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Res Toe Run is best known to satisfy any person's appetite for shoes. This store offers variety of foot wears that will surely satisfy the needs and wants of every member in the family. Moms can choose comfortable sandals that they can use while staying at home or getting groceries done. Dads can also select unique designs of shoes for their golf activities, business meetings and casual affairs. There are also basketball shoes perfect for the kuyas and well-designed slippers for the ates. The little ones in the family can also get cute shoes, sandals and slippers that will make them lovelier.

I have always loved Res Toe Run because of the different brands it offers to their customers. Whenever I want to get a brand new pair of shoes, the first thing that comes into my mind is this shop. I no longer need to transfer from one place to another because almost all brands are already there. 

Just recently, I was able to visit this restaurant-themed shoe store and take a look at their newest collections. The visit was in line of the event organized by the management of Abreeza Mall - The Bloggers Day Out. Several bloggers went to the mall and shop from different participating Abreeza stores. Luckily, I got a chance to shop at Res Toe Run for free.

Among the brands available at Res Toe Run, Bandals Footwear really caught my attention. With their tag line "Changeable by design," one can already say that there is something absolutely unique about Bandals. The straps of Bandals slippers and sandals can be changed any time and any where. You can buy one sole or footwear base then select additional straps. The straps are changeable according to your mood.

"Bandals allows you to personalize your look to suit any mood or wardrobe change by simply sliding the band through the sole of your shoe. Perfect for women who are on the go, like to travel light, and keep their options open! Bandals footwear is designed to deliver a soft, comfortable fit that is as easy to wear as it is to change. With generous arch support, fully molded foot beds, and sponge EVA construction, Bandals gives you shoes that look great AND feel great! Change, comfortably with Bandals." - from Bandals site

The 2011 Bandals Footwear Collection includes the following:
  • Classic Casual
  • Fashion Flip
  • Mezzanine
  • Beach
  • Runway
  • Roman
  • Boot Hugs

At the end of the day, my ultimate choice was the Mezzanine Bandals Wedge. As described, "This slip-on sandal's perfect platform wedge looks stylishly strappy and feels comfortable at the office and after hours. Signature interchangeable bands and great foot support will have you living life on the wedge." Mezzanine is perfect for me especially that I am always on the go these days. Instead of wearing my usual plain slippers, I can now treat myself to a comfortable wedge! Yes, it is still fashionable without sacrificing my comfort.

As mentioned earlier, Res Toe Run sells different brands of shoes and sandals coming from all parts of the world. This shoe store is like a restaurant that satisfies the cravings and appetite of its customers. The brands also available at Res Toe Run are: Columbia, Golukai, Sanuk, Tretorn, Native, Fitflop, Kruzin, DC, Ellese Italia, Sledgers, Salomon, The North Face, BoxFresh, Quiksilver, Roxy, Kickers, Shulong, People's Walk, Swims and Salvatos. 

I can't help but admire these collection of shoes for the little ones! Since Abreeza Mall will be having a Pre-Holiday Sale next week, I will come back at Res Toe Run and shop for the best foot wears for my niece and nephew. The sale will start on November 12 and will end on November 18, 2012. 


These are the people that make Res Toe Run a success. In the middle is Mae Sanchez - the marketing officer. During my interview with her, she said, "Res Toe Run offers a variety of shoes that would fit every member of the family. Every personality, every lifestyle. It is a good store to visit if you want to shop for shoes to fit your personality. Res Toe Run satisfies your appetite for shoes."

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Thank you so much Abreeza Mall and Res Toe Run for the treat. I love my new pair of Bandals footwear with three beautiful straps.


  1. Another shoe store. Christmas is coming and shoes are gonna be selling hotcakes again.

    1. This means every shopper should start saving now for Holiday shopping :p

  2. Res Toe Run sure have a wide range of shoe brands and assortment to offer! Love those Bandals!

  3. One of my goals before this year ends is to have a pair of running shoes and ditch heels for a week. I guess Res Toe Run is a nice place that has an extensive array of comfortable footwear. :)

    1. Make sure to shop soon sis. Or wait ka for the promo periods para naman maka-save. I'm a bargain shopper kasi kaya I always make sure I get my favorite items on sale.

  4. So many shoes, so little time...
    Those Bandals are a great innovation. I should visit Res Toe Run soon. The one that's nearest me is the one in Shangri-la

    1. Good luck on your shopping activity sis! Have fun :)


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