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Voucher codes have been part of my everyday life for a while now. I have friends who will not go to a restaurant without first consulting their favourite voucher code provider.

Initially, voucher codes were contained on static internet devices and you had to print the code off from your computer. This hindered those who either didn’t have a printer or who were not up to scratch on their printer maintenance, which, to be fair, can be a fairly costly operation and there are a lot more glamorous purchases out there than a new ink cartridge!

The first voucher codes were really just for experiences and days out but they soon filtered through to the field of eating out and it seems that this is where voucher codes have really made their niche.

Net Voucher Codes are now so heavily used there are whole chains of restaurants that subscribe to the same schemes as well as one off family run eateries.

You should definitely have a look around for what voucher codes have to offer before planning meal out. A lot of the codes are great for couples but some even offer discounts for big groups.

It’s not always straight money off, some codes allow for customers to enjoy special treats such as a champagne reception or a free starter. Some restaurants have been especially creative with their offers in order to bring in more custom.

The best part about voucher codes is that there are many more available on mobile devices, gone are the days of printing vouchers off, you can simply show the code on your phone.

This is great for me as many of my favourite coffee shops are also jumping on the band wagon! There are many speciality coffees that can actually cost a lot more than you think but if you turn up equipped with a voucher code, there really is no excuse not to spoil yourself.

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  1. I have not try any voucher yet but I do use coupons and it saves you money and sometimes you can get another extra item for free

  2. I guess it is always smart to have voucher code specially when you like shopping :)..

  3. Voucher codes are and can truly be a lot of help in saving. You can get to enjoy the food plus you can get to save some bucks.

  4. i don't print coupons, i only use whatever we get in the mail, but most of it, i don't collect them because i don't have any patience to do it. :(

  5. Just wishing were going full swing with couponing here in the Phils too.. especially one for tall macchiato heheh :)

  6. ohh a coffee lover! my husband loves coffee too! he always have coffee at am, pm, and even in the middle of the night. it's scary though! lol! well, i'm not really into coffee but i love cold beverages that contains coffee.

  7. That is really good. I always receive discounts from Starbucks and recently they gave out $5 for $10 worth of gift card. I'm loving this kind of deal :-)Good thing more and more coffee shops there that are giving out perks for their customers.

  8. Yes, if we preferred to save then preparing all the vouchers ahead is always best. I love any vouchers and will always take advantage in using them. Every little helps, after all.

  9. sounds great sis! i am always getting a coupon code from TGI Fridays and saves me a half meal or a free meal on the second entry. but we seldom used it because its expensive to eat outside all the time even though u have those coupons or vouchers. i dont need to print the coupon codes of course, because its in my email, i can just show my phone to the waiter, copy my member ID so i will have future credits and rewards. =)

  10. Vouchers and discount coupons is indeed a great help especially in this time of economic crisis.


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