a woman is so much appreciated.

  21. Oh this one is great for me since I do not know how to use them. I got a whole set of makeup but not yet use it.

  22. great make-up tips! it does really boost your confidence, specially if you are in a corporate world. but for a SAHM like me.. i stick with lipgloss, and lipcare. =D but if i go out with hubby.. thats the time that i wear something on my face.


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