An Eco-efficient home: The Elements Way

Living in an eco-efficient home means that you are not only thinking of the environment in which you live, but also saving yourself a lot of money. There are many ways you can enjoy this the Elements way. 

An innovation in environmental technology has entrenched itself in today's modern condominium living. To help alleviate pollution in Manila, GFL Communities Inc., has introduced the eco-efficient home in the Philippines.

Elements Eco-efficient Residences have many benefits that set the standards for a new way of condominium living that incorporate energy and water conservation complemented by pro-active recycling. 

“Elements Residences is not just your typical exclusive residential development. It is a development that embraces the efficient use of advanced technologies,” according to GFL Chief Operating Officer Princeton Huang.

This modern marvel has green roofs that help you relax as you surround yourself with greenery. They also impact on lowering the urban air temperature. In addition, the sky gardens give you the luxury of enjoying fresh air even though it is located in the heart of busy Pasig City. Elements’ two towers, Aire (Air) and Nerou (Water.)

Low-flow household fixtures in your home lessen your water consumption drastically. This is applied to every part of your home, not only to toilet fixtures, but also shower heads, bidets and kitchen faucets. 

The whole building itself is eco-efficient. Tenants would be happy to know that Elements personally helps recycle one’s garbage even as they pick up your trash right outside your condominium unit. A good recycling example is practiced by Elements headquarters themselves. They use and re-use their office supplies to help alleviate depletion of resources.

The rainwater catchment in the buildings also helps amend the flooding by gathering rainwater and prevents it from accumulating in the sewage systems, It provides a sustainable source of usable water as it collects the rainwater for the Sky Garden and Hanging Garden. It also serves as water storage for the building maintenance. 

Elements Residences’ eco-efficiency makes it a haven for many urban dwellers. Despite the fact that the project site is located in a bustling city, it provides its tenants with fresh air and a soothing environment. Moreover, since it is situated in one of the highest peaks in Metro Manila, flooding is rarely or seldom experienced.

Indeed, the Elements way makes it possible for you to enjoy nature in the middle of an urban jungle.

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