Star Cinema's The Reunion

It's been a long time since I last published a movie review post. The reason behind this is my hectic schedule at school and online job. As much as I would like to watch new films every week, I couldn't do it due to many hindrances. Two days ago was an exception for I was able to see Star Cinema's newest project The Reunion starring Enchong Dee, Xian Lim, Enrique Gil and Kean Cipriano. Together with these promising actors are the lovely actresses namely Jessy Mendiola, Megan Young, Bangs Garcia and Julia Montes.

The movie is all about four men who have been together since high school. They treat each other as brothers. When they graduated in college and started to live the "real life", they found out that something is missing. There is a specific aspect in their lives that need some changes so they can move forward and continue living the kind of lives they ever dreamed of. To do this, they have to go back to their past and re-examine all the things they did. All the questions they have in their minds started when they attended their high school reunion. Since that night, their lives have started to change.

This film is undoubtedly a blockbuster hit! It portrays the typical lives of people who need to visit their past so they can make every single thing in the present right. Sometimes, in order to move forward, we need to take some steps back to how things were before. The Reunion is a must-watch movie. If you haven't seen this great film, don't fret because it is still showing on cinemas nationwide. After watching the movie, come back here and share how your insights about it. Have fun!

Below are some of the lines I have jotted down from the movie! My most favorite movie quote from The Reunion is "Para sa pagbabago." 

"Lagi din kaming nagkakasama in good times and in bad. Kahit ngayon, parang wala pa ring nagbago."

"Maayos naman ako ah."
"Bakit masaya ka ba?"

"Yun lang, takot ka magmove on."

"Hindi ako choosy. Simple lang ang gusto ko sa mga lalaki."
"Simple lang ang gusto mo? O isa lang ang gusto mong lalaki?"

"Yung tira mo shoot din sa puso ko."
"1-0 na ang score. Habol ka."

"Hindi mo ako kailangan habulin kasi para sa'yo, titigil ako at hihintayin kita."

"Bogs, basta ipangako mo ha. Sabay nating aakyatin yan. Promise?"

"Kahit na mukhang gago, ang kantang itoy alay sa'yo."

"Sampung mga daliri, nawala ang lima. Hinanap ko, hinanap ko. Nasa iyo pala."

"Kung nakikita natin ngayon ang past, san kaya natin makikita ang future noh?"

"Ngayon lang ako nasaktan ng ganito. And I thought I have a future with you."

"Si Ara yung pinangarap ko na makasama habang buhay eh. And I just let her go ng ganun ganun lang."

"Ang buhay kasi mga anak ay isang malaking connect the dots. Nangyayari ang isang bagay dahil may ginawa kang isang bagay."

"Kung ikaw ang nasa posisyon ko, ano ang gagawin mo para sa taong mahal mo?"

"Hindi naman pala mahirap ang sitwasyon natin eh. Impossible."

"If we could make it longer, whole day would be fine."

"Magmove on ka na, Lloyd."
"Pero kailangan ko siya. Nakkita mo naman kami dati dba? Magkasama. Masaya."

"Hanggang ngayon Lloyd, sino pa yung andito sa tabi mo?"

"Si Roger, Ikaw, si Miggy. Nasan ako dun? San ang lugar ko sa buhay ng anak ko?"
"I'm sorry but I don't see a future with you."

"Bakit? Kaya mo na bang harapin anh shot gun ng tatay ko?"

"Ikaw ang MVP ng buhay ko."

"Kung ano ang kulang sa atin, nabubuo kapag tayo'y magkasama."

"Pero kapag tinitignan ko siya, ikaw na yung nakikita ko eh. Ikaw yung bunubuhay sa akin."

"Para sa pagbabago."


  1. I'm not really a fan of this movie genre, but I can give it a try.. :) Anyway, those quotes, ang benta! :D

  2. Thanks for sharing Gene. At least despite your schedule nakakapag movie ka pa kahit pa minsan minsan lang.

    Amazing lang how you have managed to jot down all those lines ha. Hehehe

    I miss you!

  3. havent seen this movie yet! how were you able to jot down theseee quotes! i find them really interesting. Will ask my mom if she wants to watch this one ;)

  4. hahaha ang cute ng mga quotes parang ang sarap tuloy panoorin :) very relateable. I must admit I don't watch Pinoy movies much mashado akong bias kasi haha but will see if I can squeeze this in the many movie I want to see haha!


  5. I will watch this on weekend with my cousins. They are all excited, and of course me haha. :)) I hope this is good.

  6. Looks interesting nga. Para syang indi-movie; pero I'm sure hindi yan.heheh!

  7. Infairness, ang dami mong na jot down na kowts ha:D super like! mahilig din ako sa Tagalog movies, ayaw ko yatang mamatay ang industriya ng mga Filipinong artista kahit ba korni yung ibang movies , okay lang:D

  8. I am glad you enjoyed the movie. I am Pinoy but I don't watch Tagalog films unless they are my fave stars. hehehe

  9. Never seen this film but seems an interesting one .

  10. i am so behind when it comes to Filipino movies. I don't even know these stars anymore.

    Check my latest post here:

  11. that's interesting. It's been awhile that I haven't watched any tagalog movies, kahin nga international movies minsan nga lang din. I guess I don't have time for that now hehehhee. I have two demanding children and they take over our TV most of the time. It's hard to even watch news because they'll walked up to us and ask us to turn the channel into their favorite show. ugh!

  12. Very interesting movie I would say. I saw Xian and Enchong on Kris TV when they promoted this movie :-) Yong mga quotes as in pasok sa banga :-)

  13. When I read the title, I thought it's from the movie American Reunion. Hehehe. This movie is different pala. I hope to get a chance to watch this movie. Maybe, the Pinoy sho nearbyp will have a dvd to sell.

  14. I do not about this movie :-( so sorry I seldom watch movie and I do not remember when is the last time I watch the movie :-)

  15. wow great review! very informative. I havent watch a tagalog movie for the longest time. this sounds promising. =)

  16. I am not really fond of watching tagalog movies nowadays. I missed the old actors and actress of the yesteryears. Now lang kasi I get disappointed with their acting. I just find consolation on the story line but sometimes nakaka disappoint din kasi copy cat. :(

  17. Oh I will love to see this movie, but I guess I need to wait weeks maybe months before it will available through online..

  18. Haven't heard it at all. When is this aired? I might try to watch it. I like Enchong Dee.

  19. I therefor conclude you are a very attentive viewer! Imagine jotting down all those lines :). I wanted to watch this movie but the trailer didn't interest me that much. With this post, I might give it a go ;). Thanks for sharing.

  20. Planning to watch the movie on Thursday! EEEEE. I can't wait. :)

  21. I've watched this last weekend with my sister and it's two thumbs up for me! Super, super nice! I just happen to chance upon your blog. Thanks =)

  22. I have given up already watching Filipino movies not that I hated it but it is because there are so many settings already especially in the medical side that I really don't know if they bother researching in it. I am somewhat annoyed with them since they often commercialized it that they are going to be at par with international films then this simple things they cannot correct. I in fact, directly said this to an ABS rep when we decided not to renew our TFC connection.

  23. parang gusto ko tuloy itong mapanood....

  24. Two thumbs up!!! Super nag-enjoy ako together with my college friends ng panuorin namin 'to kanina. Ang dami naming TAWA at KILIG moments! Ang pogi nila especially si Xian!! nakakainlove! but in the end, just a bit disappointment kasi hindi ulit naging sila ni Megan. To sum it up, very nice movie about friendship! :))

  25. A must see movie together with your friends! Ang daming TAWA and KILIG moments while watching this! Two thumbs up!!!

  26. We didn't see it here in USA.


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