Rewind and Forward


The choices we make are irreversible. We cannot hit the "rewind" button to that part of our lives when we make stupid and thoughtless choices. Those choices that, when we look back at it, we ask ourselves the reason for such choices. It makes me laugh to think about the countless times when I would just wish I could go back to different moments in my life and change something. But I never could. I would, sometimes, wake up in the morning and hope that I had gone a day back. But it never was. I only keep moving forward. 

Choices are never isolated. One thing usually leads to another. Sad part, most of our stupid choices lead to some other stupid choices. REASON, because we never learn. we refuse to keep moving forward and instead, stop and pause and wish to go back. Rewind. We waste good opportunities to learn because all we see are stupid choices not learning experiences.


Stupid choices are not facts, they are a matter of perception. stupid choices become barricades. Stupid choices become unopened windows. Your choice. They could be barricades that completely hinder you from moving forward. or they become unopened windows, those untapped opportunities that, once tapped and opened, could lead to something amazing. perception. 


Happiness. Satisfaction. Misery. Regret. The difference of how we perceive stupid mistakes lies in the emotional stance of the self.

This post is written by a friend of mine from law school. 


  1. ahh, the choices we make is irreversible, right! but we can always stand on it. And that our individual perception may vary at one point at a time depending on our point of reference.

  2. I wish there's also a delete or undo button hehhehe.. but that's life.. every thing or those choices that we make wrong or right can teach us lessons in life.

  3. It all makes us human. They are one of the ingredients in life that we need for us to become a better person

  4. If I ask forgiveness, mistakes are gone.. If I did it again, I ask forgiveness again. Only your heart can make you feel okay. Faith in God and asking forgiveness to him will make you at ease.

  5. you got me thinking, lol. i think everything that we do is a choice, from point a to point b. so if everything is a choice, there's always a chance to bounce back or be on a better situation than where we were before. we just have to choose wisely the next time around. if we make a mistake, then commit to making a good choice again.

  6. i would certainly agree with your friend from law school po...

    dwelling on a previous mistake won't do any good. but instead we strive to move forward and do better... that's how we learn.. :)

  7. yes we cant rewind it but we can fix it. and share our experiences to the young so they will not make the same mistakes again

  8. I definitely agree with you 100%, most of us stop, and pause, and wish to go back- I have time I do this is in my lazy day.sigh ;)

  9. I'd say life is a choice, the decisions we make are what defines us. we may make mistakes but eventually we learn from this mistakes. :)

  10. i wish i can turn back the time and see into the future to know what's ahead of me ...

  11. Yes the choices we make are irreversible but there's always a second chance and we can always do the right thing.

  12. those mistakes make us who we are, mostly. :)


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