How eBooks Saved My Job

I promised myself last year that I would quit my job after the Christmas holidays. Funnily enough, I loved my job and still do now. However, I found that the 2 hours of commuting everyday began to get me down, and thought I’d start looking for a job closer to home. I found that no matter how many new albums I put on my iPod, I just couldn’t escape away from the over-crowding, delays and stale air. This was all until I was given the Amazon Kindle for Christmas, and discovered the thousands of online books available for download. As corny as it sounds, I now love the commute!

I was actually quite sceptical at first about e-books. Mostly because:

1. I hadn’t enjoyed a decent paper book for a quite a while, let alone an electronic one.
2. I thought it would be difficult to get into a book, if I was staring at a grey screen. I was totally wrong.

My first download was The Hobbit ebook by J.R.R. Tolkien. I knew the film adaptation was coming out soon and wanted to make sure I could read the book first. Being a big fan of the “Lord of the Rings” film trilogy, I knew I would find the story interesting and enjoyable.

I found that with the Kindle, I was able to read about Bilbo Baggins and his venture across Middle Earth at the most peculiar times. I didn’t have to be sat comfortably, but could pick up from my last page on escalators, train platforms, bus stops and even standing on the train. Its ease of use and convenience meant I could be transported away from the black tunnels of the underground to the black forest of Mirkwood.

Since Christmas, I have obviously kept my job, and read through countless books. In fact I’m going through two books at a time, choosing which one I want to read depending on my mood.

I think my next download will be I, Alex Cross by James Patterson. I have already read a few books from the Alex Cross series, and I quite enjoyed them. I also saw a trailer for the Alex Cross film earlier this year, and suspected there was a lot more the book would have to offer. Looks like I’ll be renewing my Oyster card after all.

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  1. I am a huge fan of ebooks!!! Glad you found something to make your commute easier.


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