Friday, September 28

Being Healthy Matters

Nowadays, many people are getting sick and unhealthy. These conditions are caused by many reasons. Some of the most common causes of illnesses are stress, over-fatigue and negligence. Due to hectic schedules at work and school, people start to disregard the importance of keeping themselves healthy. They no longer have time to focus on their physical training, to work on having great bodies and to maintain good health conditions. 

Having a healthy lifestyle really matters. I recommend that you take two of the most trusted supplements in the country - Circulan and Lungcaire.


I'm pretty sure that you've heard of all the essential benefits of Circulan 4-1 Dietary Supplement. For 12 years, Circulan has helped countless families stay healthy together, as it promotes good blood circulation.

CIRCULAN is a soft gel capsule that contains extracts from four (4) potent herbs that work synergistically for proper blood circulation. It is a food supplement that has approved FDA benefits. It has been scientifically and clinically tested for more than 10 years in Korea.   

Sunday, September 23

SM Cinema Brings the IMAX Experience to Davao

SM Cinema, the country’s leading film exhibitor, continues its quest to elevate this country’s cinematic experience by bringing in state-of-the-art theater technology. Introducing the IMAX Experience to the Filipinos is one of SM Cinema’s ways of delivering world-class quality entertainment. 

One of the highlights in the opening of SM Lanang Premier is the opening of the IMAX Theatre. IMAX Lanang opens with 467 seats and a digital projection system that can support both 2D and 3D films.

IMAX is the world’s leading film entertainment technology. It utilizes laser-aligned digital audio feed in addition to a revolutionary projection system that enhances image quality and display, delivering unparalleled and realistic sound and visuals.

IMAX is more than a technology; it is an experience. The IMAX Theatre is designed to fill your field of vision and engulf you in sound so powerful that it is almost tangible. IMAX screen is several times larger than the screen of the standard theater, delivering an image so large that it fills your entire field of view.  The screen is slightly curved and the seats are angled to allow audience to have an unobstructed view of what they are watching. The IMAX image is several times larger than any other cinema format, offering far greater resolution than the 35mm film. All these contribute to bringing images to life like no other—making you feel you are part of the movie and not just a mere spectator.

Monday, September 17

Rewind and Forward


The choices we make are irreversible. We cannot hit the "rewind" button to that part of our lives when we make stupid and thoughtless choices. Those choices that, when we look back at it, we ask ourselves the reason for such choices. It makes me laugh to think about the countless times when I would just wish I could go back to different moments in my life and change something. But I never could. I would, sometimes, wake up in the morning and hope that I had gone a day back. But it never was. I only keep moving forward. 

Choices are never isolated. One thing usually leads to another. Sad part, most of our stupid choices lead to some other stupid choices. REASON, because we never learn. we refuse to keep moving forward and instead, stop and pause and wish to go back. Rewind. We waste good opportunities to learn because all we see are stupid choices not learning experiences.

Thursday, September 13

The Mistress Movie Quotes

September 12. The long wait is finally over. The Mistress is now showing on all cinemas nationwide.

Despite the fact that I have two upcoming exams this weekend, I still decided to cancel my study plans for the night to watch Star Cinema's latest project, starring John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo. My friends and I already made plans for the movie date night since last week. Thanks to Belinda for getting the reserve tickets and for treating all of us! So, after our Legal Research class ended, we headed directly to Abreeza mall to see the film.

Cancelling three study hours is not bad after all because The Mistress is really a great movie. It was worth it. The chemistry between John Lloyd and Bea is amazing. At the same time, the plot of the story is well written. There are so many things to love about this new film. Though some scenes are unrealistic, The Mistress conveys highly important messages to its viewers (I will create another post about this. I will watch this film again on Sunday with some of my friends!).

Since I'm a busy bee, I cannot give my insights about this film yet. So for now, what I can offer is a brand new set of movie quotes (like what I always do) taken from The Mistress. To see the trailer of this movie, click here.

Spoiler alert: Do not read this post if you wish to watch the movie this week or for the coming weeks.

"Naniniwala ka naman na age doesn't matter, diba?"

"Eh kasi, hindi ako madaling mahalin."

"Let's not complicate our lives. Take a shower and go home."

"Stand in the corner."

"You know I don't like that woman. I hate her."

"That is... it's all a game."

"What's with the head to foot thing?"

"Sari. Finally. Isang linggo ko rin pinag-isipan ang pangalan mo. Gusto mong magkape? Kasi ako, gusto kong magkape kasama ka."

"I'm not giving up. Have coffee with me."

"Makukuha ko dahil gusto ko. Gusto ko talaga."

"Ano ang panalangin mo? Ang magkita tayong muli?"

"You were born to follow the foot steps of your father and your lolo."

"Of course, because you are going to put up your own business."

"Kung hindi mo kaya mag-isa, we can be partners."

"My gosh. You are so beautiful."

"Because you deserve someone better."

"It's Thursday. It's the day of the week that hurts me... He is with her every Thursday, every fuckin' Thursday fuckin' her."


Saturday, September 1

Hello, September!

With every end, there is always a new beginning. It's time to say goodbye to wonderful August 2012 and say hello to a brand new September. Every time something ends, I can't help but look back and recollect all the memories I've had. Now that August has already ended, I try to remember all the beautiful things that happened during the said month. As I write this post, there is so much happiness in my heart because I know the previous month was undeniably perfect! There were so many events, activities and experiences worth-remembering. 

One of the most exciting and colorful festivals in the Philippines is Kadayawan. It is celebrated every month of August to give thanks for the bountiful blessings and harvests. For this year's festival, I was able to witness the grand Pamulak sa Kadayawan

For the first branch opening of Cafe France in Davao city, they organized a media brunch where bloggers, photographers and writers gathered to enjoy their delectable dishes. Thanks to the marketing team of this amazing cafe for inviting us! I attended the event with the Davao Bloggers.

Fun with Law School Friends

August allowed me to bond even more with my new found friends in law school. Thank you to the "no-class" days and long weekends! We were able to party all night long, get the right amount of sleep and rest from the stressful classes.

My food blog is no longer in hiatus. I started to bring it back to life last month. One of the major steps I took in updating it again was getting my own custom theme. The blog makeover is not yet complete but we're getting there. Thanks to Sam for helping me in arranging every single thing at Chic Food Trips.

God knows how grateful I am for the wonderful and lovely August! I'm excited to live my September 2012 and the coming months. How about you? How would you rate the happiness you felt last month?

What's Inside?

Receiving packages from the US makes me happy. There is always excitement every month as I get notices from Davao Post office asking me to claim the packages. The best part of all is that I only pay Php 40 to get all the items sent to me by my US friends and favorite online shops. Just recently, my orders from EdenFantasys arrived. When the post man informed me that the package is ready for pick up, I immediately headed to the office and claimed this:


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